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    {Repost as a request from HighT3chR3dn3ck}

    "Okay this achievement is fairly simple. Just make sure you read through the whole guide.

    You're going to start a new game if you haven't selected the goldfish for you pet or if your goldfish has died as the goldfish is the key to the vault. Not really sure how you're suppose to do it with other animals.

    You'll notice that the goldfish will swim around in its tank then pause. It will sit there for a while before blowing bubbles. There is a pause in between 4 sets of bubbles. The amount of bubbles the fish blows in each set corresponds with a number and as far as I can see it is random numbers so you'll have to watch the goldfish yourself.

    No fear though, did you miss the bubbles? Well use your game DVR to make a 30 second recording.

    Now that you know your code, you have the find the shelter. Well fortunately for us life is fickle and meaningless in the wastelands so we are not going for survival here. So we need not care to much about our family members.

    From the start of your game you'll want to have built as many water butts as you can. I started a game and did these following steps.

    1. Upgrade Work Bench

    2. Built as many water butts as possible

    3. Wait for the rain.

    Once your water butts are full you'll want to send your survivors on long trips through the wastelands. Try and do this while it's raining so you can send more survivors. You can section off a part of the map with around 30-50 water with one person. (Should be holding around 100 water).

    The mystery hatch will be one of the random locations out by itself. I have not seen it close to anything so you'll be good to ignore any clusters on the map. According to some people, that have had games where the mystery hatch does not spawn. So this may happen if you can't find it and you'll have to repeat the process.

    You can have your survivors ignore every encounter and location until they reach the mystery hatch. Once you reach the mystery hatch put in your gold fish's code and it should unlock the hatch and the achievement."
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