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Treasure Hunter

Finish a Treasure Hunt with 2 or more Vaults

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  • Redd FiveRedd Five739,350
    02 Apr 2016 01 Apr 2016 30 Dec 2018
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    Treasure hunt is accessible from the "Games" menu. From the main map screen, press "Y" to open the menu, then select "Games" by pressing "A."

    To play Treasure Hunt, you'll need Treasure Maps, which are awarded for some quests, and available in the shop for 30 Glory. You also get a map for a cascade of 5 chain reactions in any game (to borrow a Bejeweled term).

    Treasure hunt is another match-3 game, but you only start with 8 moves. Matching 3 symbols uses 1 turn.

    The good news? Matching 4 symbols does not consume any turns and matching 5 or more adds a turn!

    Every 15 turns you take nets you a random traitstone as a bonus.

    Matching 3 like symbols gives you one of the next symbol in the progression. It is worth noting that the new symbol will always take the place of the piece you just moved, while the others disappear.
    The progression goes like this: Copper coin - Silver coin - Gold coin - Brown bag - Brown chest - Green chest - Red chest - Vault. You need 2 of these vaults in the same game to unlock the achievement.

    Strategies: I like to work top-down, making 4s and 5s. If I have to make a 3, I make it near the bottom to shake up the board above.

    -Always make a 5 if you can, even if it seems to mess up your short-term plan. Turns are your most important resource.

    -Confirmed that you cannot earn more than one extra turn per cascade, so it's best to make a 5-match near the top of the board, rather than lower, if there's an option.

    - Sometimes, the pieces just don't fall your way. Don't get frustrated. You're earning gold, souls, glory, and keys just for trying!

    -Treasure Hunt does not award any XP.

    The achievement unlocks at the end of the game, after all other rewards are given.

    Kooky Cow 32
    You might want to add that if you have the troop 'Tyri', you have a 20% chance to get a treasure map every time you use her move. I've gotten 2-3 maps in a single Quest game before. Not only gives you more chances at getting this achievement, but also gets you a lot of rewards!
    I believe you get Tyri as a reward for completing all Quests in Zhul'Kari, though I'm not 100% sure, someone would have to double check that. But if that is how you get her, it's one of the earlier Kingdoms you can unlock, so I would advise doing so right away as the rewards you can get as a result are pretty insane!
    Edited 6/29/16: Starting moves reduced 15 to 8. Traitstones now awarded every 15 moves.

    Edited 12/16/16. Starting moves seem to vary. Possibly based on guild levels.

    Edited 12/17/16. Additional starting turns can be earned by donating to the green guardian under the guild tab. Turns seem to be awarded at a rate of one per 10 guardian levels.

    Edited 12/30/18. Changed method for accessing Treasure Hunt.
  • VegaDark541VegaDark541301,418
    25 Apr 2016 23 May 2016 03 Jul 2016
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    UPDATE: The number of moves was officially reduced to 8 as of the June 2016 patch. This is harder, but still doable. I have gotten 2 vaults since the update so I can personally attest this is still doable.

    This is not a full solution for this achievement, but I thought it was important to note that the PC version of this game has been updated to make you start with a mere eight starting moves instead of the original 15, what it is at now on the Xbox version. The Xbox version has been updating regularly to catch up with the PC, so I wanted to give a warning that it's possible the Xbox version could follow suit in the future and also reduce the moves. It's possible they won't change it since it's tied to an achievement, but I wanted to give a warning nonetheless that in case they do, now would be a good time to go for this.

    As to actual strategy to get this, I will not try to repeat all of the sound advice from the other solution. The only tips I can give is that you want to match as many 5-matches as possible to gain extra turns, spend some time thinking about each turn to see if you can make something into a 4 or 5 match, and accept that luck is a major part and you can play masterfully and still end up far short of this. I will also note that I've reached the requirements for this achievement on 4-5 different occasions out of about 60 attempts, so it's very doable (including once since the moves was reduced to 8). I would advise you before every 4-match to ask yourself "Can I make this into a 5 instead if I go a different direction?" The answer to that question about a third of the time is YES, you can make a 5 after initially thinking all you can do is a 4. Remember that T and L-shaped matches will work as a 5-match instead of 5 in a particular row or column. The more you play, the easier 5-matches start to become visible. It's also a good idea to see if you can match 4 or 5 matches higher up on the map before lower ones, since lower ones can mess up the order of the others after matching. One of my most recent games I ended with a mere 2 red chests, so again don't get discouraged if you have a bad game. Keep at it and eventually it will pop. You can farm maps with Tyri's skill if you run short on maps. The best team to farm maps with, in my experience, is:

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