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Beat the game... for now? in Pixel Piracy

Beat the game... for now?381 (200)

This is a rare achievementDefeat all the Legendary pirate ships

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Achievement Guide for Beat the game... for now?

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Achievement won on 17 May 16
TA Score for this game: 1,496
Posted on 17 May 16 at 20:29, Edited on 17 May 16 at 20:41
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First of all this game is just a glitchy piece of poo on the deck!

I started off by raiding the islands and normal pirate ships then I thought lets see what these legendary pirates are all about. So I moved from island to island to pirate boat to cities and nothing. Then I noticed you can move around the entire map even the bits that are not uncovered and the 4 legendary ships are all there, but the level is 1000! There may be a way to lower this but I wasn't really wanting to waste more time after I found this way.

So I went in all my crew except one got murdered but I found a neat little glitch to win easily.

You should have at 40-50 vitality and the rest in dexterity. Then you need pistol, I used the flintlock pistol but it may work with the mini pistol and you could potentially do it without a pistol but it would take longer. You also must have your player know how to swim!

Anyway, start up any of the four legendary ships. Don't worry about a crew they aren't any help. Head over to the ship and get the attention of the many pirates. Gather them all right next to where you can move back to your own boat, they will attack you but with 50 vitality I was healing quicker than they could damage me. Then walk up and grapple back to your boat and you should notice one or more pirates climb up to the raised block you grapple from. Now if you hold the left stick right while you are on the rope it will just instantly teleport you back to the ship among the pirates and sometimes one who clmbed up will just fall into the water and die but you can then ram the A button and hold aim up to any still there and try shoot them off. It won't work everytime but if you just keep doing this you can clear them all in about 10-15 mins once you get the hang of it. Once you get down to the final few you can just shoot them to death but it will take a minute or two.

Hope this helps and please ask if you need a hand.

Managed to get the clip up! Here it is...

Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
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Failure Online
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Failure Online
Achievement won on 23 Apr 17
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Posted on 23 April 17 at 07:02, Edited on 28 April 17 at 18:42
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EDIT: User Shh I am Batman has pointed out to me that the ships all spawn in at the beginning of the game; there is no order and it was just coincidence that I met the cannon-bearing ship last on two separate runs.

This solution was inspired by the other two.

There are 4 legendary ships. All of them have a very strong crew, but only one of them has cannons. Abuse the save system in the game to make sure you fight the cannon-bearing ship last.

Get together a crew of 10 additional members and teach them all Cannon Mastery, then add 10 cannons to your ship and fill the remaining area with a bunch of cannonballs, then just attack from afar for the first 3 legendary ships.

Your crew will level up to about 90 after these three battles. Again, abuse the save system to make sure you do not lose any members along the way. Use the skill points earned to make sure each member has 50 vitality, then put the rest into dexterity. Each crew member should end up with over 100 dexterity.

For the final ship, take the cannons back off so your crew is not tempted to use them, and equip your entire team with flintlock pistols. Board the ship and wait for your party to take out the entire enemy crew in about 10 minutes.


Here is how you can get every achievement in the game in about 4 hours.

During the setup for a new game, pick:

- More ship encounters
- Extra starting pirate
- Normal
- Your preference

Make sure you do not skip the tutorial when the ghost starts talking to you, because he will give you an extra crew member for free. Once you get to the tavern, pick David Welch, which is needed for an achievement. Put both of his character points into Vitality. For now, put all skill points for each crew member into Vitality until they reach 20, then put all into Dexterity.

You need to earn 90 gold to get your next crew member. Attack the surrounding level 1 pirate ships. Once you clear the ship, return your entire party to your ship and press X to plunder. ALWAYS choose plunder, so you get a bunch of gold and resources. After you attack 2 or 3 ships you should have enough gold.

Return to the starting town and buy Rodrigo de la Pedra for your first achievement.

Pixel PiracyMeta!The Meta! achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 63 pointsHave both Rodrigo de la Pedraja and David Welch on your ship

Now you have total 4 party members (you, the captain, count as one) and we want to get to 11. The game will let you have a larger crew, but experience is distributed evenly, so the plan is to keep the number relatively small. Continue plundering surrounding ships for more gold. You should be able to take on level 2 now, but don't ignore the easy level 1 ships, because they still give out decent gold. Every time you have enough gold to recruit a new party member (50 - 90 gold), return to the tavern and do so until you have a party of 11. You'll get the achievement for having a party of 10 along the way.

Pixel PiracyI'm a mighty pirate!The I'm a mighty pirate! achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 124 pointsHave 10 or more pirates on your crew

You can save this game at any time while at a town or on an island. While fighting a ship you can only save after plundering. Even though the game autosaves, be sure to save frequently just in case somebody accidentally dies or the game crashes. You don't want a single party member to die during the entire time you are playing this game. Not only will you have to spend gold on a new crew member, but you will also have to level them up again.

If you are struggling with health in the early game, then loot some islands to find some fruit and other healing items. You can use items by pressing Y to open the menu and then pressing X to select a crew member.

While you are building up your team, make sure to periodically check your inventory to see if you obtained better weapons with which to equip your party. A decent attack power to aim for is 7.5+; you will probably not find much better in the game. Sell bad weapons for more easy gold. When your party is about 9 large, you should be able to take on level 3 ships if you're giving your team good weapons.

If you do not see any ships on your map but still need to earn gold, then jump around from island to island until you do. Do not bother getting off your boat at the islands for now (unless you need healing items), just open the map again as soon as you dock.

Once you have your full party, make sure to spend some additional gold to buy a couple watermelons and place those on your ship. Periodically restock these and pay your crew from the crew menu to keep them happy. Typically you will want to place food on the right side, since that is where your crew is almost always congregated.

You should soon naturally get the achievement for having 5 poop on the deck if you do not already.

Pixel PiracyPOOPdeck...The POOPdeck... achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 52 pointsHave at least 5 poop on your ship

Find a town that has a Mayor Shop with the Ship Plunder ability. The starting town is guaranteed to have a Mayor Shop but it might not have this ability. Buy 11 and teach it to each party member.

Your next objective is to deck out your ship with cannons. Continue plundering ships, while being sure to use your skill points, switch to better weapons, and sell bad weapons. Stick to level 3 ships, maybe level 4 ships, but be sure to save before trying something new. As a reminder, put all skill points into Vitality until you reach level 20, then all into Dexterity.

Cannons cost 80 gold each and you will need 10 of them. You'll also need to buy 20 sets of cannonballs and 10 Cannon Mastery skills. You can buy cannons and cannonballs at the Ship Shop and skills at the Mayor Shop. Again, the starting town is guaranteed to have these shops but they may not have these items, so just look around. You will need 1200 gold for all of this unless you get lucky and find a place that sells these things cheaper. Teach the Cannon Mastery skill to everybody except the captain.

Rebuild your ship to accommodate the cannons. I build mine in three layers: the lower two for cannons and the top layer for food. To put in ladders, you need to build a wall first. Both walls and ladders can be found under Decoration in the ship editor. Ship hull is found under Hull and is used for the sides and floors of the ship. Cannons and cannonballs are under misc.

External image

You should only be about 60 to 90 minutes into the game, but you're already ready to start taking down legendary ships. Definitely be sure to make a separate save now, just in case. You can find legendary ships at the glowing red squares around the map that have power level 1000.

External image

Be sure to make a manual save before attacking a legendary ship. Only one of the ships has cannons on it, and you want to save that ship for last, so reload your save if you accidentally run into that one.

You will get an achievement just for encountering a legendary ship.

Pixel PiracyLEGEN - Wait for it....The LEGEN - Wait for it.... achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 60 pointsPick a fight with a legendary pirate

During the entire battle, you and your crew will stay on your ship. Press RT on an enemy pirate and your screw should start bombarding the enemy ship with cannonballs. If your crew members start to float or otherwise appear to be stuck, instruct them to move around a bit, then try attacking again.

The enemy has no cannons for some reason and should not try to board your ship. You will sink the enemy ship once you whittle it down to 59% health. If your crew keeps launching cannonballs into the water instead of damaging the ship, simply pick a new target at which to fire. The entire battle should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Pixel Piracy- DARY!The - DARY! achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 82 pointsDefeat a legendary pirate

Your crew will level up about 40-50 levels for defeating this ship. Use your skill points to upgrade everybody's Vitality to 50 now, then put the rest into Dexterity. Unfortunately, you do not get any loot for sinking the ship, so plunder a couple more regular ships and restock entirely on cannonballs.

Go find and take out the second and third legendary ships using the same method. Be sure to fully restock cannonballs in between each attack. The attack on the final legendary ship will come later, since it requires a different strategy.

Your party should all be at level 90 or so by now. Continue to spend all skill points on Dexterity.

The next goal is to equip every party member including the captain with a Flint Pistol. Typically these can be found at Weapons Shops at higher level towns and they cost 240 each. You can find higher level towns by moving farther away from your home town. Take the cannons off your ship, then plunder every pirate ship you find until you find a town selling Flint Pistols, then continue plundering until you can afford enough for your entire team. From here on out, you do not need to bother checking if you have found any better melee weapons.

You should be able to easily take out ships at level 6 at least. While your team is taking out the enemy, feel free to grab any chests, but do not go out of your way. There is an item only found in chests, diapers, that is needed for an achievement later, but there is also a quicker way to get chests later.

Once you have all of your pistols, make sure your entire team knows how to swim. They should have all learned this naturally by now, but you can buy the skill from the Mayor Shop if needed. The swimming skill allows your crew members to respawn on the ship if they get knocked into the water.

You have probably been playing for 2 to 3 hours by now, and it is time to take out the final legendary ship. You will notice that the last ship has cannons on it, which is why a new strategy is needed. This time, climb aboard the ship, but sit directly at the front, and just wait for your crew to shoot the entire enemy crew from there. If anybody gets knocked into the water, be sure to make them board the ship again. Your crew may move some during the fight but that is fine. You should not have to worry about health during this battle due to the high Vitality level of each crew member. The fight will be longer than the first three at about 10 minutes.

You will get the achievement for defeating all of the legendary pirates, plus when you plunder the ship, you will get a ton of gold, earning you another achievement if you do not already have it.

Pixel PiracyBeat the game... for now?The Beat the game... for now? achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 381 pointsDefeat all the Legendary pirate ships

Pixel PiracyGOLDENThe GOLDEN achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 254 pointsLoot a total of 10000 gold

The credits will roll when you try to sail some where. By now you should have earned the achievement for sailing 50 times, but if not, you will definitely get it naturally while going for the last few achievements.

Pixel PiracyAround the WorldThe Around the World achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 115 pointssail 50 times

Once you have control again, visit a town so you can edit your ship. You should have a mast and sail, so set that up for an achievement. Mast and top mast are under Hull, while the sail is under Misc.

Pixel PiracyAround the WorldThe Around the World achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 115 pointssail 50 times

For the last few achievements you will want to teach every member of your crew some new skills:

- Sniper Shot - shoot farther
- Combat Focus - more critical hits
- Gun Frenzy - shoot more
- Treasure Hunt - find better loot in treasure chests
- Sailing - sail faster

Now, sail the seas and stop at every island you can find. Continue to pick up the chests on the right side of each island until you have found 5 diapers. Diapers can only be found in chests, they cannot be purchased. In the meantime, you will earn an achievement. Note that you can open the map and leave from any point on an island, you do not have to get back on the ship.

Pixel PiracyTreasure hunterThe Treasure hunter achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 136 pointsDig up 10 buried treasure chests

Once you have 5 diapers, equip them to crew members. Diapers are under the accessory class of item and are equipped at the same screen as weapons.

Pixel PiracyThe Diaper BrotherhoodThe The Diaper Brotherhood achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 82 pointsHave 5 of your crewmates wear diapers at the same time

The final achievement is to kill 1000 enemies. You probably only have about 200 kills at this point. Continue to stop at every island and kill everything. The higher the level, the better, because there are usually more enemies. Pirate ships are suitable for getting kills as well, but islands often have more enemies which are all in a straight line. Either way, the key is to move in a direction that makes the islands and ships increase in level. You should be able to earn at least 30 kills per minute, so only about a 30 minute grind to finish the game.

Pixel PiracyI see dead pixelsThe I see dead pixels achievement in Pixel Piracy worth 93 pointsKill a total of 1000 enemies

I hope this walkthrough helped, thanks for reading.
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