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Battle-Car Collector

Unlock all Battle-Cars

Battle-Car Collector-0.4
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Achievement Guide for Battle-Car Collector

  • Obscure AleObscure Ale201,390
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016
    192 6 29
    There are 18 vehicles in total and all vehicles apart from 2 are unlocked through completing matches in which you receive an item which will come naturally as you go for the collect 200 items achievement. ( I had all of around the same time as I unlocked the 50 item achievement).

    Use the same method as below for the Warthog (Hogsticker) to complete fast matches if you need to unlock these vehicles

    To unlock the Armadillo you need to win the Season Championship
    Easiest way to do this is Start a new season:

    - 1v1 - Any team size is fine but with 1v1 you can basically score from the kick-off easily with 1v1
    - Set it to 9 weeks
    - 4 play-off teams
    - rookie difficulty

    You will then have to play through 9 matches + 2 more play-off matches to unlock the Armadillo.

    To unlock the Warthog (Hogsticker) you will have to win a game with all other vehicles
    Easiest way to do this is to start an exhibition match with the following settings:

    - 1v1
    - Any stage
    - No bots
    - Set Mutator Goal Limit to 1

    Just drive forward and score a goal then repeat with all other vehicles and you will unlock the Hogsticker.
  • XxMetal D 420xXXxMetal D 420xX428,391
    29 Feb 2016 29 Feb 2016
    36 5 0
    Just wanted to add that if your unsure about what cars you may have used it tells you in the garage when selecting the car how many wins you have with each vehicle underneath the cars name. Hope this saves people some time.
  • NhytmareNhytmare129,447
    05 Mar 2016 05 Mar 2016
    11 4 0
    This is specifically for anyone who is having trouble unlocking all of the cars.

    I had 17 cars unlocked, including the Hogsticker and Armadillo. One car wasn't unlocking preventing me from getting this achievement. I had played over 300 matches and unlocked every other item in the garage.

    If you are having a similar problem where a car just absolutely won't unlock, the solution is to delete your save data (Delete from everywhere, not just the console) and start over.

    I did this and then got the achievement after following Obscure Ale's guide.
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