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No such thing as luck achievement in Star Wars Battlefront

No such thing as luck

Get 10 kills with Relby-V10, DL-18, Scatter Gun and the Dioxis Grenade (Multiplayer)

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How to unlock the No such thing as luck achievement

  • Pizza2DaRollPizza2DaRoll182,551
    24 Mar 2016 24 Mar 2016 24 Mar 2016
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    After playing three games of Extraction I found the best method of getting the grenade kills legit with the Rodian Blaster I would shoot someone 2-3 times and then right before they killed me I would throw down the grenade. They usually never saw me throwing it and would die as a result. I found the only way to kill people with it is with taking some of there health. This grenade really tests your skill, but once you get the process down it feels so good killing people with such an awful weapon.

    For starters Blast is by far the easiest to complete these contracts. Just be patient and keep pushing through it. I would also recommend downloading the Companion app as it tracks all your kills for everything in the game so you don't have to sit there counting.


    -Get 3 Blaster Pistol Streaks
    -Get 15 kills with the scout pistol

    To get the Blaster Pistol Streaks you need 10 kills with a blaster pistol. This is all preference. You have three choices: SE-14C, DL-44, and the DH-17. I recommend the SE-14C as I think it has the best hip fire. What I used was I unlocked the Rodian Blaster first and it is ridiculously overpowered.

    The scout pistol is a very tedious weapon. Sometimes enemies with full health will die, sometimes they don't. Any map that has a lot of close corners as this weapon is a one shot kill close distance. I upgraded it once and it cools down in 6 seconds, which gives you a lot of use with the pistol.

    Once you get the DL-18 the 10 kills will fly as this blaster is very useful.


    -Get 3 targeting rifle streaks
    -Get 40 kills with any heavy blaster
    -In a round, kill 15 enemies with any targeting rifle

    There is only one targeting rifle, the T-21B. This blaster is pretty powerful (3 shots in body. 2 shots if you get one in the head and body). I gained the most kills on the map Sullust on Blast. It proves very effective on straight aways.

    Heavy Blasters are my least favorite blaster. A lot of shots for more results. Another three; DLT-19, RT-97C, and T-21. Again your choosing, but I enjoyed the RT-97C. It seemed to get the job done faster then the others.

    This last requirement seems difficult, but you DO NOT have to get it in one round. You will get this as a result in getting the streaks.

    Once you get the RELBY-V10, the best mode again is blast, but this gun is my favorite in this game so far and it is also super overpowered. So use the hell outta of it before DICE nerfs it.

    (The last two are the Star cards, if you check your partners cards and he has the Dioxis Grenade or Scatter Gun equipped use it and save some time)


    -Get 40 kills with the CA-87
    -Use 20 Focus Fire Charges

    40 kills with the CA-87 is a pain. Blast again is your best option as the maps are way smaller and that will be a big advantage for this shock rifle. In my opinion this is the hardest of all the challenges. Outpost Beta was my go to map to get the majority of my kills. I tried right away using Focus Fire and this gun at the same time, but it makes you more worried about using up your charge instead of getting the kill.

    I ended up using the REBY-V10 for the Focus Fire Charge. This way I usually took out multiple people before the charge ran out. Any map works fine for this.

    The Scatter Gun is very easy to use. It also feels like it locks on to people as I have shot people from great distances killing them in one hit. Again, this is incredibly overpowered. You will enjoy using this.


    -Use 20 smoke grenades
    -Blind 20 Enemies with a flash grenade.

    You will have to purchase these two grenades for 14,000 credits. Best way to earn mass amounts of credits is from your three challenges you get. Spend 100 credits until you get to a challenge you know you can complete. I always do the 50/75 kill challenges. Once you acquire them, just keep throwing the smoke grenade until you hit 20 and throw the flash in large groups of people. You should be able to get this in one game.

    Here is the hardest part of this achievement. The Dioxis Grenade is one of the worst weapons I have ever played with and is the only reason I can't complete this. I have felt that extraction is your best bet in completing this achievement. You can throw the grenade on the extraction ship as the enemy team tries taking it. I have only obtained 2 kills and it was on extraction. The grenade just doesn't like killing people, but warning them to stay away. You could boost this with 4 people on cargo, droid run, or drop zone and just get the kills. The grenade also has an awful re-use time of 35 seconds so plan out your throws.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Please inbox me. Please explain for negative feed back so I can fix the issue.

    Have a great day Achievement Hunters! headspin

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    Dobermann XYou need 10 kills individualy with each weapon, or just 10 in total using the three? Like 1 kill with two and 8 with the third? I don't understand this achievement and the point of doing 1 achievement for 3 different weapons...
    Posted by Dobermann X on 23 Oct 17 at 19:37
    wes coasnRELBY-V10
    -In a round, kill 15 enemies with any targeting rifle

    It has been updated to:
    -Kill 15 enemies with any targeting rifle
    Posted by wes coasn on 17 Dec 17 at 04:58
    Thunder RollingThanksclap you done her good facepalm
    Posted by Thunder Rolling on 25 Apr 18 at 14:58
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  • tehPinkBulletstehPinkBullets147,710
    14 Jan 2017 23 Jan 2017
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    I downloaded the Battlefront app on my phone.

    It makes it easier to track Jabba the Hutt's contracts. Get the contracts for the weapons above (2 guns and 2 star cards).

    Keep tracking your kills with the app until you've done all of them. Always use the guns and the cards and you'll get it eventually.
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    Diesel Foleygreat advice.
    way easier to keep track of your kills and weapons with the app.
    Posted by Diesel Foley on 10 Oct 19 at 18:49
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