Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6

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Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6

Requiem for a Killer achievement in Batman: Arkham Knight

Requiem for a Killer

Defeat an old adversary in the Iceberg Lounge AR Challenge, playing as Batman.

Requiem for a Killer-0.1
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How to unlock the Requiem for a Killer achievement

  • ScorchPSOScorchPSO892,596
    27 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2016
    142 4 97
    Believe me when I say this is very possible if you keep in mind a few things.

    Croc will "Begin to activate" once you get to around 1,050,000 points. Once you get this score enemies should stop spawning and it's a matter of clearing them out; before I go into "Croc Strategies" lets begin with getting you there.

    There's no easy mode to get this achievement, It's skill and patience based but here are some tips to make your life easier:

    1. Abuse Dodge Roll (Double Tap A), this will give you time to see where to go next and to assess the general situation without losing your combo.

    2. Abuse Quick Grapping Hook Takedown (LT + Y > Tap X) It will always automatically target the electrified guys first, remove their electricity, 99% of the time it will also make you immune to damage/being hit whilst performing it on the electric guys.

    3. As soon as you see an enemy with a shield or electric baton use X + Y to destroy the weapon/shield completely, you want as little of these in play as possible.

    4. When you hear the "Beep.. Beep... Beep" of the Gun crates being opened don't panic, in fact let them open it and take a gun out, when the gun is equipped you can use X + Y combo to destroy the gun taking it out of play completely, they won't revisit the same box twice.

    5. If you get hit even once, Restart - I got Croc to appear well before the Brutes (Big guys) started to show up, Once they start appearing you might as well give up, sure it's definitely possible from this point but they just make things more difficult than it needs to be.

    6. If you have it, Use the Batman Beyond skin - It removes Batman's cloak and honestly I found this easier to see what im doing without Batman's cloak getting in the way, it's a small quality of life change more than anything.

    7. Take breaks and don't get frustrated, the more annoyed you become the worse you will do. If you cant do it, make a cup of tea and watch some tv for half an hour, do not stress yourself because your performance WILL be affected.


    Once Croc jumps down, Nightwing will jump into the arena and the final phase of the achievement will begin; hopefully by this point you haven't been hit much so you can a few hits from Croc without needing to worry.

    This is exactly the same as the fight from the Story DLC, just avoid Croc (Spam dodge roll on the goons to help with this) whilst hitting the goons to fill your Dual Combo meter, once filled tap LB to perform a team takedown on Croc.

    After 4 Dual Takedowns you'll go into a phase where you need to spam X on croc to attack him whilst occasionally pressing Y to dodge, the notifications above his head are pretty clear so you shouldn't mess up here.

    Good luck! It's a tough one!

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    RancidVessel14Too bad that my LT + Y doesn't work. Instead, Batman throws batarang
    Posted by RancidVessel14 on 31 Jul 20 at 11:44
    MrKoolxDoodFuck this
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 15 Oct 20 at 03:17
    Nova451"Take breaks and don't get frustrated", this may be the best guide for all games. Repeated failures gradually shattered my confidence and made me extremely irritable, I chose to give myself a break, when I picked up the controller again and adjusted my mentality, I succeeded🤪. A good mentality is the key to your success.
    Posted by Nova451 on 21 Nov 20 at 17:53
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  • II The Beard IIII The Beard II875,762
    06 Feb 2016 10 Feb 2016 03 Mar 2016
    29 0 10
    Finally got this, and I agree with everything that ScorchPSO says:

    - Definitely disarm (cn_X+cn_Y) the shield and electric baton guys instead of using your combo to take them down. Guys with clubs don't really matter. If you run out of people to disarm THEN use your normal takedown (cn_B+cn_Y).
    - Spam the grappling hook takedown (cn_LT+cn_Y then cn_X) as a way to get your combo up for takedowns or disarming. Don't hold left trigger too long or it'll trigger something different.
    - Spam the dodge button (cn_Acn_A) as well, you can usually dodge twice without losing your combo, but stick to one if you can.
    - During the disarming, takedown, or grappling hook animations take the time to gather your thoughts, refocus, and plan your next move.

    I didn't pay too much attention to the guns, if you can't disarm them then just kick the guys or tap cn_LT real quick and that will stagger them for plenty of time. I also think it's possible to get the score you need even if you get hit as long as you have a decent head start (~500K), but your second half will also need to be all in one combo. If you get hit twice then yeah your chances are slim-to-none, but even then you still may want to keep going so you can practice on the later waves of enemies.

    The achievement will pop when you hit the last co-op takedown to kill Croc, but enemies will continue to spawn as the room is technically endless.

    It still took me several hours, but here's the video of when I finally got it (you can see I hit 1 mil at around 394, but at about 300 you semi-regularly get 10K for every 1 guy you take down):

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    II The Beard III'd consider myself to be above average but I wouldn't say insanely elite. I completed the other Arkham games too (minus Origins) and I will say that none of it compared to this achievement, that's definitely true. It still took me days of practicing before I finally started making progress, but yes I'd also agree that not everybody can do it. The thing that did help me the most was to just continue playing rather than restart whenever I got hit, the bigger gameplay loop doesn't happen until the right combination of enemies is on-screen, those enemies being the ones that are on-screen the longest (before the big guys start spawning). And I'll also say that I've probably never hated the series more than the moments leading up to this achievement, it's incredibly frustrating, and I also think the game itself isn't blameless, i.e. they really do ask too much with this achievement and the game isn't 100% up to it so you end up fighting it a bit when you shouldn't have to. I guess that's where you can say the luck comes in.

    So good luck!
    Posted by II The Beard II on 23 May 16 at 00:34
    FindlayfiendGreat guide! A couple questions:

    1) how do you change skins, as suggested in this guide?

    2) I keep getting to around the same combo as you (~375-425), except I end up about 100-200k shy of your score... Then the brutes spawn. Any suggestions for racking up the score faster? I seem to be doing the same moves as you, although can't say for sure if all of mine are critical strikes. Suggestions?
    Posted by Findlayfiend on 17 Aug 16 at 02:35
    II The Beard IIYou change skins at the main menu, in the gallery itself if I remember, I think it was cn_X to equip.

    As for scoring faster I'm not sure, for the most part I was just doing anything I could not to break my combo. Typical score multipliers are using different takedowns and/or different gadgets, if you're not scoring as high you might be using too many of the same move. I can't say for sure because that's essentially what I did (used the moves I mentioned in the guide over and over), but if you're getting to the brutes without breaking your combo then you have the basics, probably just keep at it!
    Posted by II The Beard II on 17 Aug 16 at 03:58
    17 May 2016 17 May 2016
    17 0 4
    Hello Guys. I found a video showing a very simple strategy that can makes things easier and less frustrating. I got the achievement at first attempt right after watching it so it works really well considering that I was unable to go over x280 combo before finding this solution, which is very similar to the one shared by II The Beard II (thank you too man!). Before starting, I take no credit for this strategy and/or the video so if you watch and find it helpful please put a like on youtube for this awesome guy! rock Now let's start

    1- You reach about x100 combo fighting normally, just basic attacks and counter-attacks
    2- Once you reach it, you spam your best friend...Batclaw slam cn_LT+cn_Y followed by cn_X and you combine it with Special combo disarm and destroy cn_X+cn_Y to take care of shields and shock weapons
    3- When you reach nearly x300 combo counter Ninjas start spawning so start using special combo take-down (cn_B+cn_Y) to get rid of them and keep spamming the best friend mentioned before (batclaw slam).
    4-YOUR GOAL IS NEAR, keep focusing and occasionally use special combo take down on medics. When you reach about 1.050.000 points enemies stop spawning and once you take all the left ones down killer croc joins the battle. It's quiet simple to take him down especially if you have already played the DLC season of infamy.

    For people who prefer watching instead of reading here's the video

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    EUPH0NYYWell a couple of brutes spawned for me too but I was already at the end so it wasn't an issue. My suggestion is to fight in the most flowing way possible and try being as fast as you can especially in the first part since it's just about attack and counter attack. Don't spend too much time dodging (2x cn_A), instead spam batclaw slam especially when there're the electrified guys and you should be ok :)
    Posted by EUPH0NYY on 18 Aug 16 at 10:37
    napoearthI consider myself to be average to slightly above average as far as maintaining freeflow in this game, and this guide helped me the most. Thumbs up from me. The only thing I would add is to start throwing in some special combo take-downs earlier on against the regular enemies when there are no shields or stun batons and prior to the ninjas. I personally started doing them late in your phase 1 and in your phase 2. This gives the benefit of slowing down the action to plan your next move, and higher scores than the batclaw slam and basic/critical strike, and the quicker you get your score up the quicker you get to the easy part of taking out Killer Croc.
    Posted by napoearth on 15 Nov 16 at 14:21
    EarthboundXYep, very helpful video.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 11 Feb 17 at 08:18
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