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Promote a character for the first time.

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Achievement Guide for Specialist

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    Hey everybody!

    Once you leveled up any character to level 10, go to your safe zone, enter your Stats Room, all around it are spots with all your unlocked characters. The one that can be promoted will have a white exclamation sign above it. Go there, hit cn_B and choose to promote the character.

    Once you do it, the character will drop to level one, the plate with your name will change its color and you will receive a new "rank" - specialist. This will come with 20,000 coins.

    The promotion can be done up to 5 times, and you'll need it for another achievement. So keep your XP multiplier high!

    Below is a long explanation of what, when and where you need to level up quicker and in an efficient way.


    In order to be able to promote your character, you need to level him up to level 10. This is done by gaining xp, which you get by doing basically everything in the game.

    First things first : don't try this in your backyard ( raising the flag ) since everything you gain is only at quarter of your current XP multiplier. Just don't.

    If you just on a kill spree without raising the flag you will get regular XP according to your multiplier, but still - it is much lower than multiplayer matches gains.

    So, pick one of the characters that you like and feel comfortable with - because you will be spending some time with it!


    If you want to level up faster, you'll need to increase your level multiplier. This is done by completing different quests. No need to say that this is crucial. In your safe zone, both factions, you have a quest board, which gets refreshed once a day. There are three sections of it : zombies, plants and multiplayer quests.

    Edit : last update from 29th of November 2016 brought some fixes and changes : now you get 3 pins ( instead of 1 pre-update ) to help you to increase your XP multiplier ( only 7 quests are needed to go from regular 1.0 multiplier to 2.0! ), which is crucial because it lets you gain more XP per same actions.

    Know that XP gain in multiplayer regular matches is higher that in private matches! On the other hand, almost every quest is done much, much faster in your private games with AI compared to ranked PvP, so it's your choice.

    You can very well be half the way to level 10 while doing quests in Private lobby and getting your XP multiplier up.

    If you feel not in the mood to play against real players, feel free to go to Garden/Graveyard Ops - playing it on Normal will take about 4 games. Just join other players or host the game by yourself.


    Few tips for getting more XP - if you're playing as an offensive character, try to go as many kills as you can. If you're playing as a Sunflower or Scientist, remember to heal and revive, those are good points as well.

    Playing Turf Takeover or Ops - put the pots/bots that heal in places where the battle will go. You'll get a bunch of points for healing everybody around as oppose to offensive pots/bots that rarely kill human players. Don't forget to summon plants/zombies if you have them ( 2.5K packs in the store have all of the above ), that gives you points as well.

    Hope this helps, my fellow gamers, and have fun in this masterpiece! smile

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