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Four's Company achievement in ROBLOX

Four's Company

Play a Roblox game with 3 of your friends!

Four's Company0
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Four's Company achievement

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    Update: 7/28/17 - "Mount of the Gods" game seems to be a better fix for the achievement now. Few people have gotten lucky with it in this game mode. If it does not unlock, try the next few steps. Achievement is still very buggy.

    Update: 3/10/16 - Friend requests via Xbox-360 & making sure no one is appearing offline seem to be the best work around.
    Update: 6/20/16 - "Just wanted to confirm the adding people on 360 tip. Wont work unless at least 3 people add you on 360." -Posted by ArpyAndMoonie
    Update: 12/27/16 - As per "AttestedBarley2 & Seamus McLimey's" comments - This seems to work when loading the new Legendary game. Go to town Knighthaven. If there are 3 or more people (not including yourself), the achievement should pop. No need to add anyone to friends list.

    To obtain this achievement you must get into a Roblox game with 3 of your friends.

    *The main thing: In the Roblox menu, scroll to the right under the "friends" tab, whoever you are going for the achievement with MUST show up as active in game, (if you do not see three people, even if you get into a game, it will NOT unlock)*

    Start a party with 4 people - have everyone add each other - Hard reset the xbox - Start a party up again and have everyone launch the game. Once everyone has the game launched, only one person has to start a game and the rest will get sucked into the lobby.
    (best games for this would be "Strobe II" or "Bird Simulator")

    Whoever doesn't get the achievement (one at a time if more than 1) - Leave the game and start a new one to suck the other players in a lobby with you. If it still doesn't unlock - you might need to find other people to add as friends and try with or keep trying different games - This is something I've seen happen to many people yesterday, It just doesn't want to register some people with others...

    There is really no way around this as of now, your only bet is to add several different people and try these steps again.

    UPDATE: as per "Spilner's" comment - It worked for him and a few others using this method: spilner said:
    IMPORATANT DETAILS: Send 360 friend requests, can do this through xbox,com by clicking the 'friends' tab once friended initially. Requests will be in the other persons friends list on xbox,com

    The achievement doesn't pop immediately, wait a good minute or two.
    UPDATE #2: As per "GoinXwell's comment - Unistalling and re-installing the game does not ruin your login streak.

    NOTE: If you are going for the uninstall and re-install (this didn't work for 2 people I think its pointless) - Your streak will not be interrupted as the data is "server" side.

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    Rafha UwUAnyone who wants help I'm available

    Gt: Rafha UwU
    Posted by Rafha UwU On 26 May at 11:52
    iTz NalliakGT: iTz Nalliak
    Posted by iTz Nalliak On 31 May at 03:46
    uberJamesJust got it pretty painlessly. Everyone joined an Xbox party and added each other. Then we all opened up Roblox. Then one person joined a game, and invited the others. The achievement unlocked for all 4 of us very soon after loading in.
    Posted by uberJames On 04 Jun at 22:23
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    26 Dec 2016 26 Dec 2016 03 Jan 2019
    As of January 1st, 2019 the following solution MAY not work for you. YMMV

    1) Load up Roblox solo
    2) Start the game "Legendary (new matchmaking)"
    3) Once the game starts, scroll right and travel to Knighthaven
    4) Once the map loads, the achievement should unlock within 30 seconds

    There must be at least 3 other people there for it to unlock. No one needs to be your friend in the lobby.

    Edit: It also appears that you can go into "Disaster Survival" solo and unlock this achievement.
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    RhinoceRossI still need it as well August 2022.
    GT: RhinoceRoss1556
    Posted by RhinoceRoss On 06 Aug 22 at 17:55
    ATR0XAlso looking to get this one. GT: ATR0X (0=zero)
    Posted by ATR0X On 02 Sep 22 at 13:12
    Posted by SN1RAM On 06 Sep 22 at 01:16
  • BorgenatorBorgenator
    06 Jul 2016 06 Jul 2016 17 Jul 2016
    First off, thanks to everyone else who did the work to put together the other solution.

    I wanted to add my own method, which seems easier and worked first try for me today (7/6/2016). I went into the Natural Disaster Survival game, opened the players list and added 4-5 of these gamertags as friends through the sidebar on the One homepage. From here, you should quit the game, either to the ROBLOX homepage or the Xbox home. Now, check your friends list by going to the left sidebar. Select one of the newly added "friends" and use the Play -> Join Game option. As long as you've rejoined the same instance and enough people are still around you should now pop the 'cheevo. It does not seem to matter if you are friend or follower for this method, though I did not know whether the friend requests were accepted, so they may have all been friends.

    Hope this can help someone else who doesn't want to wait on a session party from TA.

    *Update: Thanks to Gunstar Red for pointing out that you can potentially join a different game instance the second time you join in from the ROBLOX homepage. You can prevent this by joining the game from the friends menu in the Xbox One Home area.

    *Update 2: Thanks to Pedle Zelnip for pointing the easy way to jump into the right game instance using the friends menu.

    *Update 3: Several have reported being unable to pop this by rejoining from the ROBLOX homepage, which worked for me. With this issue, just quit the game from the Xbox dash and then rejoin from the friends menu, restarting the game in the process.
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    SmallPaulBagI added you Hikiryen let me know when you're on.
    Anyone else Add me SmallPaulBag. I also have a spare Xbox so can boost with that.
    Posted by SmallPaulBag On 21 Dec 22 at 10:32
    Jdog777How do you see their gamertag? The ones I saw were their in game names and not their Xbox ones.
    Posted by Jdog777 On 28 May at 00:32
    BorgenatorLook for the list of recently met players or just use the in game friends list. Add them from there.
    Posted by Borgenator On 28 May at 15:58
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