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Respectable in all Aspects in Cobalt

Respectable in all Aspects100 (100)

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Posted on 08 August 17 at 12:58, Edited on 09 August 17 at 06:21
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WARNING: Before getting to the solution, I should warn you this achievement needs at least two playthroughs and might be glitched/unobtainable. I'm 100% sure that I've unlocked all unlocks, but the achievement didn't pop for me. I also found this video (which seems to be the Steam version of the game), that clearly shows the achievement is glitched.

All that being said, if you still want to try getting the achievement or just want to unlock the unlocks, here is a solution for you.

In order to get this achievement, you need to unlock the following:
- All other Achievements
- All "Merits"
- All Unlocks via "Story Challenges"
- All three versions of the "Credits"

You can check out solutions for each Cobalt Achievements here on TA.

Most of them are pretty much straight forward, some are a little bit tricky and others are just grindy and time consuming.

(Tricky Ones:)

Silver Bullet (Kill four enemies with one bullet): Go to Arcade --> Survival. Any map will do, but I chose the first one, Desert Base. Choose Shroom Village as Enemy waves and start the game. Before starting the first wave, open both safes to get shield and some credit (volts). Buy a powerful single-shot weapon like Rail Gun (or survive at least one wave, so you will have enough credit to buy one). Let the small villagers follow you, until at least four of them are in a horizontal line in front of you, within a small distance. A single shot of a powerful enough weapon will wipe even more than four at once.

Is it a Bird? (Kill ten enemies without touching the ground): It can be done anywhere, while riding an animal. But again I recommend doing it in Survival, exactly where I described above in "Silver Bullet". You can buy eggs (or spawners) in the "Throwable" shop. If you don't find any in the stock, just complete waves to refresh the shop inventory. Spawn the animal, ride it and kill ten enemies without dismounting it.

Decispolosion (Kill ten enemies at once): There is a bar in Chapter 5 (Party in Rocket City) in story mode, called "Smoked Spikebird". After entering the bar, shoot at some random guy so the guards start spawning. Wait until enemies stockpile in the left corner, near the raised entrance of the bar and kill them with a stick grenade. If it didn't work, restart from the checkpoint and try again. (All credit goes to steam user "Janeator".)

Disco Ball Bang (Blind ten enemies with one flashbang): There is a speed challenge called "Elevator Dive" which unlocks after chapter 6 in story mode. Simply drop a flashbang down the elevator shaft to blind 10 turrets. (All credit goes to steam user "EX6578".)

(Grindy Ones:)

Kleptomaniac (Crack 100 Safes): You won't get this one even after two playthroughs, so you have to find a place to kinda farm it. I think one of the best places is Survival map "Desert Base" which has two safes. Also the one downstairs has two grenades in it so you can use it to blow up the radio upstairs for the "Golden Wallet" merit.

The Friend we happen to Deserve (Free 100 prisoners): There is a combat challenge called "Hostage Situation" in story mode which unlocks after chapter 4. There are a total of 5 prisoners in this level, and once you have some story related upgrades (like a good weapon and a strong shield) you can beat the level in no time. Also make sure to destroy the radio to progress towards "Golden Wallet" merit.

Golden Wallet (Destroy 100 radios): If you haven't got "Kleptomaniac" or "The Friend we happen to Deserve" yet, try the solutions above to progress towards both. But if you have them already, finding a radio near a checkpoint in story mode is a faster way to get it. Just blow up the radio with a grenade and restart the checkpoint.

Mr Smith... Lock Smith (Lockpick 100 doors): There is a door near a checkpoint in Chapter 1 Story Mode (I think it's the second door, near a turret hanging from the roof). The special thing about this door is that it's the only door in the game that has only one level of lock, so it's the fastest one to unlock. Just unlock it, restart the checkpoint, repeat.

Klondike Like (Mine 100 blocks): There is also a block in the beginning of Chapter 1, near a checkpoint. you can mine it by punching it with bare hand. I haven't try shooting it and checking if it counts as "mining", but mining it by punching is not that slow to begin with. Punch it, reload checkpoint, repeat.

Computer Conqueror (Hack 100 computers): This is probably the most time consuming of all! I finished the game 2 times and I didn't even get "Hack 10 Computers" let alone 100! So you probably have to grind it all. Again, there is a computer right after a checkpoint in chapter one (somewhere in the middle of the chapter). Hack it, reload checkpoint, repeat.

Story Challenges

Speed challenges: There is this video of "Meow J" on YouTube, where he completes all speed challenges under 90% Mountainhammer time.

Just a few tips: For the level "Molten Jump Canyon" you don't necessarily need that weapon (phase gun?) he's using. I myself could set a record under 90% Mountainhammer time both with and without it. And for the elevator jump, I also managed to get the time without using any grenade or bomb.

Combat Challenges: They can be both very easy or very frustrating. I recommend finishing the story mode first, before trying them. This way you can find a pretty decent gun and an upgraded shield, which I believe that both of them are necessary to get the highest score possible.
You have to finish each one as "fast" as possible, with less to no "damage", high "accuracy" and highest kill count possible (don't just kill the target for faster times! Kill as many enemies as you can). For accuracy bonus I recommend using a powerful single-shot weapon like the Rail Gun, instead of using rifles. Also don't use the "Hacking Device". Kills with enemies through hacking device don't count.

Unlocking Credits (Spoiler Alert!)
To unlock all three versions of Credits, you need to complete every three game endings, known as the "Awakening", the "Mentalist" and the "Realist". You can only get Awakening and Mentalist in one playthrough (and specifically in that order!). To get Realist you need to start a new save and complete the whole game one more time.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Note: Choosing Mentalist or Realist path will end the game and you won't be able to jump back to chapter 7 to get the other two endings. The only way to get two endings in one playthrough is to first get the Awakening and then Mentalist.

Why this achievement is glitched/won't unlock
My theory is that there is a simple flaw in the programming. You see, the "Respectable in all Aspects" achievement also unlocks a character called "Bopo Predator". So it might be possible that the game also counts that character as "an unlockable item that is still locked!" So you need to unlock Bopo Predator to get the achievement, but first you need to get the achievement to unlock Bopo!
This causes a causality dilemma like "The Chicken or the Egg" problem, and I think it can be fixed with altering a single line of code.

If you want Oxeye Game Studio/Mojang to fix this buggy achievement, please post in their forums (

If you know more efficient ways to unlock certain unlocks, please let me know in the comments and I'll update the solution.
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