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Obtain the 'Elite' rank in the Xbox LIVE game mode.

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  • SpilnerSpilner737,047
    10 May 2010 09 May 2010 25 Sep 2014
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    *Video added*

    I wasnt doing this method the whole time and it took me 7hours30mins racing.
    The achievement didnt unlock right away, i had to do another race.

    This is the way i got to Elite rank:
    Setup a new ranked game
    Choose Japan
    Event Downhill Drift Festival
    Race length to long
    Damage on
    Collisions on.

    Sit in the lobby as ready (press cn_Y) and wait for someone to join, once they do and the race begins its just one big downhill track where you will race alone, so you will get the 5 points for finishing and the 3 points for a clean race (seeing as you're on your own there is no opponents to hit, it doesnt matter if you hit the sides, but dont fall off) this is just for finishing the race, if you happen to win you'll also get an extra point for winning and another point for each person you beat who is a higher rank than you.
    The race only takes a couple minutes so this is also a very quick way.
    Once the race is finished head back to the lobby, quit out and create a new game, that way you have already picked the event.

    You need 1200 points for this achievement, so at a minimum of 8 points a race thats 150 races.
    This will obviously be alot quicker boosting, just get the other racers to search for the settings you used to create.
    Please refer to my solution Solution for Online Legend in GRID (2008) for the breakdown of the ranks.

    In the video i purposely lose and hit walls to show the points still exceed 8, i get 6 for finishing and 3 for a clean race in the video.... here it is.
  • Mr J1mMr J1m388,129
    27 Feb 2009 27 Feb 2009 27 Feb 2009
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    This is an easy achievement but can be really time consuming.

    There is a method that makes it a little easier though:-

    Race on Nissan Cup (Japan), long race, collisions on, catch up off, damage on/off (doesn't matter).

    In a two player race the loser will get about 5 points, plus an extra 3 points if you do not hit each other. It is better to come 2nd and avoid a collision than push past the leader, as the winner will only get 1 point extra for winning.

    If you are racking up 8 points a race for finishing in a leisurely last position, then 1,200 points is only 150 races away.

    The average any other way is probably going to be nearer 500 races.
    14 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009 17 Jun 2009
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    Choose Japan/Nissan Cup/Long/Damage On

    Every time you complete a 7 lap game you get 10-12 points if you do not collide with other cars.

    The best way is by boosting with a friend. These days you can play with a friend without interference from other players. Now you can make things easier and less time consuming. At the very start of the race you (or your friend) crash you car at the walls. Then the other player just finish 1 lap and the game ends. The next round change roles with your friend. This way you earn 10 points each one in a two races game in only 2 minutes.

    EDIT: Lol i just saw that Musquito has written the same tactic for legend
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