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Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6

The Curtain Falls achievement in Batman: Arkham Knight

The Curtain Falls

Flawless FreeFlow in every round of the Monarch Theatre as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.

The Curtain Falls0
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How to unlock the The Curtain Falls achievement

  • arikmoonarikmoon613,996
    03 Feb 2016 03 Feb 2016
    57 2 16
    I want to give you my guide and advice for this achievement. Read below for the greatest tip I've developed that helped me complete the achievement.

    I suggest that you know these things for each battle.

    - Round one: Novice. Play normally, evade, block, no special moves necessary.
    - Round two: Easy. Knives usually present. But still an easy battle. There is likely one medic you should focus on to kill.
    - Round three: Moderate. There are usually stun baton guys who can end your run quickly. Be careful and use caution when dealing with. I suggest evading a lot and staying on the outside.
    - Round four: Hard. There are a lot of enemies that will surround you, for everyone but Catwoman, there will be brutes. Eliminate them first. Then focus on medics. For Batman, you have many options to disarm, use that as often as possible after taking out the brutes. For Nightwing, you don't have disarm, take out the brutes with special combo takedown. Then stun and aerial attack the shields. For Catwoman, you have a lot of shields to deal with. Use your aerial attack for them and as soon as you get enough combo, use your crowd control ground spin (A+B), this special move throws a lot of enemies off guard. For Robin, you have two brutes, shields, and medics. I suggest dealing with brutes right away. Shields will swarm you so don't forget your aerial attack, but then focus on the medics.

    Here is my ultimate tip. Once you're frustrated and understand what will spawn, switch into detective mode during your battles. You will immediately be taken out of detective mode if you're ever touched and didn't realize it, and it reduces so many distractions. It's basically fighting in wireframe mode.

    The low color, X-ray vision shows knives as red, medics as complete yellow guys, and shields as big red shields. The brutes are hard to pick out on detective vision, but are notably larger. Stun batons don't show well so don't use detective vision on round three.

    I beat every character using detective mode. It removes distractions and makes you focus on just a few colors.

    I hope you all like this solution. I don't contribute often.

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    Cuttle89Then 25 minutes after moaning i unlocked it
    Posted by Cuttle89 on 18 Aug 20 at 15:54
    NessNoldoCan somebody clarify this to me? For this achievement you need to make a perfect 4 rounds with every character the same attempt? Or do they can hit you between tries and void this?
    Posted by NessNoldo on 24 Oct 20 at 23:27
    napoearthIt doesn’t have to be consecutive. You can do one character perfect four rounds in one attempt, then take a few attempts with the next character to get four perfect rounds in one attempt and so on. As long as each character’s perfect four rounds are in one go per character.
    Posted by napoearth on 26 Oct 20 at 17:16
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  • Mr PeanutbubberMr Peanutbubber614,411
    27 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2016 01 Feb 2016
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    NOTE: Monarch Theatre must be completed using Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. There is not a tracking feature in the Achievements application for this achievement, so you will have to keep track yourself.

    This achievement is pretty straightforward, but a bit hard. I actually did not find this one to be as tough as the "The Chill in the Air" achievement, even though "The Curtain Falls" requirements appear more difficult at face value. The most important part of pursuing this achievement is obviously not breaking your combo meter streak.

    You can get hit during this challenge, only if it occurs before you start your streak!

    If you break your streak during the fight, restart. You can double check your progress by seeing if you receive the "Perfect FreeFlow" bonus at the end of each round.

    The enemy layout for Batman and Nightwing are the same (standard enemies for the first four rounds, one medic in Round 2 and Round 3, and then two medics and four Brutes in Round 4.) The enemy layout for Robin and Catwoman are quite easier and I had no trouble completing their portion of the achievement, mainly due to the fact that Robin has to face only two Brutes, according to TEK5c Reginald, and Catwoman has to face none, according to Bikelund, in Round 4.

    I have included some generic combat tips below.

    Use Evade (cn_A+cn_A) often. It is very helpful and can be used to dodge the majority of the attacks thrown at you.

    Countering (cn_Y) is essential as well, but be wary of the Blade Dodge Takedowns. They can be useful for quickly dispatching enemies, but they also leave you exposed for easy hits if you miss the cn_Y button hold and releases. Use them at your own discretion.

    In the last round, you will face Brutes that have either Blade, Electricity, or Shield abilities. Make sure to use a Combat Takedown (cn_B+cn_Y when your combo meter is full) to efficiently take them out. As shinyshirthero pointed out, it is important to isolate enemies on the outside of the fighting arena, because it is easy to get hit if you spend too much time in the middle.

    I would suggest taking out enemies in the following order: (Thank Twobby for reminding me)

    Medics, Guns, Shock Batons, Shields, and generic thugs

    I would also recommend knocking out the Brutes first since they can hit you quickly, but they're also not too bad to leave until the very end.

    If you have any other tips or you spot any mistakes, let me know in the comments. Thanks and best of luck!
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    SHOTOKANKATANAIt's only hard because of the randomness in round 4.
    I have only 2 characters left to do. Thx though!
    Posted by SHOTOKANKATANA on 30 Oct 16 at 19:26
    EarthboundXThis was cake after mastering the evade technique for The Chill in the Air.

    Now I just need Requiem for a Killer, and after that all the rest of the achs I have left should be very simple.

    Got a pretty simple tip that I think will work for these 3 hard achs in this DLC, never counter, always just use the AA evade, do a single action, evade, do another single action, evade, and etc.

    When I was trying to counter, they would often fail, or the enemy would stop attacking, and you'd be left trying to counter the air, and lose the combo.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 11 Feb 17 at 05:14
    Guirec730You still have to be smart with your evasions. You cant do two in a row without hopping an enemy...and the tracking isnt always the best. You also have to make sure you rapidly evade away from aggressive enemies, as I was punched out of the air multiple times in round 3.
    Posted by Guirec730 on 16 Feb 20 at 00:55
  • Aeon CommandoAeon Commando912,233
    19 Oct 2017 19 Oct 2017 19 Oct 2017
    5 0 1
    Thanks to the other solution authors. This solution describes some concepts I noticed while working on this achievement:

    1) Perfect Freeflow bonus: Be very mindful that this bonus appears after each round. Even if you know you performed a continuous combo, make sure this bonus appears on your results each time. On one of my rounds, I had a continuous combo but didn't get the bonus for some reason. I'm unsure if my combo just reset or I did something else to invalidate the combo, but i did get a No Hit bonus for that round. If you don't see Perfect Freeflow, then restart.

    2) Pulling aggro: I believe this is what generates what we describe as "inconsistency" or "bs". "Aggro" is when an enemy attacks you. The AI decides which enemies will use which attacks. This happens after particular circumstances, most notably when the player completes an attack or the player is idle. The key is to watch for tells. You can see where the aggro is coming from because enemies will run at you. If you dodge away from the mob, you'll have more time to identify the tell. The tell is the precursor to the actual indicator for the counter attack (the bolts over the enemies heads). Also, as some have mentioned in other solutions, leaving one of the big brutes is a fantastic idea because it seems that so long as the player is pulling aggro, the rest of the mob is idle/posturing. So when you get near a brute, he is prioritized to attack, you know this, he attacks, you increase your distance from him, and then his attack lasts considerably longer than normal enemies. You can use all that time to build a special take-down and go for the medics or enemy of your choice.

    3) Perimeter engagement: The most dangerous place to be is in the center of the mob. Ideally, you want to attack enemies on the outside of the mob. Clearly single-out each target so you know which button to press. Sometimes you can dodge completely away from the mob into empty space. This creates distance and time to plan your next move. I saw this concept in a youTube video and at first I thought the player was just being boring, but now I understand they didn't trust the enemies to behave like normal. So perimeter engagement becomes the resort. It takes away from the flow but it's much more reliable.

    4) Special take-down recovery: There were a few stinging, startling failures that drove me to always mash A when finishing the animation of a special take-down.

    5) Lingering indicators: While performing the above concepts, you'll notice some lingering aggro indicated by enemies just standing there with bolts over their heads. I learned not to trust their compatibility with the Y button. Just keep to the perimeter and stick to the plan.

    I think once the player understands these concepts, then they have a good foundation to make an attempt. I feel every attempt I made before understanding these concepts was feeble or lucky. I thought I had completed all 4 characters but my achievement wasn't unlocked so I started to suspect a glitch but I think i missed a bonus with Catwoman. I repeated completions for each character and in doing so, realized how incredibly difficult it was to learn how to make a good attempt versus just brute force trying without thinking about it. The enemies in round 4 feel different than any other part of the game. Understanding why and how to fight in that round is the opposite of assuming it's bs. It's still bs but i know how to get through it and I hope this helps you get through! Simulation complete.
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    Guirec730"The enemies in round 4 feel different than any other part of the game"

    Truest statement ever.

    You literally have to evade before performing any action if you want to succeed. I lost my combo on the very last enemy cause he was just standing there ready to get pummeled 5 feet away, but he transitioned into a "charge" for some reason and my last attack didn't track him.

    Just don't give up...this challenge is hateful but possible with focus and determination.
    Posted by Guirec730 on 09 Feb 20 at 19:10
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