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Rocket Scientist

Upgrade all powerups to maximum level

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How to unlock the Rocket Scientist achievement

  • Ellinas WarriorEllinas Warrior92,342
    26 Mar 2016 25 Mar 2016 26 Mar 2016
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    You need 2050 coins to buy the first level of all powerups and 288000 coins to upgrade them all to maximum level.
    - level 1: 150 coins
    - level 2: 1500 coins
    - level 3: 3500 coins
    - level 4: 15000 coins
    - level 5: 32000 coins
    - level 1: 200 coins
    - level 2: 2000 coins
    - level 3: 4000 coins
    - level 4: 20000 coins
    - level 5: 43000 coins
    Double Jump:
    - level 1: 200 coins
    - level 2: 2000 coins
    - level 3: 4000 coins
    - level 4: 20000 coins
    - level 5: 43000 coins
    Double Multiplier:
    - level 1: 1500 coins
    - level 2: 6000 coins
    - level 3: 12000 coins
    - level 4: 30000 coins
    - level 5: 50000 coins
    Go to the shop to upgrade the powerups.

    You can receive the 2050 coins needed for the first level for free. After your first run, you are given 150 coins to buy the magnet. Don't buy the other powerups now, just keep doing runs. After a few runs you will be given 200 coins to buy the jetpack. After some more runs you will be given 200 coins to buy the double jump. And finally after again some more runs you will be given 1500 coins to buy the double multiplier.
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  • Dutch x MonsterDutch x Monster682,419
    14 Jan 2021 15 Jan 2021 15 Jan 2021
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    So what we do we have here ?

    A new glitch for a Game Troopers game in 2021 of all things ?! Oh Blimey laugh

    'Got no money ?warning Get a glitch ! clap'

    How much time it will save is up to you if you are willing to spend about a tenner or play for a bit to get 50 diamonds since that's basically the big grind believe it or not. wink

    So all jokes aside,

    Welcome to the new way on how to 'play' this game, since then you finally have a reason to 'play' this game again since me yours truly will save you about 20 hours of grinding ! 20 hours ! For reference I've completed this game the day I started it. Which should not be a thing considering the estimate.

    *Damn it's that I randomly noticed it when I was playing. Else I'd probably still be stuck in this garbage game.*

    -Me 15-01-2021

    So from what I remember when doing the Windows Phone version of this game (Yes I wanted to do this twice). That there was a glitch regarding the missions that when you complete a set and go out of the game go back in you get the cash again from that one.

    That's all nice and dandy but that doesn't work for the Windows 8 stack..... Too bad..... Or is it ? Since I noticed a very distinctive difference between the WP and Win 8 stack.

    When you finish the tutorial, you have this chump telling you to get this damn upgrade. Ok fine get the damn upgrade. But what has this to do with saving 20 hours you might ask ?

    Well as you might notice that there are different upgrade you can get Magnet, Double Jump, Hoverboard and Finally Double Points.

    Starting to get it ? No ? Please read further

    When I was playing through the game minding my own business upgrading the magnet only since that was by far the best powerup for $$$. Then randomly got a 'tutorial' for getting the Double Points as it was the last the one I hadn't unlocked yet. Yadda yadda yadda we give you free 150 coins the chap told me. I looked him straight in the eyes said thank you kind sir maybe another time. Since I didn't want to spend coins on that item since I didn't need it. Closed the game started again to continue getting coins. That's when I noticed it since I needed like 1000 more coins for my next magnet upgrade or so I thought. Since I could suddenly buy it? Like what ?

    And that's when the cogs fell into place. My smirk had grown the width of my room since I had found THE method that was going to get me the hell out of the game as soon as I could.

    Started another game to confirm it, crashed into the side rails as soon as my thing spawned. The guy asked me if I would want free money ? Said hell yeah (clicking the close window button) Boom there we have it 1500 coins in the span of seconds!

    So how long does it take to get this achievement which you need 288k Coins for ?

    It's 200 resets which can be done in about 60 mins 40 mins if you are actively doing it.

    This applies to other buy achievements as well, you need 38k for the thing you play as and 83k for the piñata's.

    So what about missions then ?

    Get yourself about 450k coins and just go on a spending spree buying out the tasks instead of playing them. But do take notice some tasks are cheaper to buy for example I had use 2 piñata's to unlock its 6k but buying them is 2k and using them afterwards.

    So all you need to actually do is get 500k points which should be completed on the run you use the score booster(s) on

    To play it 100% safe, boost yourself 500k coins or 450k and some powerups like the score boosts.
    Since when you buy the Score boost pickup for this achievement the lad won't come and ask if you want another 1500 coins for free.

    The only real thing you need to keep in mind is that getting 50 diamonds takes a long time to acquire. If you play this game for 20+ hours you'll have those diamonds by the end no issues. You could opt for spending in my case 13 Euro's on it. I said fk it I've played this before lemme play the damn game. Got the Diamonds in about 3-4 hours of play which I regret playing now lol.

    That being said,

    Please if you found this helpful (or funny to see me talk gibberish) leave me a like this is also helping your site friends to find my solution easier, if you don't like it leave a negative and please state why you found it unhelpful or things I should improve or just tell me you are a 'Mean Bean' and were good

    If anything I wish you a pleasure and leave a 'f' for the people whom suffered 25+ hrs before you
    Showing only comment.
    princitYOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!
    Thank you so much! I was dreading having to grind for coins in this game. It's been almost 2 years since I've started this game. I just used your method and now I'm almost over with this game. Again, thank you so much!
    Posted by princit on 25 Mar at 15:33
  • CrysisWarXX3CrysisWarXX3562,276
    31 Jul 2018 22 Jul 2020 10 Jun 2021
    0 1 0

    Update: It seems the missions glitch doesn't work on Win 8 version so the only way is grind them facepalm i will leave the original glitch in a spoiler maybe someone can figure out something useful.

    Update 2: Dutch x Monster manage to find a glitch to finish this game in around 5 hours make sure to follow his solution here:

    Solution for Rocket Scientist in Ridiculous Marathon (Windows)
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