Zombie Survival Guide achievement in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Zombie Survival Guide

Get Rottytops to Abner Tree without making any mistakes in a single attempt.

Zombie Survival Guide+0.3
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How to unlock the Zombie Survival Guide achievement

  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer1,007,051
    16 Mar 2016 17 Mar 2016 17 Mar 2016
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    On Spiderweb Island right after a save point there is a long section where you must run while holding onto Rottytops without being damaged once.

    If you die you will need to quit and reload the save.

    There are Green hands, Green Spike Pillars, One eye'd Monsters, Purple Monster Heads that drop their tongue and some bizarre leech monster and Tombstones bugs. (You can touch the non tombstone bugs but I jump over them all cause I don't trust bugs)

    I have no idea their official names are they aren't listed in the Bestiary online haha.

    This may take a few tries to learn the patters and monster locations.

    My tip for the Green Pillars is to use the D-Pad as it's much easier to inch closer to safety than with the Analog Stick.

    The ending has some tight jumps that need to be pulled off slightly early in front of the One eye'd monsters. Of course this little trap is located on the end stretch of this achievement haha. It's a little frustrating but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    There is a Savepoint and a Cacklebat at the end of this run. Once you jump over the bat there are no more obstacles and once you enter the House at the very end you're done.

    Here is a video of a run accomplishing the achievement.

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    Stefan LerouxJust a minor warning for any chancers. It needs to be in one run from the cut scene with Rottytops. I mucked up and got killed at start, so tried the whole thing successfully since I was on the first screen, but it doesn't count.
    Posted by Stefan Leroux on 18 Jan at 16:12
    New ParalyzerYes, I do warn you need to quit and reload if you fail.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 18 Jan at 19:49
    Iceman2pnt0I played through the entire section 8 times or so before I realized that many of the robot enemies can be avoided, by falling down or jumping back up to a ledge, immediately after you activate them. This isn't obvious in some cases, as it seems the map was designed for them to chase you down corridors most of the time. For example, at 6:17 in the video, in the final challenging room, you can avoid worrying about the final 2 robots by jumping down, then immediately back up, one at a time. The top one will run directly into the wall, and the bottom one will run on ahead, giving you the freedom to get through that section without rushing (this is the frustrating 'little trap' section mentioned in the solution, and likely where most will fail at least once). When I figured this out, I got it in 2 tries.
    Posted by Iceman2pnt0 on 19 Jun at 12:47
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  • GeoffistophelesGeoffistopheles934,116
    17 Mar 2016 17 Mar 2016
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    This is on the second island, Spiderweb Island, shortly after meeting Rottytops in a sticky situation. You now have to carry her back to her home; you can't attack, and being touched by an enemy is an instant death, starting over at the entrance of the latest room. If you die, I recommend continuing the run until you get to the next save point at least in order to practice the more difficult sections. Text guide follows, with a video guide at the bottom.

    There are six enemy types.
    * A green zombie hand will pop out of the ground and flail, somewhat visible beforehand. Jump over it.
    * A purple tentacle monster clings to the ceiling and drops its tongue to try and snare you. Wait for the tongue to retract before moving on.
    * Green stabby vines slam in and out of the floor and ceiling every two seconds. Time your way through the pattern.
    * Tombstone bugs that wait until you get close before popping up. Stop, let them come to you, then jump over them. The stop is in case there's more than one, it gives you a landing zone.
    * Mummies chase you down until they hit something. Either outrun them or trigger them then jump to a platform. Pay attention to the timing between when they notice you and start running, this is crucial for the last room.
    * Ghosts that extend a random distance and shoot leeches at you. Jump over them after they've fired.

    There are sixteen rooms altogether.

    The first four serve as introductions to the zombie hands and tentacles. When you get to the fifth room and see the vine, stop and wait! It's entirely possible to run forward and get impaled immediately.

    The next two rooms combine everything thus far, with the eighth being the introduction to tombstone bugs. This room is unique in that not all the tombstones hide enemies, so take it slowly. Past this room, all tombstones have bugs. When one approaches in a group of tombstones, let it come a certain distance before jumping over. That way, if the next tombstone in the line is also a bug, it gives you space to land.

    The tenth room introduces mummies, and you'll want to get a feel for the time between when it notices you and it makes its zooming sound effect. This will be crucial for the final room, the sixteenth. This is the hardest room by far, right at the opening. You'll know this room because you have a narrow corridor with a mummy at the end. You'll want to hit jump just as it makes its zooming chase sound effect in order to clear to the next platform. Do this three more times and the hardest part is behind you. Take the rest carefully!

    Once you're out, there's a save point. Run past it and into the next area. There's a cursed cacklebat here, so wait for it to turn around and walk towards you before you jump over it. You're home free now, run past it, down the next room, and enter the house for the achievement.

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