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Battle of Heroes achievement in Rocket League

Battle of Heroes

Win a game against the Armadillo or HogSticker while using the other vehicle

Battle of Heroes0
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How to unlock the Battle of Heroes achievement

  • eViL mOnKeY 270eViL mOnKeY 270
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 23 Mar 2017
    Edit 3: This now appears to have been patched and is working fine

    Edit 2: This is possible to obtain if you have the retail disc. See Dimmocks solution for more details.

    Edit: This appears to be unobtainable since a recent update. Nobody only TA has unlocked this for a while. I will update the solution if there appears to be a fix or if this is patched.

    To unlock the Armadillo vehicle you need to win a season championship, the quickest way being against 9 teams on 1v1 and on the Rookie difficulty.
    To unlock the Hogsticker you simply need to win a match in every other car, the quickest way being an exhibition match against no bots and changing the mutator to a max score of only 1 goal

    Now you just need to win a match using one of these vehicles against someone using the other one. There are 3 methods of obtaining this:

    Firstly you can use a second account to try and unlock one of these vehicles, the easiest being the Hogsticker. Using the exhibition method described above you can unlock and get a win in every vehicle in a fairly short amount of time. Once you unlock the Hogsticker, start an exhibition match using 2 controllers on both your accounts and win the match with your main account while using the Armadillo.

    Secondly you can simply boost this with a friend in a private match over Xbox live assuming you have both unlocked a seperate vehicle

    Finally you can just attempt this in a random online game. As the Hogsticker is easier to unlock and therefore more likely for an opponent to be using it i suggest playing a bunch of 4v4 games with the Armadillo.

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    k carmZThank you for guide! Very helpful.
    Posted by k carmZ On 21 Nov 22 at 14:20
    Incredible MattThis achievement seems to be glitched for me, tried to unlock it with friend who already got it, i was using Armadillo and he used Hogsticker, we set up a multiple private matches and all attempts were unsucessfull.
    Posted by Incredible Matt On 08 Feb at 14:51
    ethaweI need help with this one, GT - ethawe
    Posted by ethawe On 24 Feb at 11:46
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  • DimmockDimmock
    07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017 23 Mar 2017
    Edit - As of 23/3/2017 this achievement is obtainable online.

    I can confirm that if you have a disk copy install it offline so you have no updates and stay offline while you do it so the achievement will unlock when you reconnect to xbox live.

    1. Uninstall Rocket league and delete save data(console side only).
    2. Install Disk copy offline and do not reconnect to xbl.
    3. Complete season mode offline, 11 matches to unlock the Armadillo.
    4. Go into exhibition mode set the goal limit to 1 goal and using a guest+second pad have that guest win a match with each car until you have unlocked the hogstiker.
    5. Defeat hogsticker with your main accounts armadillo.
    6. Connect to XBL and the achievement will unlock. I connected on the results screen after I won because I was impatient.
    7. If you have not already deleted the new save data off your system make sure to select your cloud save when you launch the game again so you do not lose your main saves progress.

    The hardest part was waiting for the RNG to give the guest account each car.
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    vSullyWorked. Thanks!

    I played the season with my guest (2v2$ and then unlocked the cars in exhibition.
    Posted by vSully On 15 Feb 17 at 02:08
    OxymorfiendWorked great, thanks! +1
    Posted by Oxymorfiend On 24 Feb 17 at 07:22
    MacWhyteAwesome guide, thanks! Just wanted to add a point for clarification that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. When I completed the match I went to the main menu and went back to Xbox Live. I did not see the achievement pop; in fact my console restarted Rocket League and provided a prompt that the game needed an update. Despite this the achievement showed up as unlocked in my achievements app. So be sure to check your achievement app if you don't receive the unlocked prompt.
    Posted by MacWhyte On 26 Feb 17 at 06:44
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    You can get it in the way mentioned above, but it is possible to get with going online or making a separate account. All you will need is another controller, and it will take around 30 minutes.

    At the main game menu press the join button on the second controller. Select "add guest" and a new car will pop up next to yours. Go into "expedition mode." Press "mutator settings" and change the goals to 1 goal, so the match will end when 1 goal is scored.

    Exit the mutator settings and click "create match." Now you will need to score a goal with either controller. (preferably yours, because you will level up faster if you score the goals) Once the match ends collect the items and press "play next match." You will need to repeat this until the guest account has every car in the game that it can win. You can see this in the garage, you will have all cars except 2, will be 2 empty slots.

    When the guest account has won every car that it can win, you will need to win 1 match with everyone of those cars. The easiest way is to select the first car, go to "expedition mode", score a goal with the guest controller, winning the match. You will then need to go back to the garage, select the second car, and win a match with that car.

    Once you win a round with the last car, you will get the HogSticker. With the main controller choose the Armadillo in the garage, (this is achieved by winning a season) and win a match with it. The achievement will then pop up.

    Note: Do not exit the game or remove the guest, as you will loose all of the progress from it.
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    ShadowXanletworked perfectly, got it in less than 30 mins
    Posted by ShadowXanlet On 06 May 17 at 09:22
    OMG ROCKETSIt worked for me today 02.27.2018. Great Guide

    I used my main account and the guest(1). Took slightly more that 30 minutes due to unlucky unlocks.

    -Happy Hunting Gents

    Posted by OMG ROCKETS On 27 Feb 18 at 23:11
    VeerYoddha9Thanks bro , I got hogsticker unlocked in 2 games and done achievement in few seconds with second controller . Tried doing this in online , played lot but no luck .
    Posted by VeerYoddha9 On 24 Dec 19 at 08:36
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