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  • Beth BearBeth Bear1,286,754
    20 Feb 2016 21 Feb 2016 20 Mar 2016
    235 18 126
    Hey Guys. So basically this achievement is for witnessing all the endings. The game has a total of three. These include the Wife ending, Self Portrait ending and the Wife and Child ending. I have made videos for all three. By following these three videos you can pretty much get the full 1000G with the exception of maybe one or two achievements.

    You can do the endings in any order. However I would recommend doing the Self Portrait one first to get all the collectibles out of the way this includes Rat drawings and Mementos. Once these have been picked up they stay collected and you don't have to pick them up in other playthroughs. Next I recommend doing the normal wife ending followed by the wife and child ending last. You don't have to do them in this order but it does make it a bit easier in my opinion


    With the Wife and Wife and child endings I don't pick up any Rat Drawings or Mementos as I had already collected them in the Self Portrait ending.


    Here are written guides for each one (Thanks to YAZITE for confirming these!!!!)

    Self-portrait ending (the selfish ending):

    This is achieved for essentially being selfish throughout the game. Ignoring your family and focusing on your paintings.
    - Deathless run
    - Stare at paintings frequently
    - Follow rats whenever possible
    - Interacting with only story related items OR items relating to your selfish personality (crooked glasses is an example)
    - Possibly achieved for going below the neutral ending.

    Wife ending (neutral ending):

    This is confirmed to be the neutral (loop) ending and is achieved for gaining a neutral number of points in relation to the other two endings.

    Wife and child ending (family/regretful ending):

    - Throughout the game you should ignore anything relating to your selfish past (except story objects of course)
    - Pick up items relating to your wife
    - Approach your wife at EVERY encounter and "embrace" her
    - Ignore rats and paintings as much as possible
    - During the child chapter, approach the child in the red hall rather than back away

    Wife and Child Ending in more detail!!!!!

    -Prologue: run straight upstairs, grab key, back downstairs to unlock the studio

    -Chapter 1: hairbrush on windowsill to the right (early on in chapter, sort of easy to miss)

    -Chapter 2: piano notes in room right across from small room with key; scary baby chest by creepy window; violin in closet in vinyl room

    -Chapter 3: room that appears behind you after looking at it through a window has a calendar in the left top drawer, turn on lamp in next room; library room turn on lamp in the corner next to small table with tobacco pipe on it and push ladder to get key and unlock upstairs door; basement staircase turn on light

    -Chapter 4: note on floor from fire horse room; birthday hat on teddy bear; kids shoes in bow room; break mirror in vanity mirror room (open two drawers); checkers puzzle (beating heart); out of apples note in top right drawer under the beating heart on wall; feed fake cat with fruit on same table; walk under chairs death; open cupboard in floating crayon room; doll hallway near the end look through window on the right at carousel outside; pick up perfume on windowsill; look at creepy kid's picture in pool of blood door/room right after perfume; kid's room interact with jack in the box and picture in same dresser

    -Chapter 5: Die in flashing lights wife hallway with item on floor next to candle (do not pick up item); "don't look back" jump scare death; pull chain three times; fold up mirror on windowsill, go in other blood pool room right after; go into room with wife in floor right after that, exit and then go back inside to get that death; phone numbers in order, 363, 853, 354

    -Chapter 6: Die in yellow hallway, "each mistake a pitfall" death (very easy to miss, after you drop down door on the floor, look straight ahead at the only exit while walking backwards); jump into picture pit without pulling up pictures; bed on fire room and bandages; necklace on windowsill, walk into area next to it, then walk into wife's room then look at everything in room; push wheelchair as far as it goes; knife in bathroom

    -Ending sequence, note in child's room area on floor; secret safe code (hard to decipher what the actual code is on the vid but starting at 0 if you move the dial counterclockwise from 10 to 20 to 30 to 40, then from 40 go clockwise to 30, then to 20 and the safe should open) then go to stairs and watch them collapse; light tri candles with little floating house next to it in checkers room

    (CREDIT FOR THE WRITTEN PART OF THE WIFE AND CHILD ENDING GOES TO UNDEAD SHROOM) Thank you for taking what I did in my video and translating it to written text
  • Marine1TenMarine1Ten272,738
    02 Mar 2017 02 Mar 2017 07 Mar 2017
    31 2 7
    I just earned the final three achievements for completion. Due to some confusion I experienced, here are some tips to complete this game in one play through with chapter replay only for extra endings and missed items.

    Potential Spoilers below: Please play this game through x1 on your own so you will understand the tips and experience the immersion.

    I used the TA walkthrough guide (thanks Yazite, Beth Bear & SpiralGamerPro for your excellent work) to collect items and earned the 'selfish ending' first. As I reloaded the saves to gather missed items, I realized I was changing the outcomes and the pathing. That is: I went different places and had different experiences from any video/written guides available. My game had missing items that were available in some guides. In order to follow the guides "exactly" I would need to start a new game. Didn't want to do that if it was not necessary.

    Edit-wildwest08 points out that you need to understand you may have to change your actions,i.e.- read different notes, or otherwise 'tinker' with actions to get your desired ending. as I indicate above.

    So, I reloaded chapters 5 & 6 to experiment. Chapter 5 glitched & I could not get a final path to open up after the 'telephones' sequence, so I went out to the menu and reloaded chapter 6 and continued. Now, I wanted the Wife ending so I focused on letting her kill me every time and looked at her items like brushes, notes she wrote, pushed her wheelchair, focused on her necklace which is found in the windowsill, etc. Because I went through the 'bright light doorway' into the child's room in chapter 5 in my first run and I went down the 'red hallway' to the child in chapter 6 on my chapter replay, and because I looked at child items...I earned the Wife & Child ending. Surprise.

    After the second ending I replayed Ch. 5 & 6 again and focused on letting the wife kill me every other time and looked at more paintings, rats & avoided looking at the child items. I skipped the bright white light doorway after the telephone sequence and instead followed the dark hallway that opened near where the timbers blocked my pathway. I avoided the child at the end of the dark hallway, in red. I turned right instead. Pushed the wheelchair in the hallway a bit but ended the sequence looking at the paintings vs pushing her chair until the hallway turned black & paintings disappeared. Continuing to the end the Wife ending unlocked. This occurred in spite of the starting painting in Ch.6 which had the outline of the child in the painting with the mother!

    After you stack the painting in the cut-scene, go to the office and pick up the key from the desk. Go downstairs and unlock the painting room. It is on the same wall as the chest nearby the house front entrance. Go into the painting room and touch items or walk around until the scene lightens and a fresh canvas appears on the easel. YES! touch the cloth covering the easel and the achievement(s) will unlock. Be sure to find the developers notebook prior to unlocking the painting room. It is by the couch after the cut scene with the Wife painting.

    My thanks to No Parasite & justGOTwicked for their posted comments that helped steer me in the right direction.
  • SoulyTheDudeSoulyTheDude332,108
    06 Mar 2017 06 Mar 2017 04 Jan 2019
    19 3 1
    Hey guys so I think the only ending that actually needs a step to step guide is Wife & Child
    ending. I found something that really helped me. credit goes to
    for the wife and child ending try to do as many of these steps as you can but if you happen to miss some, don't worry just try to do as many as you can.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 1 / Room 5 - When you input the lock code to open the ring case with the words "THE PAST HOLDS BACK LOOK CLOSER" on the interior. The code is 484. Grab the collectible.
    Event: Chapter 1 / Room 7 - In the room with the painting in the back that drops you into the basement; don't look at it, just turn around and leave.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 1 / Room 8 - Enter a hallway filled with portraits. One of the paintings will fly off the wall. Interact with this painting to pull it down and you'll discover a sketch.
    Event: Chapter 1 / Room 9 - Once again, you'll reach a room with a painting in the back where rats scatter on the floor. Ignore this room, turn around and leave through the entrance.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 1 / Room 11 - Enter the hallway with a candle on the window sill on the right. Grab the brush located here.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 2 / Room 4 - Enter a small closet filled with paintings to collect a key. Through the door directly opposite this closet is another small room with notes inside.
    Event: Chapter 2 / Room 6 - In the plain room with a chest in the corner, don't miss the chest. Open it to find a baby doll inside.
    Event: Chapter 2 / Room 8 - Continue two rooms later and ignore the locked safe there.
    Event: Chapter 2 / Room 10 - In the mirror room, don't turn around and look at the mirror again.
    Event: Chapter 2 / Room 12 - Enter the room with the wheelchair. Once you see it, turn around for a scare.
    Event: Chapter 2 / Room 13 - One room later, ignore the rat that runs left and continue on through the door on the right.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 2 / Room 17 - Explore the large phonograph bedroom. Open the cabinets in the corner opposite the bed to find a violin.
    Event: Chapter 3 / Room 3 - In the hall with the chained-up piano, go ahead and approach the piano.
    Event: Chapter 3 / Room 5 - Trapped in the room, turn until a path opens. Move toward the exit, then spin around again to find a new door. Open it.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 3 / Room 10 - In the hallway with the balcony and phone that reverses upward onto the small table, backtrack until the phone falls and breaks right in front of you. Check the receiver to get the words.
    Event: Chapter 3 / Room 12 - Enter the hall with windows on the left. Walk forward until a force pushes you back. Approach your ghostly wife.
    Event: Chapter 3 / Room 17 - Explore the bathroom through the door on the left and look into the black gunk in the tub.
    Event: Chapter 4 / Room 2 - Enter the hall with candles lining the floor. The ghost of your wife twitches in the darkness. Run toward her.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 3 - Reach a room with trees drawn on the walls. Open all four doors and they'll slam shut. Keep turning until an exit is revealed. Grab the door but do not open it -- turn around, witness the fire event, walk to the back of the blank room, then turn around to see a new note has appeared in your path.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 4 - Leaving the room and entering a hallway with chalk lines drawn on the floor and walls, grab the party hat from the teddy bear.
    Event: Chapter 4 / Room 5 - Don't interact with the lamp on your left as you pass through this room.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 6 - Get to the simple sitting room with baby-shoes on a table to the back-left of the entrance door. Turn toward the window to get a glimpse of the baby doll.
    Event: Chapter 4 / Room 7 - In the wooden room with the vanity mirror, look at the mirror and wait for the candles to light up.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 8 - Enter a hallway and turn right to a dead-end with a checker's board. Find all three checker pieces to reveal a whispered words item on the board.
    Event: Chapter 4 / Room 9 - There's dark room on the right. Go inside and take a look around.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 17 - Escaping the multi-colored maze past the doll room and you'll wake up from the floor. There's an open door here, but don't go through it. Turn around and look on the floor of the closet to get a unique toy.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 4 / Room 18 - Moving on, you'll reach a simple hall with black lines and a window sill on the left. Check the sill to find an item.
    Event: Chapter 4 / Room 18 - In the same room as the collectible, try opening every door.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 4 - Encounter the ghost wife down the hall. Run toward her instead of running away.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 6 - In the hall with the bright light in the distance, run toward it to enter the next room.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 15 - Ignore the instructions and turn around.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 16 - Even if you collected the crank from Room 14, make sure to use the chain to open the door here. Do not use the crank.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 19 - In the elevator, turn the switch right instead of left.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 5 / Room 22 - Enter a hallway with a window on the left. The next collectible is right there in the window sill.
    Event: Chapter 5 / Room 22 - Check out the door that's cracked open. Take a good look inside.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 6 / Room 5 - Enter the melting hall and run toward your ghost wife in the distance.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Room 9 - Once you fall into the lower level, enter the darkness.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Room 11 - In the strange room, leave the pulley and drop into the hole in the center.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Room 13 - Use the Ouija board in this room. Input the code 363-853-354 and grab the memento that appears.
    Whispered Word: Chapter 6 / Room 15 - In the area with the black sludge blocking the path ahead, check the window sill. There's a necklace here.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Room 15 - In one of the side rooms, you'll find a large portrait of your wife. Squeeze into the room itself and take a close look.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Room 16 - In the opulent hallway, push the wheelchair to the end of the corridor.
    Event: Chapter 6 / Last Room - Open the safe. The code is 042
  • LibelluleGinoLibelluleGino829,500
    31 Jul 2016 31 Jul 2016
    19 7 9
    Just a way to go a little bit faster if you want. Go for "Wife and Child" ending first, according to the excellent guide above, then, when you finish the game just reload the last chapter and be very careful not to die against your wife (in the yellow corridor and after falling through the horizontal door). Don't pick up the knife as well.

    It should unlock the Wife ending, with only one chapter completed. It worked for me. Don't hesitate to tell me if it works for you.
  • NodeadVickyNodeadVicky242,101
    13 May 2017 13 May 2017 13 May 2017
    7 0 0
    First of all: Thanks Beth Bear for AWESOME guide

    Let me clear it first, this is my FIRST play though (no collectables and no ending). I only got following in Prologue:
    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 105 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Layers of FearArt ConnoisseurThe Art Connoisseur achievement in Layers of Fear worth 115 pointsGaze at paintings for a total of an hour

    Layers of FearIt's covered up for a reasonThe It's covered up for a reason achievement in Layers of Fear worth 25 pointsGet working on your Magnum Opus

    I started a NEW GAME for next play thought and targeted Wife/Child first (as this one is said to be the hardest one). dance

    I followed exact steps from the video. But on chapter 4, I am not able to get the note "out of apples". I retried loading game again but same outcome, no note again. I reloaded the chapter twice, no luck. I don't know what went wrong. So I continued with the game. Did all steps exactly as in the video. Once more something happened, in my case the ladder (in the end part of the game-play) didn't shattered. So I again moved on also kept on checking ladder. After I took the "weights" I went close to the ladder, and it shattered... Awesome. Finally finished the game and got WIFE/CHILD ending. FINALLY.. headspin
    Also in the same play-through, I got this chevo:

    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 505 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    So if you are playing this game for the very first time and going for wife/child ending, you may not get the "out of apples" note. So don't worry keep playing the game following the video exactly.

    Moving On:
    I want to finish wife ending without playing full walk-through so after finishing my Wife/Child ending, I reloaded "Chapter 6" from the main menu ("Continue" will be disabled) and followed the "Wife ending video" (44:43 - thanks to Beth again), and finished the game (by getting key and revealing blank canvas - this was excluded in the video). I got WIFE ending clap. I also kept tracking "Omniscient" ach progress (to be safe). As soon as credit rolled the tracker moved from 33% to 66% hence I got both ending in one play through (sort of).
    In this process I also unlocked:
    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 70 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Layers of FearFinishing touchThe Finishing touch achievement in Layers of Fear worth 77 pointsComplete a painting

    Now only one ending remains to complete (also all the collectables)

    Start a new game and follow Beth video exactly. Only one place you will have to quit to the main menu and select continue (to get the other collectable as both CANNOT be gained in the same playthorugh which is Rat #13). Noe Beth said that she maid MISTAKE so restarted the Chapter 6 and her mistake was that didn't collected the necklace and Memento #16 -where all wife's stuffs are placed) - so keep this in mind so that you don't have to restart the game or just follow this side-by-side (which I did, just to be sure wink):

    While this play through I shoot for:
    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 89 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Completed the game as shown the video and finally got:
    Layers of FearSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Layers of Fear worth 718 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    when the credits rolled.... 1000G "in the bag" toast

    NOTE: In my playthorugh there was issue with Memory #21. It did not appear as shown in the video so I enter the room as normal and watch the window shut and knock the candlestick over. Then interact with the lamp on the desk to your left. Next, by the door where you first entered, press the lightswitch. The room will go dark and a new door will appear in the room (opposite the lamp you switched on), open it, then the fireplace will light up with the memory in front of it. Thanks to RebornPasture. So keep this in mind. DO COLLECT MEMORY #21 before taking the elevator.

    ... PEACE!!! rock
  • rafter84rafter84555,231
    22 Jan 2018 22 Jan 2018
    10 3 9
    This guide only focuses on the ‘Wife and Child’ ending and compiles the information detailed from the walkthrough and 2 other achievement guides. Credit goes to them!

    I had completed the game using the TA walkthrough by Yazite which is a great guide. From this I was able to get all the achievements apart from this one and I received the ‘Selfish’ ending.

    I then used Marine1Ten achievement guide for the ‘Wife’ ending. Again – another great guide and great tip on loading up the prologue, chapter 5 then chapter 6.

    As I didn’t want to replay the whole game again for the ‘Wife and Child’ ending, I ran though the prologue, chapter 5 then chapter 6 again – hoping this would work. From using Beth Bear guide I completing the following list (see the walkthrough for the location of the important places and items listed) which gave me the ‘Wife and Child’ portrait and the achievement popped!

    - Get the key from the desk upstairs.
    - Open the locked door downstairs.

    Leave game and load chapter 5.

    Chapter 5:
    - At M#11, let her kill you.
    - The room after W#19. This is the room with the sign above the door "Don't Look Back". Look back and let her kill you.
    - In the room with the wheel cog lock -- Pull the chain 3 times then go through the door.
    - W#23 – collect the fold up mirror in the window sill.
    - Just after W#23, you will see a door on the right – open it to find a ghost. The door will close on you. Re-open it, go in and let her kill you.

    Chapter 6:
    - After W#24, head down the green tunnel. Let the ghost kill you.
    - Once you walk into the door on the floor, walk backwards – let the ghost kill you.
    - In the room with the crank and pit, jump into the pit and die.
    - W#25 pick up the bandages in the room with the bed which goes on fire.
    - W#25 pick up the neckless in the window sill.
    - Opposite side of the hall from W#25, go into the room with the wife’s portrait on the wall. Look at all the items on the dresser.
    - In the long hallway with the wheelchair. Push the wheelchair until it won’t move any further.
    - W#27 pick up the knife in the bathroom.
    - During Sequence 5 as the kitchen appears - Light the 3 candles, Open the safe (counter-clockwise 40, clockwise 30 then counter-clockwise 20) and look at the stairs for them to break.
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,043,611
    31 Jul 2017 31 Jul 2017
    3 0 0
    For the Wife & Child ending i used this Video
    there are some differents because i think its from PC
    on Chapter 6 (37min) after you drop down

    In the long dark hallway continue forward to the door and collect the chain on the window then further in the room enter the code on the ioja box
    that happens just before you push the wheelchair to the front.

    at the end i open the save (042) just to be sure its not in the video so better you do it

  • SETH PLSETH PL190,077
    31 Mar 2017 31 Mar 2017
    2 0 0
    Hello. I just need to share with my findings about the "true endings".

    After my first contact with the game I finished with Wife Ending. So my next step was to get self portrait ending using the video guide above. I have done everything exactly like in the video and in the end I've got Wife ending again. Then I have restarted the Prologue and tried to do Wife & Child ending. Without success - still Wife ending.

    After couple of another tries with solution from the youtube videos I still finished with my wife portrait.

    So I decided to START A NEW GAME.

    After that I achieved the other endings in no matter of time. First the Self Portrait (with youtube video from first post), then after another START A NEW GAME - Wife & Child portrait (again using the video from Beth Bear post).
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