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Survival of the Fittest achievement in Rocket League

Survival of the Fittest

Equip the Shark Fin Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match

Survival of the Fittest0
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How to unlock the Survival of the Fittest achievement

  • TonySkiTonySki
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 16 Oct 2016
    This is fairly simple if you set up the right settings and may take a tiny bit of skill, but most of it is just waiting for the AI to go dumb.

    What is required
    Shark Fin Hat
    Unfair match

    Best way to set up
    Exhibition match
    - Chose Any Map (not random so it makes loading faster)
    - 1V2
    - Unfair
    Mutator Settings
    - Match Length, 5 Minutes
    - Max Score, 1 Goal
    - Boost Amount, Recharge (Fast)
    - Boost Strength, 10X

    With these settings you get to top speed in a tap of the boost and are constantly getting some.

    Match tips, Boost off the start and when you hit the 2nd boost pad in the center double jump forward to deflect the ball. After that just keep attacking and if you can, knock out the AI. With the 1 score I either lost in 8 seconds or barely missed the goal and lost at 1:30 but it was only about 8 matches.

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    EpicPen51429014Can confirm you DO NOT need the Shark Fin topper now (06 July 2022) however I was using a topper, specifically the pink mohawk one :)
    Posted by EpicPen51429014 On 06 Jul 22 at 16:54
    TonySkiThen they should change the achievement description!
    Posted by TonySki On 19 Jul 22 at 20:21
    Friggin GreaseOh Heatseeker game mode makes this so easy. Good suggestion JamesLLC. Should be in the solution
    Posted by Friggin Grease On 28 Dec 22 at 05:43
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  • Halfblind CloudHalfblind Cloud
    17 Jun 2016 17 Jun 2016 23 Feb 2017
    I had no luck with the other 2 guides as i found this impossible until i just came across a flaw in the game which made me do it 1st time with hardly no effort

    Make sure you have the shark fin equipped & set the mutators to -
    Max score - 1 goal
    Ball speed - super fast
    Ball type - cube
    Ball weight - heavy
    Ball size - small
    Ball bounciness - low
    Gravity - super high
    Demolish - friendly fire (this 1 is optional but i thought it might help if the friendly fire affected them)
    Leave the other settings as they are

    I did it on "beckwith park"with the "Backfire" car

    For some reason when the enemy goes to hit the cube they then stop right in front of it after they drive about a car length while pushing it so you just line up the cube to their goal & boost right into it, chances are 1 enemy car might interupt you but then he stops again after making contact with the cube, the enemy had a clear drive of my goal at 1 point when i tested this for the 2nd time after i got my achievement & he did nothing! It might be that the cube is too heavy for them to push as they manage to push it a bit further when they hit it at full speed

    Please leave a comment if youve had this happen as well as im trying to figure out if it just happened to me
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    ItsRic05Awesome guide...worked first time after having no luck with others. Cheers 👍🏻
    Posted by ItsRic05 On 16 Apr 20 at 21:59
    lLilith xWorked for me at my first try, thank you so much
    Posted by lLilith x On 20 Apr 20 at 18:53
    MrSunchaserSimply perfect :)
    Posted by MrSunchaser On 30 Dec 20 at 16:43
  • OmbudsdanOmbudsdan
    24 Feb 2016 24 Feb 2016
    For this achievement you're going to need the shark fin topper for your car. If you haven't unlocked this yet, keep playing the game until it unlocks. Once it does, equip it in the garage to any car.

    After the fin topper is equipped, head over to Exhibition and set up a game. Any arena can be selected however you must ensure that the bot difficulty is set to unfair, i'd recommend 1v2 to keep chaos to a minimum.

    I would also recommend setting the mutators for only one goal to be scored and for unlimited boost to allow you to attack and defend quickly. Once these settings are correct, head into the game.

    All you have to do in the game is score a goal. Since the game is set to only one goal , if you score, you win. If they score, keep restarting until you win the game. As soon as the game ends, the achievement should pop if you did everything correctly!

    For more of a detailed explanation and demonstration watch this.

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    TheGreatKoalaPeople should have to explain(in detail) why they down vote guides. This guide is spot on AND has a video in case you can't read...
    Posted by TheGreatKoala On 20 Jul 16 at 13:13
    SmashingPorkinsI tried this method and it worked for me. You just have to hang back and wait for the AI to make a mistake. It didn't take that long. Let the AI win the kick off and hang back.
    Posted by SmashingPorkins On 07 Feb 17 at 07:03
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