Agent Diaries achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division

Agent Diaries

Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.

Agent Diaries+0.4
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How to unlock the Agent Diaries achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,165,761
    16 Mar 2016 19 Mar 2016
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    The Division has 293 total collectibles. The most efficient way to unlock them is to buy the Canine Unit, in the Security Wing early on. Once you have it, you can complete all the side missions and encounters in an area in order to have all the collectibles show up on your map for that area! Once they are on your map, just set markers and collect them.

    There are 130 total phone recordings, these are normally found in alleys and include audio recordings of back story.

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    makewestHope this helps someone: my problem was that my phone recording #14 under the JTF category wasn't the recording called Savage. Instead it was the recording called Sick Inmates which I found using this guide:

    Phone recording is the last one (23/23) on that video.
    Posted by makewest on 05 Oct 16 at 10:20
    TG Airborne 88If people are still struggling with this, I just noticed that with one of their last patches, the phone recordings count to collect went up from 130 to 168.
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 06 Feb 18 at 20:03
    The SCHWARTZ 00^ I can confirm you do not need to get the extra 38 recordings from the new section for the achievement. The original 130 in Manhattan are all you need.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 12 May 18 at 06:25
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  • SilentPlan3tSilentPlan3tThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    12 Mar 2017
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    As the other solutions suggest, having the Canine Unit perk is invaluable, however I came back to this after not playing for a few months and noticed something odd.

    I still had a few collectibles in each category left to obtain, I could see some of them on my map and was able to pick them up but I was still missing one or two in each category but nothing was showing on my map.

    I was beginning to think my collectibles were glitched and I'd have to redo it on another character. However, I had happened to tab over to "intel" on the map (RB twice) and lo and behold it took all the icons off the map EXCEPT for the last few collectibles I had left.

    If you're missing any collectibles and they're not showing on your map simply tab over to intel and as long as you have all the side missions and encounters done, and the canine unit perk, you should be able to locate everything you're missing! Hope this helps some people as I was dreading having to do this all over again.
  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual290,053
    30 Mar 2016 28 Mar 2016 28 Mar 2016
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    In order to make this easier on yourself, and have all the intel appear on your map, do the following:

    1.) Get the Canine Unit Upgrade in your Security Wing. This is also half of another achievement

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionThe HumanitarianThe The Humanitarian achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 13 pointsPurchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade.

    2.) Complete all Side Missions and Encounters in an area. Seriously, you need to complete all Side Missions and Encounters in a specific area. Once that is done, the map will update to show every piece of intel available.

    In order to get all the encounters in a specific area, you need to go to the safe house for that respective area, and find the Encounter Board. It will basically be a map of the area you can select via holding the cn_X button. It will update and place all the encounters in that specific area on your map.

    Encounters will also give your supplies for the wings of your B.O.O., so completing them is beneficial for the following achievements:
    Tom Clancy's The DivisionOne Down, Two to Go!The One Down, Two to Go! achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 44 pointsCompletely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionFixer-UpperThe Fixer-Upper achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 45 pointsCompletely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.

    Tom Clancy's The DivisionState of the ArtThe State of the Art achievement in Tom Clancy's The Division worth 76 pointsFully upgrade the Base of Operations.

    Doing all the story missions, and all the encounters will give you in excess of 500 more supplies than you need for each wing.

    Side Missions
    Side Missions are unlocked in specific areas at the respective safe houses as well. In each safe house is an NPC with a grey icon above his head. Talk to him and he will give you the side missions in the area. There are usually ~4 or 5 in each region.

    Once you complete all the side missions, a new one will pop up telling you to go back to the safe house and basically talk to the same guy again. You do not need to do this one to display the intel on the map - just the side missions in the area.

    After the last side mission/encounter is complete, and you have the canine unit upgrade at the B.O.O., the map will instantly update with all the intel (ECHO's, Missing Agents, Cell Phones, etc etc) in that specific area. Then it is just a matter of select them all , and tracking them down (a.k.a. boring shit.)

    If for some reason you think you have completed all the side missions and encounters in an area, but nothing is showing up, do not panic. Go back to the respective safe house and select the side mission guy or the encounter board. For some reason that will reset sometimes and cause the game to not register 100% for the area. For example: I had everything done in Tenderloin, but nothing displayed on my map. Went back to the safe house, selected the encounter board (again), watched it update and then everything displayed on my map accordingly.

    Helpful Tips
    Glitched ECHO's: ECHO's are notorious for being glitchy as hell. Do not panic if you have activated one, and it did not give you any indication that it was received (usually in the bottom left side of the screen you will see the number out of the total collected). If this happens, go to your Intell Screen (Press cn_start) and go to the collectable crap (cn_LB). You will see all the Intell you have collected, and need, in every area (there are 16 in total).

    The Intell you have will be over the total (X/Y). If you see the ECHO on your map still (as in not collected) simply count what you have left in the area. Sometimes the ECHO's will register without giving you any indication that they have been collected (I still have one on my map that displays even though I have everything in the respective area).

    Do Not Trust The Orange Line: Once you have everything on your map, you can select it and find the game initiates the orange line that will lead you to the object in question. If the object is at street level or above, then the orange line will get you in the general vacinity. Then you will need to do some exploring to find the piece of intel. It is annoying as hell, especially with the crashed drones. Usually you need to either find a way through a building, or scale a structure a few blocks over and make your way through the rooftops. Some of these will be infuriating. Youhave been warned.

    If the object is underground, then the orange line will get you there without any problems nearly 100% of the time.

    Do the Encounters/Side Missions Solo: ubisoft makes a faux-MMO, and then punishes you intensely for jumping into groups. Makes sense, right? laugh

    Doing these missions Co-Op is a nightmare most of the time. The enemies come out in greater numbers, with more being purple or yellow, and if you are not in a group party or chat (i.e. you just jump into a random's game), then they will most likely be useless doing crap you have already done, thus wasting your time.

    After I hit 30, and made the Damascus hand gun (the High End pistol blueprint you get from beating the game) I soloed everything with that weapon because it is a beast, causes bleed damage, and you get unlimited ammo on your sidearms. The only difficulty I had was bounty side missions with yellow named enemies, but a nice sniper will do them in without a problem wink.

    The enemies will scale up to you after 30 (they will start at 25 and level according to the area), but they are nothing difficult to deal with as long as you are alone. With other people, they become bullet sponges.

    That is all I can think of for now. Questions, corrections and neg vote justifications below.
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    OnsidicFound that i was 13/14 in Times Square - one intel not showing up on map. If you go to the map and tab over to intel (RB twice), it then shows up (its a little WSW of the safe house). If you fast travel you will have to repeat this for it to show up.
    Its between 8th and 45th/46th; Same place as the Tools collection
    Posted by Onsidic on 30 Mar 16 at 20:51
    a Fi1thy CasualI know which one you are talking about - had the same issue. I caught glimpses of it zooming in and out in the map screen, so that is how I found it. Had to do the same thing with a drone as well. Glitchy crap got old frickin fast
    Posted by a Fi1thy Casual on 31 Mar 16 at 13:35
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