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Sky High achievement in Rocket League

Sky High

Score an Aerial Goal

Sky High0
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How to unlock the Sky High achievement

  • Stig AssassinStig Assassin
    17 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016 22 Jun 2016
    Two controller/friend method

    Start an Exhibition match 1v1 with no bots.

    Mutator Settings:
    - Boost Amount: Unlimited
    - Ball Size: Gigantic
    - Gravity: Low

    Simply start the match and knock the ball into the air with the car going for the achievement. Once it's a good height, press Jump (cn_A) then hold cn_B until you hit the ball. Once you get an "Aerial Hit" on your screen get that car away from the ball. Use the second controller/friend to knock the ball into their own goal. Since credit for goals go to the last person on the team that hit the ball, your Aerial Hit is considered what scored. Achievement unlocked.

    If you're having trouble getting the hit then try the Neo Tokyo map. The raised sides reduce the height needed considerably, but the bounce is less predictable to line up.

    NOTE: If you meet the requirements and this doesn't unlock double check that you are connected to the Rocket League servers. If you're not, then try to get them back on by starting an online match then try again.

    Hoops method

    (NOTE: With the Neo Tokyo update, starting position is random so the other method will work more reliably. This will still work, but getting the right start can take time.)

    Start an Exhibition match by yourself with these settings:

    - Game Mode: Hoops
    - Bots: No Bots
    Mutator Settings:
    - Ball type: Basketball
    - Ball size: Large (Gigantic won't score the ball)

    With this mode the ball fly's into the air at the start. All you have to do is drive past your own hoop then jump (cn_A) and boost (cn_B) into the ball. Easier said than done, though. If you miss, just restart the match. It may not register an aerial hit every time, but it will award an aerial goal. I've used a different account to verify that pressing cn_A twice as well as getting the aerial hit are NOT required, only the Aerial Goal. The below video is just a few ways it can go in and still count.


    - Gravity: Low
    I found this more trouble than help, but you should try adding this to the others if you're having issues.

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    asfan42069Can I get some help with this? Can't figure it out.
    Posted by asfan42069 On 16 Apr 21 at 17:56
    asfan42069I can't seem to get an aerial hit to save my life. Anyone willing to log in and do it for me?
    Posted by asfan42069 On 21 Dec 22 at 21:39
    Friggin GreaseI had a much easier time with the hoops method
    Posted by Friggin Grease On 29 Dec 22 at 21:59
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  • Obi JaseObi Jase
    19 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016 19 Feb 2016
    To add to snipores guide, here is my video of the same method but with "low gravity " modifier turned on. With this modifier you can get much higher when jumping which is required to get the achievement. I was struggling originally but I did it on my first try with low gravity on, as shown in the video.

    As you can see, once I hit the ball I get an award for an "Aerial Hit" which is what is required for the achievement. If you think you are doing the right thing but not getting the achievement, check that you get this when you hit the ball.

    Sorry, this Game Clip has been removed
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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzMine didn't pop either..forced closed and upon reboot it popped? Weird..but thanks!
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz On 09 Apr 18 at 22:34
    Apostle92627I got it in 1v1 hoops with a second controller. I got the aerial hit but missed so I used the second controller to get it in. I could not get the soccer one to give me aerial hit at all.
    Posted by Apostle92627 On 18 Jul 18 at 05:17
    SimpsoSecond try with this method. Thank you.
    Coupled it up with setting the arena to aquadome also to get the other air related achievement.
    Posted by Simpso On 02 Mar 21 at 10:15
  • sniporesnipore
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 20 Feb 2016
    This can be done in exhibition 1v1 with no bots. At the start boost the whole way to the ball and hit it dead center at the goal. It will hit the wall above the goal and bounce around right in front of the goal. Press cn_A cn_A to double jump, adjust your car so your nose is pointing upwards, and then hold cn_B to boost. Using the joysticks direct your flight and hit the ball into the net.

    You must at least be at the height of the goal. If you find the ball is not high enough you can set the gravity to light.

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    Nekro NekoLose the double tap cn_A and just pull back slightly on the stick before hitting the boost. Other than that, this looks about as easy as you can make it for someone new to the game.
    Posted by Nekro Neko On 20 Feb 16 at 04:46
    Nekro NekoI guess I'll add than an aerial is when you hit the ball at a height higher than you can do with a double jump.
    Posted by Nekro Neko On 20 Feb 16 at 04:48
    DefiantZeroFirst shot after your video I got it. Best video of them all for this.
    Posted by DefiantZero On 29 Mar 16 at 19:30
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