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Vanquish 5000 Plants.

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  • SazalasSazalas681,701
    04 Mar 2016 02 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016
    36 7 12
    Really easy way to get 100+ kills in 6 mins

    Start a private game from the multiplayer portal and change game mode to Herbal Assault and the map to Zomburbia. Set the teams to Chomper Brigade for plants and none for the zombies. In the crazy settings enable ridiculously low health and infini-ammo.

    When the game starts choose a foot soldier, place a turret at your tombstone and wait for the gate to blow open. Use his rocket jump ability to get on to a roof looking at the plants spawn, this way the chompers can't attack you and you can just farm kills as they respawn in.

    The only downside to this is you will only get x0.25 multiplyer for kills so its not effective if you are trying to promote characters

    Rinse and repeat Until you get 5000
  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,079,769
    13 Jun 2016 15 Jun 2016
    10 1 1
    To do this quickly, you need to set the difficulty to EASY and then run to the flag in the middle and raise it.

    The first wave of weeds are very easy to kill. It is best to use a zombie with a decent spread or fire shot (the scientist were great) and sit just outside the circle by the pot allowing the weeds to capture the circle as you kill them.

    What you want to do is leave at least one weed alive to take the flag at the end of the round and you can quickly raise the flag again. Each round takes around 1 min to get 39 kills, netting you 2000 an hour.

    DO NOT KILL THE LAST ONE. It takes too long running back to the base and waiting, almost doubling the time it takes to get the same number of kills.

    NOTE - You should do this at the end considering Epic Quests generally require you to get kills.
  • DefaultDefault513,708
    19 May 2018 23 May 2018 23 May 2018
    8 1 2
    I believe this could be used as a legitimate afk strategy but could be improved upon. I am open to suggestions for a location and will update accordingly.

    As you can see from the clip, below, if you choose very specific settings in a custom match, it is easy to get kills.

    I played as Dr. Toxic (who emits toxic damage to any Plant that gets near him) and played with the following settings:
    1. Vanquish Confirmed
    2. Chompers only on Plant Team
    3. No Zombies on Zombie Team
    4. Very Low Health
    5. Super Speed

    If you play on Vanquish Confirmed, the game has no time limit. The game will only end when one team collects 50 orbs from the other team. Thus, if you never collect any, you should never win (or lose) and the game will never end. The enemy Chompers will continually run to you trying to collect the orbs of their fallen teammates.

    You should choose to play against Chompers only because Chompers have no "ranged" attack. Unfortunately, Chompers still have the "Goop" attack which can sometimes kill you.

    You should play with no Zombies on the Zombie Team because there will be no Zombies to steal kills from you or to collect orbs. You can still choose whoever you want.

    Very Low Health is crucial. The Chompers will only have 1 health which allows Dr. Toxic to kill the Chompers instantly whenever they get near. Even if the Chomper burrows and tries to eat you, the toxic cloud will kill the Chomper before his animation kills you, which will release you back to the ground.

    I chose to use Super Speed to allow the Chompers to get back to you and the orbs quicker. This setting is not crucial.

    It should look like this:

    The afk method is not perfect, however. Occasionally the Chompers can shoot you with its "Goop" which will kill you. I found the Artic Chomper to be most deadly. If anyone has any suggestion as to a location where this is not possible, let me know and I will update the solution.
  • Rogue WolfRogue Wolf345,906
    25 Feb 2016 01 Mar 2016
    8 5 1
    Pretty much the same as my guide for the "Rinsed 'Em achievement

    As before the best way that I found to boost kills is to go in solo Graveyard Ops. The more human players there are the more people there are to share kills between.

    Choose the level "Time Park" and set to easy difficulty.

    Spawn in as a Scientist with the healing station and not the beam. For Aggro reasons I used the Toxic Scientist but any will work.

    Once spawn in spawn in 3 Captain Deadeye using the 3 graves (Variant here doesn't really matter)

    Spawn Graveyard"A" in Zegypt.

    While it counts in the first wave go through the teleporter back to the central hub and sit on just the other side of the Zegypt teleporter on the Central hub side. There should be a slight blur caused by the warpgate. This is the prime place for aggroing mobs as they go through.
    This is where the toxic scientist comes into his own as with his proximity damage he will aggro a lot more.

    For some reason the majority of mobs will come through the central hub to get to the garden even if there is a direct teleporter from where they spawn.

    You should only need to go back to Zegypt if your Captains experience any issues although to be honest the only times I had to go through was if they were dealing with a boss.

    Place your healing station when you see a large wave getting close or in need and just sit by it and kill all plants that come close.

    I was averaging 160-170 kills per Op and each op was taking about 18 minutes. In one Op I peaked at 236 kills but it will all depend on what "bonus" waves you get

    As you are doing Graveyard Op's as with the Garden Op's there is a potential you can get the Super Boss Waves for the "Not the Boss Of Me"" Achievement

    It is worth noting the most basic weed plant and the big bosses are all worth one kill each so choose the groups of lighter enemies over the occasional plant hero.
  • SUPER FLY 1988SUPER FLY 19881,808,260
    01 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016
    9 7 1
    Get this easy is go to the flag and raise it get the 50 kills in let it go down and do it again you can get 1000 kills a hour doing this if you are fast
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