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Try playing a ROBLOX game.

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Achievement Guide for Scout

  • mursiazmursiaz392,078
    27 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2016 28 Jul 2016
    29 5 7
    This is straight forward. Just play any game and once you quit, the achievement is yours.clap
  • reddySTEVEreddySTEVE12,469
    04 Feb 2017 27 May 2018 27 May 2018
    9 0 0
    First, you will have to use your fingers to use the controller to select the ROBLOX app. Press cn_A to open the app (which is located to the right of the cn_RS). Once it has opened, you will see the title. You will see below that title telling you to "Press cn_A to Begin." Do as it says and press cn_A on your controller. Then you should be on the main screen. Press cn_LSu, then press cn_LSr two times onto the "GAMES" section. Once you have done that, use cn_LS to select one of the games you can play. Selected one? Good. Now you should be on that Game menu screen showing you the thumbnail, the title, and the description. The Play button should be selected by default, if not: Navigate your selection hitbox with the cn_LS to the Play button. Then press cn_A to open it. It then should be loaded. Once you are in, do whatever you want while you're inside the game. When you are done, press the cn_start on your controller, which is located under the cn_guide button, to the right of the cn_X button, and above the cn_RS. Then, navigate your selection box to the bottom symbol, it has a box with a right arrow going out of it, then it should say "Leave Game" on it. Then, press it with the cn_A button. There should be a sentence asking you "Are you sure you want to leave the game?" Press Leave with the cn_A button. And then, you should have your Achievement unlocked, you will know this with the notification on the bottom of your screen.
  • tsmpriustsmprius32,900
    12 Feb 2016 11 Jan 2017
    9 0 0
    This one is easy. Just find any game and load it up, play for a bit, and quit. The achievement will pop.
  • X8BIT ScorpionXX8BIT ScorpionX115,523
    29 Jan 2016 31 May 2017 31 May 2017
    7 2 0
    This is one of the easiest achievements you'll probably get on your Xbox.
    Just click "Play" on any Console supported game, play for a few seconds, and leave.
  • SoonacSoonac62,332
    27 Jan 2016 21 May 2019
    3 0 0
    Difficulty: Easy

    When the "Games" tab is selected, simply play any game. Once you've left the game, the "Scout" achievement will unlock.
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