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Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods

Defeat Aldritch, Devourer of Gods, Lord of Cinder.

Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods0
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How to unlock the Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods achievement

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    *Contains HEAVY spoilers, so read carefully*

    This guide is very long but in the end of this guide will be a step by step section. Also there is most certainly some grammar errors in this guide.

    So I finally was able to defeat this boss after a long struggle and I wanna share my knowledge for the rest of you. I was able to defeat this boss as Pyromancer Knight stats and help with one co-op partner. Please note that I have only killed this boss ONCE and any other information is welcome.

    Of course, this guide will change a lot for all new information that I will receive about this boss during the future.

    Final crucial note; By term "Cinder activation" I mean the part where the boss starts glowing fire. Commonly known as Stage Two in battle.

    Now for the actual guide, hopefully this will help you in some way;

    Boss; Lord of Cinder, Aldritch, Devourer of Gods

    Location; Anor Londo, center of the chapel. Same spot where you fight Ornstein and Smough in DS I

    Weaknesses; Close combat until "Cinder activation", after that ranged battle. Weakness to fire is very significant.

    Recommended to use; Any kind of pyromancy and fire weapons and darkness resistance gear. Memorize the attack stances of this boss and have at least one partner for this. In step two I highly recommend to use any kind of spells, pyromancies or ranged battle because it is nearly impossible to do any kind of melee damage after Cinder activation !

    Bosses attacks;
    - Will cast homing missiles. These homing missiles will do darkness damage.

    - It will also shoot Soul spears, two in a row.

    - Teleport around the room by creating a vacuum in process and damaging you if you are too close to him.

    - Will do some swipe attacks that will heavily damage you !

    - One of these swipe attacks includes a Life Hunt Scythe attack. During this attack Aldritch will change its weapon to a scythe and will perform a swipe. If this hits you, Aldritch will heal himself a bit.

    - Most lethal attack that it has is a "rain of arrows". This particular attack releases a cloud of storm above of Aldritch, shooting down hail of arrows that will almost instantly kill you if you will get caught by them. In stage one, these arrows only drop forward in line when faced against Aldritch. In stage two (cinder activation), this particular arrow rain will follow you several seconds and will kill almost instantly if you will get caught. AVOID AT ALL COST !

    Final notes;

    After Cinder activation this boss will do additional fire damage and will be activated when Aldritch has about 75% or below health left.

    Step by step

    Phase one

    Use any kind pyromancies during this point if you have a partner. Main point for your partner is to get Aldritch attention so that you can spam him those nasty fire spells while your lovely partner will take some hits.

    If however you are gonna go solo, I recommend to go for it's skin. This means that go close to him and try hit it in the tail of it's body. Watch carefully that when it is going to "teleport" and thus avoid getting hit by that nasty vacuum. Watch carefully where it will spawn from it's teleport and run for it's side as fast as possible ! Most important of all; DON'T overdue you're attacks !

    Phase two (Cinder activation)

    After Aldritch does have about 75% or below health, it will go a full rampage mode ! It will do spells more rapidly and it will be more aggressive.

    In this phase, do same methods as in phase one. So try ranged battle and let your buddy take all the attention and damages. However watch carefully Aldritch and be ready to avoid that "hail of arrows" attack ! Do not overdue in any section and be ready to move as much as possible, avoiding it's attacks and shooting him at the same time. MEMORIZE the attack patterns !

    If you are going for solo... Good luck and god speed. I tried this so many times and died again after again, nearly always when Aldritch did it's Cinder activation. However if you are persistent enough, I recommend to use any ranged battle like pyromancies and keep you're distance. DO NOT use any melee weapons unless you are absolutely sure that you can avoid it's attacks !

    So that was it, my own personal experiences of this boss. If you have some you're own tips, feel free to share !
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