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It Came From Uranus Expansion Pack
This DLC has been removed from the Microsoft Store, but is still available physically.

Go for the Gold achievement in Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Go for the Gold

Get a gold medal in levels 11, 12, and 13.

Go for the Gold0
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How to unlock the Go for the Gold achievement

  • RoboShatnerRoboShatner203,418
    09 Sep 2010 09 Sep 2010
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    These are fairly straight forward, the conditions are shown after each level.

    Two tips:

    1) I doubt you would be able to get these with an underpowered character. It might be possible but I'd guess it would cause a headache, so I highly recommend you get you character and weapons to near max level before trying these.

    2) In level 11, the rescue prisoner condition can only be met by choosing LEFT when you are given a choice of routes about halfway through the level.

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    TwistedTBIf you are having trouble with the speed run/100% turret kills on Level 12 the way I was, I found a solution by searching the forums over at

    You need to push hard for most of the level, staying close to the top of the map. Then after the green goo spraying guys, drop down to the middle so the turrets you encounter in the asteroid belt don't get smashed by asteroids before you can kill them. If the asteroids smash them you will not get credit. Once you are thru the area with the fast moving asteroids, you can push hard to the top again.
    The boss can only be killed by hitting him with asteroids you have placed screw missiles in.

    This was orignally posted by user Bahaumaut

    FINALLY got that darn gold for the level. The list of 20 turrets for level 12, including my notes on where they are, in order of appearance. If anyone sees any mistakes, feel free to post notes for any other viewers.

    #01: Shortly after the first 'gate' that releases robots, after the two indestructable asteroids forming a path.
    #02: After moving inbetween two asteroids, with a weird structure to the left of it. Dead center
    #03: After #2, there'll be a gate on the right and two warp rings you can destroy. Must destroy this to proceed.
    #04: Continue along; it's in the middle after a long asteroid that blocks the left edge.
    #05: A bit offcenter to the right, it is between/before two indestructable asteroids.
    #06: Continue on past the structures. It's among the destructable asteroids, a little off to the left.
    #07: Later, the screen moves left. When it moves forward again, there's a turret behind the asteroid on the left.
    #08: Immediately following 7, there's one in the middle, right next to the 'gate'.
    #09: And immediately after 8, there's one on the far left, hiding behind an asteroid in the corner.
    #10: Soon after 9, the screen starts moving to the right. You find it shortly after in the middle.
    #11: A short trip moving forward, after another gate on the left; it will be in the middle, right before two portals.
    #12: Shortly after #11, it's on the far right before a destroyable asteroid.
    #13: Continue forward. The next is a little bit later, and a bit off-center to the right.

    Checkpoint: the green goo/laser shooters are on a few rocks here. Take care of them and move on. Not a checkpoint in the save sense, but just a noticible feature in the level to break up the two parts.

    NOTE: Turrets 14 through 17, and possibly 18, are in a moving asteroid zone. This is a BAD thing. If an asteroid touches a turret, it's likely to blow the thing away. And you don't get a kill, which means no 100% for you. So, when you see the turret base for #14, STOP AT THE BOTTOM. Don't let it move forward until you don't see any asteroids moving towards your turret. Inch forward to make sure 15 doesn't get hit. Repeat for 16-17. For me, 15 and 17 were the ones that would get pounded immediately if I just raced ahead. Waiting for the asteroid to move on, then letting the turret appear on-screen helped. Letting it become visible also helps to let you know that it's alive, so you can kill it and get the credit.

    #14: Continue forward. You cant miss this one, it's with the moving asteroids, a little off to the left.
    #15: Another turret right by it on the right. This can get bashed by an asteroid.
    #16: After the two destroyable portals, offcenter on the left. The screen will pause for enemies here.
    #17: One on the right side, opposite #16. Go slowly, as an asteroid can blow up this one too.
    #18: A pretty short bit after 17, with the moving asteroids. It's barely offcenter to the right.
    #19: After a good number of enemies, it will be dead center. You'll start moving to the Upper-Left after this.
    #20: Just keep moving forward. There'll be a gate on the right, and this turret dead center after it.

    Endpoint: Boss battle with the asteroid crusher. Finish off ASAP, because you have 1400 seconds to get through this entire level. A little over 23 minutes, but given that it takes a good bit just to get through this level, try to kill it off as fast as you can so that you're not screwed by the timer after working so hard on the turrets.
    Posted by TwistedTB On 25 Aug 16 at 11:56
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  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,488,110
    02 Sep 2018 14 Jul 2012
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    11: Destroy 100% Saturnian Turrets / 18 Prisoners Freed / Complete in under 1050 seconds.
    12: Destroy 95% Terra Space Drones / Destroy 100 % Saturian Turrets / Complete in under 1400 seconds.
    13: Kill 95% Saturian Marines / Destroy 100% Heavy Miners / Complete in under 850 seconds
    Thanks to JohnnyRock84, tastefulmrship
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