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Mad Skillz

Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.

Mad Skillz-0.2
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  • Proxy LionheartProxy Lionheart654,483
    05 Apr 2016 05 Apr 2016 10 Apr 2016
    77 4 7
    There is a super fast way to get 14K (And more if you destory the boxs)

    Load up Jake, Chapter 4, Part 4-3 on No Hope difficulty (this difficulty gives you x2 the points)

    Run through the street, until you encounter the 2nd barricade
    Jump over it and look to your left, open the chest to pick up the 2000 points
    Run a little further, and look to your right behind a garbage container
    Open the chest to pick up the 5000 points
    Jump over the 3rd barricade and open the door
    When the next area is loaded, the game will be saved so just quit and repeat

    The list of skills to buy.

    It takes 951,000 skill points to get all the skills you need for this achievement.

    Skill List

    Lv.1 12,000 Lv.2 29,000 Lv.3 75,000

    Lv.1 10,000 Lv.2 25,000 Lv.3 75,000

    Lv.1 3,200 Lv.2 28,000 Lv.3 80,000

    Lv.1 2,800 Lv.2 31,000

    Rock Steady
    Lv.1 3,500 Lv.2 33,000

    Critical Hit
    Lv.1 7,500 Lv.2 13,000 Lv.3 32,000

    Piercing Hit
    Lv.1 12,000 Lv.2 28,000 Lv.3 55,000

    J'avo Killer
    Lv.1 3,000 Lv.2 27,000

    Zombie Killer
    Lv.1 3,000 Lv.2 28,000

    Combat Gauge Boost
    Lv.1 70,000 Lv.2 90,000

    Lv.1 10,000 Lv.2 70,000

    Field Medic
    Lv.1 12,000 Lv.2 95,000

    Both of these solutions where previously uploaded for the 360 Resident Evil 6 by both k0ngzor and dontVanek.
  • SNIKNGSNIKNG158,261 158,261 GamerScore
    23 Jun 2016 05 Aug 2016
    21 1 0
    Here is a video to go along with whiteprincelion's walkthrough

  • Warboy925Warboy925365,377
    20 Aug 2018 20 Aug 2018
    3 0 2
    My method takes an average of 6 minutes, but it helps with the BOW's are Ugly achievement.

    First you need the Bear Commander with infinite grenade launcher, fast reload and Firearms 3 are great too...

    Load up Ada 2-3, kill the Whopper ahead of you, then go where the emblem is/was, and draw the other Whopper out of the water, kill him and the Whopper guarding the lab key.

    After you grapple up, kill the whopper that spawns behind you, move forward, and kill the chrysalid that breaks though the wall ahead of you, grab the 4,000 skill points from the chest where the chrysalid spawned, run around the corner and kill the other chrysalid that spawns (btw, I don't think these two count towards the BOW's are ugly cheevo, but hey, its 3,000 skill points!) Run to the door to trigger the chrysalids, there should be 5 of them, kill them all then finish the level!

    Whoppers 4 X 2,500 = 10,000

    Chrysalids 7 X 1,500 = 10,500 (Only 5 should count towards the BOW's are Ugly)

    Chest 1 x 4,000 = 4,000

    Grand Total = 24,500 in an average of 6 minutes

    If you do this map 20 times to grind out the BOW cheevo, that's only about an hour and a half and 490,000 skill points!!
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