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It's My Island

Reach the boss wave using the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground.

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  • tornprince2012tornprince2012750,771
    18 Feb 2016 18 Feb 2016
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    Hey everybody!

    Just so you know - the description is wrong! You need to beat the Boss wave in order for the achievement to pop.


    So, doesn't matter what side you're on, go outside of your safe zone and raise the flag. Make sure you have a few pots/turrets with you, the help a lot. Don't forget to shoot reinforcement crates, same deal - they help!

    You'll go through a few waves until the boss wave hits. All you need to do is beat it. Obviously, you can't lose - meaning, you can't leave the flag zone for long and let it be captured by the opposite side. Once everyone is dead, the achievement will pop!


    It doesn't matter what class you're playing, if you're doing it solo or in co-op, if you're hosting or not.

    If you want to make it easier and less challenging, go to the globus at your safe zone ( to the left of entrance to your Stats Room, and change the difficulty option to Easy.

    Hope this helps!

    If you have any suggestions, improvements or remarks, let me and everybody know in the comments :)
  • classiccolinclassiccolin70,179
    04 Jan 2018 05 Jan 2018
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    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

    It’s My Island - Reach the Boss wave using the Flag of Power in the Backyard Battleground.



    - In order to unlock this achievement, you need to BEAT the boss wave, not just reach it.

    - There are 8 waves excluding the boss. These are a Weed/Browncoat wave, and the other 7 are a swarm of each of the character. If anyone wondering, they are: Peashooter, Chomper, Sunflower, Cactus, Kernal Corn, Citron, and Rose OR Foot Solider, Engineer, Scientist, All-star, Super Brainz, Imp, and Captain Deadbeard. This depends on which side you choose.

    How to Unlock

    First things first, switch to the plants side. Go into the garage and talk to Dave Bot. Look into the upper left hand corner and notice there’s a difficulty adjuster. Set this to the easy difficulty.

    Go into the character booth and choose your character as the orginial Kernal Corn. He’s one of the best for this achievement because of his solid health, insane fire rate, and great damage. Walk out and raise the flag in the center of the Backyard Battleground.

    For the potted plants I suggest using anything, if you need support. If you ever dip below 100 health, spawn a heal flower to ensure survival.

    Never leave your safe zone, for it is easy to lose control of the flag.

    Handy Tip

    Always break open the reinforcement crates, even if you think you don’t need them.

    Hope this helps!
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