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Champion achievement in Rocket League


Win the Season Championship

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How to unlock the Champion achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016
    There are 4 achievements linked to Season mode and luckily you can do them all with the following settings:
    • Team Size - 1v1
    • Difficulty - Rookie
    • Season Length - 9 Weeks
    • Playoffs Teams - 4 Teams

    You will play a total of 11 matches, 2 play offs and 9 matches and during this time you will face all 9 teams, you will earn this achievement after winning the 11th match, the second play off match.

    Rookie difficulty should be easy enough to win every match anyway as with only one AI they are very stupid. The Ai being stupid means that most of the time you can hit the ball in from the kick off, the 3 times you're positioned almost straight onto the ball boost all the way until you're close to the ball and stop boosting, then keep driving to hit the ball over them and hopefully into the goal (boost too far and it'll hit the top) when you're on the side of the ball boost half way then stop boosting and try to hit the corner of your car on the side of the ball facing away from the goal, takes a bit of practice.
    Here's a video of what I mean, using the car 'Ripper'

    You will unlock to following on the way:
    Rocket LeaguePerfect StartThe Perfect Start achievement in Rocket League worth 16 pointsWin your first game of the Season
    Rocket LeagueChampionThe Champion achievement in Rocket League worth 108 pointsWin the Season Championship
    Rocket LeagueRocketeerThe Rocketeer achievement in Rocket League worth 51 pointsComplete the regular Season
    Rocket LeagueTeam PlayerThe Team Player achievement in Rocket League worth 49 pointsPlay against every team in a Season
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    B4RN4RD5K1I unlocked all 4 season achievements in one play through. Might be one of the lucky ones, but I won every single game, and played through in one sitting. Not sure if these are factors.
    Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 23 Apr 20 at 17:38
    Cr4shPl4yzYTAfter it became free-to-Play the game added beginner bot difficulty so it made me win every match in the season even though you don't have to
    Posted by Cr4shPl4yzYT on 21 Oct 20 at 10:22
    Joshuawottam I not looking in the right spot? after the game became free did they take season mode away, all I see now is online play.
    Posted by Joshuawott on 28 Dec 20 at 23:06
    TectonicJarl194I got 3 achivement not champion after 27 macth and they say season premilary now real season on but you say 9 week 11 macth me 27 week = 27 macth =\ sin it go like gamecube character unlock 27 1 to 5 time i scare i not know when it restart i sure you option you shortcut how manys macth if i 1vs 1 season most long :\i wonder guest you know i new bie 25 achivement out 77 my today macth both me and oponent have turning control problem like forceshield or detauggt the car good solution if i fail the season or restart click by mistake i up vote you right or down if 9 week in 11 macth me or student cannot option that but for an while i stuck
    Posted by TectonicJarl194 on 22 Jan 22 at 22:50
    An Alphydidnt pop when i won the championship, quit the game and started it up again and it popped in the main menu!
    Posted by An Alphy on 31 Mar 22 at 03:30
    lIBADSPXRTIlAchievement didn't pop for me
    Posted by lIBADSPXRTIl on 08 Jul 22 at 17:37
    nee3kDidn't pop for me...
    Posted by nee3k on 05 Nov 22 at 08:38
    pandaboyIt didn't pop for me at first either. I ended up trying the method that was mentioned in the Mad Scientist and Left Wing, Right Wing achievement guides:

    1) First, make sure this is your Home Xbox (go to Settings > Personalization > My home Xbox).
    2) Then, kill the Rocket League app/game.
    3) Then, go to Settings > Network
    4) Click Disconnect Wireless
    5) Click Go Offline
    6) Go to My Games & Apps, then Manage Rocket League and delete your Profile's save file (not the reserve data file).
    7) Then launch Rocket League. It will launch you with a fresh save file.
    8) While offline, with your fresh save file, repeat the above solution.
    9) Then, kill the Rocket League app/game
    10) Go to Settings > Network
    11) Click Go Online
    12) Set up your Wifi network again.
    13) Then launch Rocket League. It will sync your legitimate, older save from the cloud.
    14) The achievement will then pop.
    (Credit to OdadjianActual for fixing this bug in the Mad Scientist Acheivement)

    Then I played another season in one sitting, keeping the settings mentioned above:

    • Team Size - 1v1
    • Difficulty - Rookie
    • Season Length - 9 Weeks
    • Playoffs Teams - 4 Teams

    It then popped on the screen you see the spinning gold trophy.
    Posted by pandaboy on 04 Jan 23 at 07:16
    TemppuliSuggest doing the "20 saves" achievement while doing this. Make 5-10 goals at start and use the remaining 4 minutes just to sit at your goal to block any balls the bot tries to get in.
    Posted by Temppuli on 18 May 23 at 08:28
    VRETENAR 906Didn’t pop. Slightly annoyed.. great guide through
    Posted by VRETENAR 906 on 31 Jul 23 at 21:46
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