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Far, Far Away... achievement in Rocket League

Far, Far Away...

Drive a total of 50 km

Far, Far Away...0
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This achievement may not track properly or may fail to unlock when it should.

How to unlock the Far, Far Away... achievement

  • SamblixSamblix
    27 Feb 2016 27 Feb 2016 10 May 2020
    Every time you start a new match after booting up the game, the achievement progress goes up 2%.

    I force closed the game, booted it up again and loaded an exhibition match. As soon as I started driving the achievement progress increased by 2%. A great way to boost if you're near the end of the achievement.

    TL;DR Boot up game, load exhibition match, drive, force close game. Rinse and repeat.


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    JalenYTXBLThis glitched 4 times for me
    Posted by JalenYTXBL On 07 Jan 21 at 21:58
    jj6yanyone know where i can track this
    Posted by jj6y On 23 Feb 21 at 14:51
    It only progress 2% when driving a little when I delete my data from the console, it is the only achievement that I am missing and it is being a pain in the ass for me clap
    Posted on 27 Feb 21 at 23:14
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  • Stig AssassinStig Assassin
    17 Feb 2016 17 Feb 2016 26 Feb 2016
    This should, and likely will be, the last achievement to get. Unless you really need it for some reason wait until the end to grind it out since you'll knock out a good 25% or more getting the others. If you don't want to wait for this to come over time then there is an idle method below.

    This can take as long as 8 hours depending on how much progress you've made before hand.

    Idle Method

    Start an Exhibition match on any map with no bots. You'll also want to adjust the Mutator settings to these:

    - Match Length: Unlimited
    - Boost Amount: Unlimited
    - Boost Strength: 10X
    - Maximum Score: 1, 3 or 5 (This is the only way to end the match. It's not required, but as long as this takes it's good to have a way to guarantee a progress save if you need to stop.)

    In the match, tap the ball into a corner so it's out of the way. Now, return to the center and get the cn_LS (left stick) turned all the way left or right with a rubber band or tape. Then rubber band down the cn_B (boost) and cn_X (powerslide) buttons. You may need to wedge something under it to get them fully pressed. This will leave your car doing a never ending doughnut on the field. You can simply plug the controller into a charging cable while it goes in circles the whole time without you around.

    NOTE: JORAX points out in the comments that you can bind the Powerslide and Boost to the triggers to make it easier to rubber band. Go to settings and tab over to controls then bind each to a trigger for an easier way to set this up. Just be sure to switch it back after you're done if you want to play the game.

    NOTE 2: Fleshwrither mentions if you start receiving no progress you should try using only the normal accelerator (cn_RT) instead of the boost. If this fixes the problem try to add the boost to your setup to make it go faster. Just verify that progress doesn't stop again.

    Additional Information

    You can check your distance by going to the garage and selecting tires. Each tire tracks the distance covered while using them. All 50 KM do not need to be done on one set of tires. Mine unlocked with one set at 43 with others filling in the rest. Some people have mentioned going over 50 KM on one set before it unlocked, so it isn't a bad idea to stick with one until you've completed this.

    The tracker in the achievement app doesn't work all the time, but it will progress by closing the app and re-opening it or once the achievement pops. There are issues though, so refer to NOTE 2 for a possible solution.

    EDIT 1: Adjusted for clarity and added more information.
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    el tebyThis does not work for me.
    Posted by el teby On 30 Mar 20 at 15:51
    Achievement not progressing
    Posted on 08 Jul 20 at 23:02
    JGXeniteMine stopped tracking progress at about 90%. What that 90% was, I've no idea. It eventually popped as my tires hit 43 miles... which is ~69km shock
    Posted by JGXenite On 08 Dec 22 at 23:56
  • rob25Xrob25X
    09 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019 09 Nov 2019
    After obtaining all the other achievements I had a lot of trouble with the tracking/progress on this one.

    I found the best working method to be playing Local - Season - 4v4 - Rookie games repeatedly with RT (accelerator) held down with a rubberband.

    Leave the match to play out with your car driving around (you can go and make a drink or whatever). After 2 or 3 matches 2% should be added to the tracker - when you notice this open and check the tracked achievement progress to update it then repeat the process.

    This achievement is known to be very buggy so if this method doesn't work for you I'm sorry.
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    Tasty ToobsCame back to the game last night after giving up on this achievement a few months ago (stuck at 10%, having no luck with other top-rated solutions) – and this one worked! Currently at 32% with a few more grinding sessions ahead of me... Cheers OP.
    Posted by Tasty Toobs On 13 Aug 20 at 06:18
    CheshireMulishaThis still works (Just about!)
    After 9 races mine tracks 6% then I need to restart the console again.

    Hopefully I can idle the remaining 123 games and finally be done with this game! (God I wish it tracked properly!)
    Posted by CheshireMulisha On 10 Sep 20 at 14:37
    Angxl 2077Gracias, funcionó para mi.
    Posted by Angxl 2077 On 06 Oct 20 at 18:55
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