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March Melee

Kill 200 zombies with melee weapons in March.

01 Mar 2016 until 01 Apr 2016

March Melee
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How to unlock the March Melee challenge

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    For this challenge you need to kill a total of 200 zombies in the base game, in the Breakdown add-on or in the Lifeline add-on with melee weapons. Which type of melee weapon you use is up to you. There are blunt, heavy and edged melee weapons. I prefer the latter because they allow you to execute fast attacks and they hardly consume stamina. Blunt and heavy weapons on the other hand have the advantage that you can knock down / hit multiple zombies at once but they are rather slow.

    Normal attack: cn_X
    Strong attack: cn_LB+cn_X (consumes more stamina)
    Finisher: cn_LB+cn_Y (on zombie in prone position)

    Important: Knife kills don't count towards the challenge (knives are automatically equipped if you haven't selected a weapon in your inventory and you try to perform a melee attack).

    When you select a weapon in your inventory (cn_up) you should pay attention to it's durability (wrench icon):

    External image

    This edged weapon has a durability of 5/5 and is the strongest edged weapon in the game. But even the most durable weapons will break after a while. You'll get a notification that the weapon is damaged. Then it's time to equip a different one, otherwise the damaged weapon will be gone forever (unless you repair it in the locker at your home base beforehand). So it's a good idea to equip 2-3 melee weapons for this challenge.

    Melee weapons can be found anywhere in the game world and most of the characters already have 1-2 in their inventory.

    This challenge is easier if you use a character with a high level fighting skill (= more health, weapon specialization unlocked), high level cardio skill (= more stamina) and the powerhouse skill (= higher chance of instant kills). You can keep track of those skills by opening your journal and switching to the character page cn_up. It's also possible to select a weapon specialization in order to make your weapons even more effective.

    External image

    Apart from that you should always have 3 meds and 3 snacks in your inventory so that you can heal yourself if you're low on health (indicator: red bar next to the minimap) and so that you can replenish your stamina if you're exhausted (indicator: blue bar next to the minimap). It's also a good idea to take a car with you just in case you run into a horde of zombies or come across a feral. Then you can simply run some of them over with the car to lower the risk of you getting killed. Keep driving around the map to find more zombies and once you've killed 200 with your melee weapons you'll unlock the sports collection = six new melee weapons, delivered via the Radio Menu.

    External image
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    MartyVendetta27 would write this on my own, but I feel you have an excellent guide started already. what I was going to write, I feel would just be better included with this guide.

    start an early breakdown level, choosing becca Collins, who starts with fighting and edged bonuses, then establishing the closest base nearby and radioing in for gurubani, who starts with two better edged weapons and cardio and fighting bonuses. i'll be doing this later today to prove the validity, and will probably record it on the xbox.
    Posted by MartyVendetta27 on 03 Mar 16 at 12:39
    Dexter XBA Thanks for the suggestion. Is Collins available from the beginning or do you have to unlock her first?
    And the problem with Gurubani is that she was only available as DLC for people who owned the original XBLA game so probably most people don't have access to her.
    Posted by Dexter XBA on 03 Mar 16 at 12:44
    MartyVendetta27 no, Collins is unlocked after getting 100 kills with fire in at least level 2. so I guess it's more of a "if you've at least done this" suggestion.

    to replace gurubani suggestion, might I suggest Eli instead. he starts with max fighting and blunt bonus. is unlockable at level 1 with 100 blunt kills.
    Posted by MartyVendetta27 on 04 Mar 16 at 03:59
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