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    Chapter 2 begins with you waking up startled from a nightmare, after some talking you’ll be introduced to your first conversational choices, now what you pick does not matter so it’s your choice, you’ll have a few more conversational choices to make during lots of normal conversation.

    Once Pete leaves you can mess with the radio he was using, I moved the left ‘Squelch’ dial all the way right and the ‘Radio Dial’ to the left until the voice was clear. Time for another conversational choice where after the boat will snag on something, you’ll have a quick QTE shortly after. More conversational choices!

    After Pete has given you some items to inspect the boat you’ll be introduced into the movement in the game, done using the cn_LS, I used the Binoculars on the stern (on the right) using cn_Y and backed out with cn_B, used the Flashlight on the left using cn_Y, used the Flashlight on the starboard side (right) using cn_Y which then triggered a cutscene showing what the boat was stuck on. Another conversational choice and you’ll have control of Michonne again. I then walked to the back of the boat to the prow and used the Binoculars with cn_Y and moved to the left using the cn_RS to focus in on the boat (Ferry). I then pressed cn_A on the man to my right to ‘Help with the sails’ which brings up a conversational choice. Once done I walked back to the front of the boat and talked to Pete using cn_X.

    Whilst talking to Pete you’ll have another conversational choice and decide to head to the ferry, Michonne will walk over to her machete which you use cn_A to pick up, you can then press cn_A again to pick up the Sharpening Stone, Michonne will sit down to sharpen her machete, wiggle the cn_LS left and right to sharpen the blade. Oak will come over to you and you’ll have another conversational choice.

    Michonne and Pete will get into a dingy and head for the ferry, the achievement will pop once in the dingy
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