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Run the Day

Earn 5,000 stars in Xbox Fitness!

Run the Day+10.7
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  • EricGarcia4EricGarcia4426,240
    09 Jul 2016 03 Jul 2016
    41 1 47
    10 Minute Solution Knockout Body Blast. (My Choice)

    What you want to do is get 3,800 POINTS, a little less the better. I kept getting a star at around 3,880 for some reason when 3,900 gets you 1 STAR.

    Do the beginning workouts until you reach 3,800 points then you want to skip right to Drill 13. You will not get more than 30 points on drill 13. One you start Drill 14 you should have a SCORE MULTIPLIER set and it should give you 100+ POINTS at the beginning which puts you over the 3,900 POINTS. Pause the game to check the score (which should be over 3,900; never had the problem) After the Challenges switch out it should show you that you now have 1 STAR. Repeat the process.

    Drill 13: Box Shuffle is 6 seconds and Drill 14: Flipper Jacks is 6 seconds long as well. But they both do not start until 5 seconds.

    Given that you have to Press Start every time and correctly select the Drill you are wasting some time. I was averaging 1% every 11minutes now. I just went from 10% to 16% in one night.

    18.33hours to get 5,000 STARS. Hope this information helps!

    ALSO, my Peak Performance Progress move 1% doing minimal effort too. I was shocked when the bar moved. Since Drill 14 your legs glow as if you are squatting as well. If anyone can look test this out, please share with the group.
  • angelskangelsk636,453
    05 Feb 2016
    26 3 14
    You can get a max of 5 stars per session (the drill stars don't count).

    The shortest workout is 5 minutes (Gatorade Recovery) - plus a few minutes for setup; so you could potentially get 50 stars an hour (50 minutes for 10 workouts + time to switch/load).

    Assuming you get 5 stars per workout each time and use the shortest workout; this achievement will take approximately 100 hours to complete from scratch.

    [So if you do an hour a day, this will take just over 3 months to complete; if you do a couple of hours a week, this will take the best part of a year :)]
  • Unky KyUnky Ky396,081
    11 Apr 2017 08 Apr 2017 08 Apr 2017
    8 0 3

    Basketball Training Camp- Agility
    You earn a star at 7,064 points.
    So, if you get to around 7,060, you can skip ahead to drill 22, get 5 fitness points, rewind to the break before drill 22, sit through the 7 second break, and then get 5 fitness points on drill 22 again, rinse and repeat. You could theoretically earn a star about every 10-12 seconds if you're efficient. This results in about 5 stars per minute, or 17 hours to finish the achievement from scratch.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Original Solution:

    EricGarcia4 has a great solution. Unfortunately I noticed it does not work now since the workout is not available. I've been using the JJ Watt Football Training Camp - Stamina workout and replicating what EricGarcia4's solution states. (For note, this workout has a break in between each drill.)

    I found out that you get one star between 4,438-4,445 (not sure which number is the exact star). If you can get to 4,430, do a workout to get AT LEAST 4,445, rewind to the prior break as soon as you have gotten to 4,445, rinse and repeat and you'll get a star each time you get to the threshold. The trick is to rewind not to the beginning of the drill you are on, but the break before the drill you are on to get the star. So, if the break is 20 seconds long, you could get a star every 25-30 seconds roughly. That's 120 stars per hour resulting in 42 hours to complete from scratch.

    I'll be experimenting with other workouts to see if there is one that results in a quicker average stars.
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