Purple Haired Warrior Maiden achievement in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Purple Haired Warrior Maiden

Achieve 100% completion in record time!

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How to unlock the Purple Haired Warrior Maiden achievement

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    There is a moment early in the game where Shantae's Uncle describes the 4 playstyles of an adventurer.

    Basically what he means by his description there are people who Complete the game, People who complete the game 100%, People who Speed run the game Any%, and people who Speed Run the game 100%

    This achievement is for pulling off a 100% Speed Run.

    This game considers a 100% speed run as

    All Squid Hearts Collected (They don't need to be melted)
    All Dark Magic Collected.
    All Abilities Purchased from the Shop
    Beating the game Under 3 Hours. (An extra Hour than Any% Speed Run)

    I recommend you attempt this achievement on New Game+ (Pirate Mode).

    On Pirate Mode Shantae starts with all of the Pirate Weapons which makes skipping a lot of areas very possible.

    Here are some tricks that will help you shave off time on your speed run.

    NOTE: Don't OOB glitch skipping the petrify spell on the 100% run only on the any% run

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    New ParalyzerThey are separate. There is an achievement for the First fight and the True form.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 29 May 19 at 22:34
    DOZER383Thank you. I just finished the 2 hour run with a time of 1:32. I will now work on getting the 100% items and finish it again. I followed your video and it was a big help.

    I was wondering if I will be able to beat him after getting all items for it to count. One person above complained about not being able to get a "Ring/Ham Stink/Petrify Spell" by doing an OOB glitch.

    As I followed your video, I don't believe you did that glitch as I got the ham stink and petrify. I don't remember a ring though. Do you know if there is such a ring or was the OP of that comment mistaken?
    Posted by DOZER383 on 30 May 19 at 02:14
    New ParalyzerYou can't get the petrify spell without the ring.

    You're fine.

    You can get the 100% and if you still have enough time left you can get the achievement.

    Some people claim you have longer than 3 hours. It could be possible you have 3.5 hours. All my information comes from the Shantae speed running community. It's possible they were wrong or wayforward changed the requirement. I really couldn't tell you.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 30 May 19 at 05:26
    DOZER383Thanks. I just got the 100% speedrun finished. My times were 1:32 for 2 hour run, 2:37 for total of 100% run. Now I just have to beat the final form of the pirate boss flawlessly and I'll have finished my first Shantae game I have ever played.

    So far I have enjoyed the series A LOT more than I initially thought I would. Definitely getting the next game in the series off of xbox game pass. Have you made guides for that game too (Half-Genie Hero I believe it is called)?
    Posted by DOZER383 on 30 May 19 at 05:44
    New ParalyzerI started too but real life got me busy. I didn't make many.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 30 May 19 at 06:11
    DOZER383ah. Do you plan to get and make guides for Shantae five when that comes out? Your guides were really good. Finished the last boss flawlessly with the positioning in your guide to that fight.

    One thing that could make them better is to make the videos off stream. (It seemed like a lot of videos were from a stream as you were talking alot but there was no chat replay.) This would allow you to make achievement specific advice and give specific information on what you are doing or why you are doing it if a speed run or other more advanced achievement is needed. This would allow you to not require a specific glitch guide if you explain how to do it early in a related speed run guide for example.
    Posted by DOZER383 on 30 May 19 at 06:20
    New ParalyzerHonestly I didn't like the last Shantae (4) as much as I love this one (3)

    So I'm really hoping 5 is good because I am interested in it.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 30 May 19 at 08:29
    I Boz lI tested it and i can confirm that the timer stops when pausing the game. This will make things even easier if you're following a video guide
    Posted by I Boz l on 02 Jun 20 at 09:06
    Leech lordJust got this achievement while going for the "Squid Savior". I beat the game 100% in 3:13:38 so I can confirm you have more than 3 hours. Can also confirm the timer stops when you pause the game.
    Posted by Leech lord on 19 Dec 20 at 14:50
    New ParalyzerOriginally the times were taken from I believe steam, and also I was also hanging out with the Shantae speed runners during the time I made all these guides.

    Doing some googling people also post different times.

    So this version might be different than steam. You need the speedrun to unlock the wallpapers so for people who played the for example the Wii U version they weren't going for an achievement just the wallpaper itself. It's possible nobody ever really knew the correct time requirements lol
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 19 Dec 20 at 15:34
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