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Earn a S-Rank in the Crazy Target Range.

10 November 2019 - 6 guides

Achievement Guide for Hawkguy

  • tornprince2012tornprince2012750,893
    18 Feb 2016 18 Feb 2016
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    Hey everybody!

    This solution is meant to make your life a bit easier, because this might be frustrating for some players.


    First things first : to locate Crazy Target Range you need to go under the map. When you're out of your safe zone, doesn't matter what side you are on, go to the flag, if you're a plant, go right from the flag, if you're a zombie, left of it. There is a slum kind of entrance. Enter it and go inside, a bit of a maze there. You need to jump one level down, where there is a fish lying on the table and a big exclamation mark above it. Right after the fish is a big gate. This is Crazy Target Range.

    In order to enter it, you need to pay 5 stars. Stars are earned via completion quests, which you can pick from your quest board at your home location.


    The target range itself is not hard, but in order to get a 'S' rank, you'll need to finish it in less than 22 seconds. Those of you who played Modern Warfare 1 know how frustrating this can be.

    Just a few tips : after trying with almost every class I realized that having a splash damage is the key to this. So in my case, I had a Toxic Peashooter equipped, but it works with a regular peashooter as well.

    Get in the first room, try to shoot as left as you can on both sides, if you're lucky, you won't need more than two shots.

    Right after this activate your Hyper. Run to the other room, don't try to enter it since the exit is to the left. Shoot two left targets, the moving one and the one to the right.

    This is the point where you'll want to reload.

    Up the stairs is one target in front of you, turn right - another one, on the right wall - two more. If you shoot right between them - you'll get them both.

    The exit is to the left. Don't jump down! Just shoot at the wall in front of you. Again - if you're lucky, you'll get all three targets in one shot. The last target is on the left below. Once you hit it and finish it in the time mentioned above - you'll pop the achievement.

    If you know that you messed up too much, at any point you can press and hold cn_B button to restart the course. Wait a few seconds until your Hyper ability has recharged.


    Hope this helps you, my fellow gamers!

    If you have any improvements - just let me know in the comments!
  • alladaskill17alladaskill17290,556
    28 Feb 2016 28 Feb 2016 28 Feb 2016
  • ChameleonNinjaXChameleonNinjaX210,706
    01 Mar 2016 01 Mar 2016 25 Nov 2018
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    I'm just going to add a quick solution here using Super Brainz (electro)

    I used electro brains but the principle is the same across all. Basically you're using the method as the pea shooter but with a far easier auto fire and big splash.

    Room 1 -- hold left trigger and aim at the left target, as soon as the door opens fire and hold right thumbstick (AIM) to the right whilst firing THEN super kick into the next room.

    Room 2 -- immediately be aiming at the first left target and keep aiming firing from left to right all the targets as you back out the door.

    (at this point there is a chance for an overheat and cool down so there is time here)

    Room 3 -- now fire the left target when next to it and aim and spin left to right
    walk past the first target aiming back at it and shoot whilst turning left and backing up
    (whichever works best for you)

    as you spin round you now want to hit the LB super ultra ball as soon as you are aimed near the three targets in front of you. AND BE READY TO FIRE AT THE LEFT TARGET.

    --> as a side note i found you can also take out the left and bottom two targets if you aim at the left of the house then shoot out the moving target -- again whichever works best for you.

    -- this should roughly be an easy 21 second run, not the fastest but enough for this achievement

    I couldn't get used to my sensitivity for this task with the pea so found this much easier
    Hope this helps
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3930,469
    26 Mar 2019 27 Mar 2019
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    I found this really easy with citron. Got it on my 3rd try. Best thing about him is the laser so you can just spray at the targets. Do one dry run to see the route and where the targets are (16 total), and then go for it!
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  • CTM AudiRS6CTM AudiRS6390,474
    02 Mar 2016 02 Mar 2016
    10 2 0
    If you don't have a splash pea, or want a more precision approach (I didn't even think about splash damage, I just used Agent Pea for precision and quick firing).

    Just keep moving towards the door and taking out targets on the way. Between areas use hyper speed and reload. Should only take a couple practice runs to learn where they are. In the last room don't be afraid to fire 2-3 shots in a row at the window target.

  • mongrominetmongrominet513,569
    28 Aug 2017
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    very funny , with 2 DIFFERENTS - S - RANKS = in this YOUTUBE VIDEO =
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