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How to unlock the Team Player achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner803,659
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 20 Feb 2016
    54 15 72
    There are 4 achievements linked to Season mode and luckily you can do them all with the following settings:
    • Team Size - 1v1
    • Difficulty - Rookie
    • Season Length - 9 Weeks
    • Playoffs Teams - 4 Teams

    You will play a total of 11 matches, 2 play offs and 9 matches and during this time you will face all 9 teams that are in your season for this achievement, The 9 teams I faced after choosing the top left team for myself are:
    • Bombers
    • Express
    • Skyhawks
    • Guardians
    • Rebels
    • Cyclones
    • Mammoths
    • Pioneers
    • Dragons

    Rookie difficulty should be easy enough to win every match anyway as with only one AI they are very stupid. The Ai being stupid means that most of the time you can hit the ball in from the kick off, the 3 times you're positioned almost straight onto the ball boost all the way until you're close to the ball and stop boosting, then keep driving to hit the ball over them and hopefully into the goal (boost too far and it'll hit the top) when you're on the side of the ball boost half way then stop boosting and try to hit the corner of your car on the side of the ball facing away from the goal, takes a bit of practice.
    Here's a video of what I mean, using the car 'Ripper'

    You will unlock to following on the way:
    Rocket LeaguePerfect StartThe Perfect Start achievement in Rocket League worth 15 pointsWin your first game of the Season
    Rocket LeagueChampionThe Champion achievement in Rocket League worth 93 pointsWin the Season Championship
    Rocket LeagueRocketeerThe Rocketeer achievement in Rocket League worth 45 pointsComplete the regular Season
    Rocket LeagueTeam PlayerThe Team Player achievement in Rocket League worth 43 pointsPlay against every team in a Season

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    KillTheRedzanyone know if this has been fixed after the new update?
    Posted by KillTheRedz on 10 Sep 18 at 04:42
    ChokalexI don't know, i should retry to check it
    Posted by Chokalex on 19 Sep 18 at 11:43
    KungFu Monk3yStill broken for me... at least the collect 200 items unlocked finally! Small wins. 😜
    Posted by KungFu Monk3y on 03 Feb 19 at 08:00
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  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,016,216
    12 Mar 2016 12 Mar 2016 12 Mar 2016
    16 2 0
    Just as a heads up.

    My friend and I did EVERY achievement locally. He was player 1 and I was player 2.

    This is the ONLY achievement that WOULD NOT UNLOCK in local Multiplayer.

    I did the season twice as player two. Nothing. Then we switched and I was player 1 and he was player 2 and I was finally able to unlock the achievement.

    So all n all if you want this achievement you must be player 1. This was the only achievement I couldn't earn in Local Two Player
  • KungFu Monk3yKungFu Monk3y466,410
    04 Feb 2019 06 Feb 2019
    5 0 3
    For those of you that have experienced the Glitch this Achievement can have, I offer my experience that worked for me. I have tried for well more than a year to get this achievement, and lost count of how many seasons I've played. When a patch to the game finally auto unlocked the Collect 200 items achievement, I decided to give it another go. To my misfortune playing through a new season didn't work.
    So I decided to delete my saved game data, then I disconnected from xbox live. Launched the game and started up a new season. I had a vanilla car and when I won items they were generic beginner things. Played with fewest teams and 9 weeks, played through the 9th game. Once I was in the play-offs I connected to xbox live by plugging in my network cable during the playoff game (didn't exit out or anything. During the championship game I got a notification that there was a game save conflict and it was asking me which I wanted to keep Local save or Cloud. I picked the LOCAL game save (Newer). Sometime while I was finishing the championship game the achievement unlocked.
    The really cool thing was that when I backed out I expected to have lost all of my cars, but I had all of them. It was like I chose the cloud game save. Not sure how that happened...but that was cool that I didn't have to lose my stuff.

    The only downer is I was hoping to earn a new "certified" item since I had traded mine in in hopes of getting a better one. But for some reason I am not being awarded anymore stuff...and so am not getting a replacement certified item. (if anyone out there is feeling charitable and wants to give me theirs I'd appreciate it.) Anyway, I know this may not fix everyone but I hope it helps some of you that have had a similar challenge with unlocking this one.
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    ChokalexWow, thank you so much! I tried to obtain this for years and it was glitched, but now I have finally completed all the achievements for this game!
    I did like you said, deleted my local save, then disconnected my xbox from the internet, launched the game, and started a new season. I played the regular season, started the play off match, and reconnected to the internet. A little bug occured (my game freezed a few seconds), I continued playing, and near the end of the match the achievement unlocked!
    I wasn’t asked which save I wanted to take, when I got back to the main menu, I had all my stuff back from my original save (all cars and items).
    Thanks again, you definitely found how to deal with this glitchy achievement!
    Posted by Chokalex on 14 May at 23:57
    KungFu Monk3ysmile Happy it helped! Such a great game overall!
    Posted by KungFu Monk3y on 03 Jun at 18:25
    DustinMarionThank you so much, I finally have the achievement because of you 🙌🏻
    Posted by DustinMarion on 04 Jun at 02:26
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