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The Ultimate Betrayal achievement in Battlefield Hardline

The Ultimate Betrayal

Win a Heist match as a Cop and as a Criminal on each of the Betrayal maps

The Ultimate Betrayal+1.2
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How to unlock the The Ultimate Betrayal achievement

  • Ace AnnihilatesAce Annihilates410,392
    02 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016 03 Mar 2016
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    In the new Betrayal DLC there are 4 new maps.

    Thin Ice

    You must win heist on both teams on each of these 4 maps. Since Battlefield is a team game, it is hard to influence the outcome of the match by yourself and therefore you may have a little trouble winning on both sides.

    Its likely after playing the maps a few times, you will win as one side, and lose on the other, or maybe you still need to win as both sides. I have a solution for both of those problems.

    So let me give you an example:

    I needed to win as the cops on Chinatown. I had already won as the criminals. So when Chinatown came around I would play through as the cops. If I lost, when the game switched sides, so that I was now a criminal, I would choose to become the hacker. Once you are the hacker there is an option to "Become the Enemy Teams Hacker" which can be done by pressing the "X" button. Once you are the enemy teams hacker, just resign from being hacker and you have effectively switched teams and have another chance to win as the cops.

    If you come to a map where you need to win as both sides, you can try to switch when you have a good idea of which team is performing better using this hacker trick. So if you are playing Thin Ice and you need to win as criminals and cops, and the cops are 10 kills away from stopping the criminals, you should use the hacker trick to switch teams before the game ends and you will get the win.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments.
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    WilyWonka8Could anyone help me boost this thanks
    Posted by WilyWonka8 On 21 Jul 20 at 04:56
    mga74I need to do these maps too
    Posted by mga74 On 21 Jul 20 at 20:20
    LaughinGuoDoes squad heist count this achievement?
    Posted by LaughinGuo On 04 Dec 20 at 19:30
    FejerIs this achievement discontinued? I have not seen any servers with the Betrayal DLC maps.
    Posted by Fejer On 09 Mar 21 at 09:13
    Ace AnnihilatesI dont know if these achievements can be discontinued technically. I say technically because even if what you're saying is true and there are no public servers hosting the map, I think you could still technically rent a server yourself and set your own map and rules.

    The problem would be somehow populating the server so that it starts and completing the achievement requirement.

    From the looks of it the last 5 people to earn the achievement all earned it last month (4 of them unlocked it on the same day within hours if each other) which leads me to believe they started a boosting session on TA, rented a server (or found an empty public server) and did the achievement. The last person to unlock it, unlocked it about 2 weeks ago.

    I actually found the boosting session details.

    Boosting Gaming Session for Battlefield Hardline

    All 4 confirmed members of the session unlocked it during this boosting session on February 6th of this year. So it seems that boosting it, at the very least, still works.

    I dont have the game downloaded anymore to check but I can either download it and check after I get off work or maybe you can message any if those 4 guys who unlocked it and ask about their method.
    Posted by Ace Annihilates On 09 Mar 21 at 13:15
    An Alphythis has to be done on regular heist, NOT SQUAD heist. we went through all the maps on SH, didnt pop, so we tried regular heist and the tracker updated and we eventually got the achievement!
    Posted by An Alphy On 22 Dec 21 at 22:22
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