Heartbreaker achievement in Rocket League®


Win a game against All-Star Bots with the Hearts Decal equipped

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How to unlock the Heartbreaker achievement

  • MrProudyyMrProudyy301,755
    06 Apr 2016 06 Apr 2016 14 Jul 2018
    461 13 40
    -All-Star Bot difficulty

    Equip the Hearts Decal (Unlucky for me it was the 200th item i unlocked for my achievement)

    As soon as you start the match, move out of the way, when the AI hits the ball and its about to go into the goal, pause the game, switch to the opposite team, as soon as the ball goes in, you will get the achievement for winning.

    Clearly the down votes are because they do not like earning achievements.


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    Dusk X2
    For those without the hearts decal - check you're using the right vehicle.

    I have all vehicles unlocked, over 200 matches completed, and the scarab was the only vehicle with the hearts decal unlocked.
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 28 Apr 17 at 14:10
    Same here. only found hearts on scarab
    Posted by Dusk X2 on 02 Apr at 05:56
    IIx ANT xllThe reason I think you got a “thumbs down“ was clearly because you of what you said in your description that “people do not like earning achievements. Letting the AI score and switching teams before the ball rolls in, is not earning anything mate. How about set the match to 5mins and play a 3v3 just the same as any other standard match. I just won 5-0 on the stats mentioned above. Very easy, admittedly the Scarab is a horrible car though lol. Thanks for posting a solution as we are here for achievements after all.
    Posted by IIx ANT xll on 12 Apr at 04:32
    MrProudyy430-11 says it all. This is an achievement hunting website, this is just a solution to one of the correct ways to earn this achievement. You could make a solution with how you earned your achievement, if someone follows it and gets the achievement, thumbs up correct? Fallout 3 for example you can earn all 1000G by using a console on the PC version, not what everyone wants to do, but its a solution.

    We are here for different ways to unlock achievements, my way is just the easiest and shortest, if they want to do it a longer more traditional way they are able to do so.
    Posted by MrProudyy on 12 Apr at 18:26
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  • Stig AssassinStig Assassin467,820
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 15 Mar 2016
    183 11 37
    The first thing you need for this achievement is the Hearts Decal pattern. This will be one of the many rewards for completing a match. You can quickly collect items by starting an Exhibition match with no bots and set scoring limit to 1. Not all designs are available for every car. At this time, only Zippy and Scarab can get the Hearts decal.

    Now that you have hearts equipped from the garage, start an Exhibition match with these settings.

    -All-Star Bot difficulty

    Mutator settings should be default with this change:
    -Score maximum 1

    Using 2v2 you have a teammate on the same level as the opponents without making it too difficult to score. If the other team scores simply restart and try again. Just play smart and try to take advantage of shots near the goal. Be ready to play defensive even though your teammate does a good job of it. With some luck, your teammate may even make the goal for you which will still unlock the achievement. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

    NOTE: If you meet the requirements and this doesn't unlock double check that you are connected to the Rocket League servers. If you're not, then try to get them back on by starting an online match then try again.
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    Timeless MagicAt about 225 items and no decal...still missing a battle car as well... :(
    Posted by Timeless Magic on 16 Jul 18 at 06:27
    dale smeegleAny chance anyone has a hearts decal for trade?
    I've been told the December update will remove trading so I have a day to try and get one!
    Posted by dale smeegle on 01 Dec 19 at 21:17
    Stig Assassin1) The hearts decal is part of the base game and can't be traded. You just need to play the number of games required to unlock it.

    2) Trading isn't being removed, crates are. Some items won't be tradeable anymore, but nothing that should cause achievement issues.
    Posted by Stig Assassin on 02 Dec 19 at 00:26
  • BigStrongBubblyBigStrongBubbly265,629
    24 Feb 2016 24 Feb 2016 24 Feb 2016
    27 8 4
    Before you can earn this achievement you must unlock the hearts decal. This is typically random and you'll unlock it for a number of cars as you play the game. Either play loads of short exhibition games until it unlocks or be patient, it'll come.

    Once you have the hearts decal, find the car which it applies to and apply it to that car. Leave the garage.

    You then need to set up an exhibition game against the AI. Go to Exhibition and select any arena you like. It's useful for the game to be either 1v1 or 2v2 as it's less chaotic and gives you more chances to score. Don't forget to set their difficulty to All-Star.

    It's also helpful to set mutators. The ones which I would recommend would be the goal limit being set to 1 which would ensure the game remains short and can be restarted upon failure. The second mutator I would recommend is the unlimited boost as this will allow you to quickly hit your opponent on the attack or get back to defend, if necessary.

    Once these settings have been configured, head into the game. I would recommend you play on the defensive until you see and opening and try to score. If you do, the game should end and the achievement should pop. If they score, restart the game and try again.

    For a detailed explanation and demonstration check out this video.

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    ILLJWILL11Is this glitched? It's my last achievement and it says "100% Done... Unlocking " it's been like that for two days and I'm stuck at 950g. Thoughts?
    Posted by ILLJWILL11 on 08 Mar 16 at 04:46
    RedSharkMy advice is to win a game against All-Star Bots with the Hearts Decal equipped AGAIN. That should do the trick.
    Posted by RedShark on 15 Mar 16 at 02:07
    EH SINATRAI have over 1200 hours played on Rocket League, and I still haven't received the Heart Decal, dumbest thing. I'm not even joking either haha, can check my hours played. I feel like I have everything the game has to offer yet not this simple starter decal... I'll trade something really nice for this crappy heart decal if anyone wants. Hit me up!
    Posted by EH SINATRA on 03 Jul at 21:40
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