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30 in 30

Earn 30 stars in the ATHLETE30 program!

15 Mar 2016 until 15 Apr 2016

30 in 30
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Challenge Guide for 30 in 30

  • Elite Shadow 87Elite Shadow 87266,926
    17 Mar 2016 17 Mar 2016 19 Mar 2016
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    30 in 30 Challenge achievement For Xbox Fitness

    Update Challenge Glitch: Apparently there have been many reports that this challenge is glitched and currently tracking any stars earned from any workout. If this is the case, you could do 5 or 6 Demo or Gatorade Recovery workouts for the quickest way to get this OR if you want to go for this legit you could go for the Original Method I did below.

    Original Method:
    Load up Xbox Fitness and you can find these workouts in the Library under "Featured Content" section. Select "MOSSA ATHLETE30" and purchase the workout. Once its purchased you can start.

    For this Challenge, you need to earn a total of 30 stars on the MOSSA ATHLETE30 workouts.
    Tracking Note: I got this with getting 5 stars on only 5 workouts which was a total of 25 stars. It was tracking 20% per Completed workout. Noticed I did have to complete the whole workout to get the full 20% as it didn't track the 5th star until the workout was finished.

    These workout will require a bit of upper muscle strength and leg strength as there are a lot of push-ups, squats, running, and different types of jumps.

    Program Cost: $9.99
    # of Workouts: 5-7 depending on performance and tracking (see tracking note above)
    Avg. time of a workout: 30 min
    # of Stars Needed: Supposedly 30 stars (or 25 depending on if it tracks it like mine did)

    Genre: Cardio
    Equipment: None (HOWEVER.. these workouts require sufficient floor space as you will be on the ground half the time)
    Primary Muscles Worked: Full Body

    Name of workouts:
    - Workout 1
    - workout 2

    Challenge Reward: 5 Stamps

    Note: Stamps are rewarded right after you finish your last workout that got you the challenge achievement.

    This Challenge achievement's name and description describes that you should earn 30 Stars in their 30 minute workouts which would mean you have to get 5 Stars in 6 Workouts to equal 30 to achieve this. Although currently, it looks like you only need to do 5 full workouts of MOSSA ATHLETE30 with 25 Stars to achieve this.

    As always, please drink plenty of water and spread your workouts far enough to make sure you don't hurt yourself. Make sure you are taking the appropriate amount of protein for your muscles after you finish a workout so you aren't sore the next day! It is really cool to see almost all of the MOSSA Trainers all in the same video and their workouts will make you sweat! Just pace yourself while going for this challenge and get more stamps for those other achievements!
  • Vr EnglishVr English619,011
    25 Mar 2016 18 Mar 2016
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    All credit to the other guide if you want to pay for it. For some reason this challenge is tracking any stars you attain and so you can avoid paying for the new workout.

    If you wanted to knock it out really fast you could do the Demo Workout 6 times. (5 minutes each).

    The other Athelete30 challenge isn't working for every workout just this one.
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