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Perfect timing

Break an enemy guard 100 times

Perfect timing+16.9
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Achievement Guide for Perfect timing

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT151,879
    18 Jan 2016 18 Jan 2016
    19 0 1
    This can be done at any point in the game; however, the location in the video is level 1-4. This can also be done on any difficulty. The fang enemy type is the earliest enemy to have regular physical attack patterns. All you have to do is is time your shield block to the fang's attack.

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  • x RepoUK xx RepoUK x272,883
    17 Jan 2016 17 Jan 2016
    9 2 3
    A very easy one to farm, although the achievement title isn't that clear.

    When you are in close quarters combat with the silver bots (the very first enemy you meet) simply press cn_LT as they are about to hit you. If you get the timing right "GUARD PARRY" will flash up on the screen. Rinse and repeat.

    You can get guard parrys against the other bots but if you're going to farm this one then there are more than enough silver bots before you meet the second enemy type.
  • KravzaKravza342,784
    04 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016
    4 0 0
    A patch was released for this game that fixed all of the issues with achievements not unlocking.

    This achievement is quite easy to unlock without using the fang enemy farming method. You will need to play on easy and find a large group of enemies. 1-4 is good for that. Get the enemies to follow you into a corner or somewhere you can have your back away from the enemies. From that point on you can spam cn_LT because the enemies will get into range to melee you. You will start picking up guards without even trying and with multiple enemies throwing melee attacks, you dont have to worry about timing it.
  • Fear CatalystFear Catalyst287,306
    03 Sep 2018 02 Sep 2018
    0 0 0
    If you happen to have the DLC for this (which most sane people won't), I found the easiest method is 3-3. I spammed my x attacks as Darian when fighting the little "sven" enemies. There are a couple areas in the second half of the level where you can gather them and just start working your way up.
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