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Speed Runner

Saved Scuttle Town as fast as possible!

Speed Runner-1.9
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How to unlock the Speed Runner achievement

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    There is a moment early in the game where Shantae's Uncle describes the 4 playstyles of an adventurer.

    Basically what he means by his description there are people who Complete the game, People who complete the game 100%, People who Speed run the game Any%, and people who Speed Run the game 100%

    This achievement is for pulling off a normal Speed Run.

    This game considers an Any% Speed Run as

    Beating the game under 2 hours.

    I recommend you attempt this achievement on New Game+ (Pirate Mode) as Shantae will start the game with all Pirate Weapons.

    This makes skipping areas very easy you normally couldn't access them until later in the game.

    There is some glitches and speed run strats on the 100% Run guide I posted
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    Doc ChopperI'd like to try this the legit way without glitch-using. On a scale from 1-10, how hard would that be?
    Also, are there some interim times for finishing each stage (island) to compare if you are good in time or not?
    Posted by Doc Chopper on 18 Aug 16 at 07:09
    New ParalyzerTo be fair glitch using in Speed Running is pure legit as the end goal is lowest time. Some developers actually leave glitches in instead of patch them out for the community. That being said if you want to play through glitchless that's fine too. Skipping areas in Pirate Mode is intended but if you want to do normal that would be possible however you better rush through every moment because there is a lot of slow moments. I'd say average might be 7 out of 10 glitcheless....maybe. I'm not 100% 2 hours is possible on Normal. Pirate Mode really opens up paths early
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 11 Feb 18 at 21:21
    LERISBILLSALOVEon a scale from 1-10 I'd give 3 because this game isn't hard to pull off a 2 hour speed run. Aside the world record holders, most players who have posted video guides on youtube commit mistakes and go wrong directions and even get a little lost sometimes and still managed to complete the challenge with plenty of time left. There's a video guide on yt that shows how to get the 100% run below the 2 hour mark.

    As long as if you attemp it on pirate mode and skip as many areas as possible you should be able to beat it with ease. I personally didn't use any glitch except for the shuffle one, that allows you to gain speed and use the scimitar sprint ability whatever you have a large or small room for shantae to do it. There's a very detailled video on yt on how to do it and honestly you learn how to master it very quickly after a little practice.

    Answering your other question, the only way you'll know your time is when you save the game because when you load it your time is displayed on the saved data file, but while you're playing it there's not a timer for you to keep real track of it as you go. But if you want to know if you're making a good time you can use the strategy I used, which was every time you save the game you see the time played and compare to the time the video guide you're following is showing, that way you'll have a notion of how well you're doing.

    Keep in mind that for this specifically any% achievement you DO NOT NEED TO KILL THE CACKLEBATS and fight the final boss true form. All you have to do is beat the game good or bad ending, whatever, under 2 hours. I didn't kill any cacklebats and got the achievement. My time was 1hour and 31 minutes.

    Hope this helped. Good luck!wink
    Posted by LERISBILLSALOVE on 09 Apr 18 at 11:19
    E vee dubIs there any way to check our time as we play?
    How can the timer be stopped?
    Does time continue when the pause menu is up? Or must we exit the game?
    Does the dialogue use time or does it stop time until all the dialogue is done?
    It would be useful if anyone can confirm these answers.
    Posted by E vee dub on 05 Jun at 14:10
    New ParalyzerOoh it's been a long time since I played..... The save file shows your time in the game.

    Pretty sure dialogue and pausing do NOT stop the time.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 06 Jun at 00:57
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