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How to unlock the I know what I want achievement

  • Marc PilkingtonMarc Pilkington315,950
    20 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016
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    Contrary to what people may have believed, this achievement is actually acquired by reaching the "Painter" or "Wife/Child" ending, whether that's your first, second, or twenty-ninth playthrough (because the painter literally makes up his mind about what he wants). The "Wife" ending, being the neutral ending, is the easiest to get and will not get you this achievement, hence why people may be confused.

    The "Painter" ending is probably the easiest of the two required endings so here's some tips on what I did to reach that ending:

    -Avoid the wife at ALL costs (don't go towards the arch of chairs, turn back when encountering her in the dark tunnel, don't peek in the paint-filled room she's in, pull the elevator handle left when there's a choice, don't turn back when it tells you, turn back when in the yellow corridor after the room starts burning, don't search around in the dark after dropping through the door on the floor)

    -When given the choice of going through either the door with the melted wheelchair on the right or the door with paintings on the left, go through the door on the left

    -When given the choice of going through the light-filled door after the daughter makes a noise or the door blocked by paintings that the rat goes down, follow the rat to the painting door

    -When in the room with the dark pit and crank, ignore it and carry on going

    In regards to collectibles, this was the run where I went and found EVERY SINGLE rat drawing, word item and memento for those achievements. They may have counteracted each other as I still got the "selfish" items, so to be safe, go for only items related to the painter and NOT the wife/child if you aren't grabbing everything. This means alcohol bottles, glasses, rat drawings etc. The painting only becomes a self portrait at the very end of the game, so don't worry if it still looks like the wife near the end.

    I haven't achieved the wife/child ending yet so I'll try and update with tips regarding that one when I have it.
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    YaziteThank you! Someone who finally agrees with me. I originally posted the exact same thing but it got -5 votes cry
    Posted by Yazite on 21 Feb 16 at 20:17
    Dexter XBAI was able to get the painter ending (and unlock the achievement) even though I ran into the wife twice (arc of chairs and at the end of the dark tunnel). So there might be some room for error?
    Posted by Dexter XBA on 27 Feb 16 at 08:15
    Marc PilkingtonI think each ending goes off a sort of "point" system so it leans towards a particular one depending on what actions you take. Like I said, I got all the painter collectibles and got the wife/child ones too, but I still got the painter ending. Same probably goes with you and the wife deaths. It wasn't enough to steer you away from that ending. That's my best guess.
    Posted by Marc Pilkington on 27 Feb 16 at 11:05
    SlappDappI didn't get all the collectables and got the ending, though not the 50G one
    Posted by SlappDapp on 08 Mar 17 at 19:25
    Lt DavoThe only tips listed in this solution that were consistent with my "painter" playthrough are tips #2 and 3 - go left after finding the Ouija board in the last chapter, and follow the rat. I did everything else almost exactly the opposite from these tips.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 01 Jan 18 at 05:08
    Pure Pip RaptorI got this on the selfish ending.
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 02 Mar 18 at 19:05
    TheBoxyBearSince the collectibles can only be collected once, making certain collectibles required to be obtained and others require to be avoided for a certain ending would make that achievement missable.
    Posted by TheBoxyBear on 08 Jul 18 at 23:23
    Lt Davo@joujoubox - contrary to what has been suggested, the collectibles in this game have nothing to do with any of the ending achivements.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 09 Jul 18 at 00:38
    Bridge188I got attacked by the wife at the arch of chairs (following the walkthrough) but no other time, skipped straight through big pit in chapter 6, missed one family momento somewhere and got this ending.
    Posted by Bridge188 on 18 Nov 18 at 20:46
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