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Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga

Witch-Hunt achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider


Baba Yaga: Complete a Wicked Vale Score Attack with a gold score

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How to unlock the Witch-Hunt achievement

  • Fuzzmeister JFuzzmeister J681,122
    26 Jan 2016 26 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016
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    I recorded my gold run for "Return to the Wicked Vale" to help show how I got through it. I messed up about half way through and lost my combo, but you should have plenty of room for error. The thing that helps a lot is shooting the lanterns that are really far away. I stayed at the end a bit to get more points, but it wasn't needed at all.

    You need 32,000 points for gold. I got 26,079 points, but the 425% multiplier got me to 141, 415. The cards used were: First Aid, Frailty, Holstered, One Life to Live, and Struggle.

    The Witch boss fight isn't bad. I made sure to leave off the one life card and use the Toxicity card for the poison arrows. I died 4 times and still had more than enough points for gold. Just make sure to take out a few lanterns when you have a decent combo going. It's not likely to keep your combos for long during this fight, but grab several orbs between sections and rack up some points before moving on. It also requires 32k and I had 40k before the card bonus at the end.

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    QuickMythrilcan you guys confirm that there are only two extra levels added into score attack with this DLC? the 360 version of this achievement says to "complete every wicked vale score attack with gold", rather than just any one. i have gold on both, but no achievement. seeing that no one else has it i am guessing it's glitched on 360 for now.
    Posted by QuickMythril on 27 Jan 16 at 21:14
    Fuzzmeister JThere are only 2 new score attacks.
    Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 27 Jan 16 at 21:29
    TwobbyI just thought I would add that this achievement glitched at 100% for me. It wasn't until I completed the other Score Attack that this achievement and the other one popped at the same time.
    Posted by Twobby on 03 May 16 at 17:09
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  • amenazamenor JFamenazamenor JF1,275,485
    04 Feb 2016 05 Feb 2016
    14 0 0
    There are only two Score Attacks added with this DLC, and you need to gold star one of them for this achievement. Both instances require a score of 32000 for the gold medal, and both are extremely easy. The first one, Return To Wicked Vale is shorter and easier. If you just want the achievement and not a huge leaderboard score, follow these tips and you'll get it first try.

    Score attack 1: Return To Wicked Vale

    This score attack consists in just a puzzle, as the base game Tomb-based score attacks were. So, as it happened in the base game, you can get a huge score boost without negative effects, as there are no enemies or traps. An optimal setup is the following one:

    External image

    · First Aid
    · Frailty
    · Holstered
    · One Life To Live
    · Struggle

    Go to leaderboards, then use cn_LB or cn_RB to find the corresponding one for this score challenge. Some of the top spots use this card set, and you can play it spending 2000 credits only.

    As soon as the game starts, pick as many orbs as you can while mantaining a combo, and after that, shoot as many lanterns as possible. After doing that, you'll have more than enough points, so take all the time you need to solve the puzzle.

    Score attack 2: Witch Cave

    For this one, you don't need to use a lot of difficult cards for a huge bonus. You can play as easy as possible and still get a gold medal. This is the setup I used, playing in the easiest difficulty.

    External image

    · Pioneer Outfit: Master
    · Gambler
    · Unlucky
    · Evasive maneuvers
    · Boomtown

    You can change Boomtown for Toxicity for the same result, the Pioneer Outfit Card for another Master Outfit card, or even change Gambled for Armor-Plated for an extra 50% bonus.

    Anyways, try to rack a few combos after each time you burn the witch, and you'll get this easily. For example, as soon as the fight starts, kill all minor enemies, run around picking a few orbs, and then shoot as many lanters as possible before you lose your combo. After burning the witch for the second time, swim to the platform, pick a few orbs and then shoot some lanterns. Do this when you see an opportunity, and the gold medal will come easily.

    If you get a gold medal in both score attacks, you'll also get
    Rise of the Tomb RaiderWitch TrialsThe Witch Trials achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider worth 99 pointsBaba Yaga: Complete every Wicked Vale Score Attack with a gold score
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV157,444
    28 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016 28 Jan 2016
    5 1 0
    At the main menu select Expeditions - Score Attack Mode - Return to the Wicked Vale - Tomb Raider Difficulty and equip any + % card you want. The gold medal requires 30k points. With a card bonus of 450-500% you can get 500-600k points easily. As always don't lose your Combo Meter, collect wisps, shoot lanterns and collect items to reach a high multiplier. In my video I ended with a multiplier of 85 and 118k points without any +% cards equipped so you shouldn't have any trouble to achieve more than 30k points.
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