Approach To The How achievement in Prince Caspian

Approach To The How

Complete the Approach to Aslan's How area.

Approach To The How0
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How to unlock the Approach To The How achievement

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    This is taken from my walkthrough on this site:

    -Reach Aslan's How: Stupid telemarines for spooking the horses. After the cutscene, kill the telemarines that attack you. Head around the corner to the right, and kill the telemarines down the hill. Before reaching the bottom of the hill, on the left, there is an alcove with an arrow icon. Shoot an arrow at it, watch the rock destroy the debris, and grab the chest for 3 keys (Chest 1 of 17). Run up, and take shelter under one of the wooden objects. In this section, when there is an arrow symbol flashing in the top center of the screen, you will need to take cover under these wooden objects. An encounter with these arrows would be deadly. Once the arrows stop falling, run to the wooden door object to the right. In front of you, you should see a grapple icon that Peter can use. When clear, run straight for it, use the grappling hook, climb the rope, and open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 2 of 17). Quickly move up to the wooden object to hide, and when clear, move up to the clearing. To the right, before getting to the telemarines, there is a hidden path (right where the shadow ends, head right). There, you should see a chest costing you 5 keys to open (Chest 3 of 17). Head forward, and kill the telemarines. Continue up the hill for a cutscene. Destroy the brambles, and then turn the corner. Kill the telemarines. Continue forward until you you see a huge rock to your right, and the chest in plain sight to your left. Open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 4 of 17). Push the rock off the cliff, enjoy the cutscene, and kill the telemarines that attack. Continue back down the hill and go into the telemarine camp. Head to the right up the hill, and kill all the telemarines here. Looking at the targets, head to the one on the farthest right, and right beside it is a chest for 3 keys (Chest 5 of 17). Head back down this hill, head past the tent, destroy the brambles, and use the grappling hook to get to the top of this cliff. Kill all of the telemarines here, and open the chest for 2 keys (Chest 6 of 17). Head back down, and enter the battlefield ahead for a couple of cutscenes. Head into the battle, and about halfway through it, head east. You will see a chest on the other side of a constant stream of arrows (it's to the right of the grapple icon on the right). You can't get this yet. Just remember its location. Kill the flag bearer in the middle of the battle (red circle on the mini map), and continue forward to the stone structure to the right of the pathway of arrows. Using Caspian, shoot the arrow icon to destroy the wooden object (on ledge on front of you), shoot one of the guards with an arrow, and then use Peter to grapple up to the top of the ledge. Kill this flag bearer, lift the stone out of the way, and kill the rest of the telemarines up here. Climb down, head to the left of this arrow pit, and repeat the process as you did on the right side. BEFORE HEADING INTO THE NOW ARROWLESS TUNNEL, HEAD BACK TO WHERE WE SAW THE CHEST ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BATTLEFIELD. The arrows have now stopped falling, so you can now run into this little area and open the chest for 4 keys (Chest 7 of 17). Now, head into the arrowless tunnel to complete the mission
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