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The Beginning?

Spawn the Wither.

The Beginning?+4.9
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Achievement Guide for The Beginning?

  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard547,724
    11 Jan 2017 11 Jan 2017 29 Jan 2017
    30 1 8
    The new Elytra tutorial has taken the place of the older Tutorial. Therefor, the above solutions are sadly invalid.

    Items Needed:

    1. 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
    2. 8 Gold Blocks
    3. 1 Apple
    4. 1 Crafting Table
    5. 1 Iron Pickaxe
    6. Diamond Blocks for Armor
    7. 4 Soul Sand

    You no longer need a Diamond Pickaxe or Flint and Steel (as you don't need to do anything with the Nether Portal or Nether Fortress' anymore, just pick up Soul Sand right outside the portal.) You also Wont be needing Loot III as you can get the Skulls from a nearby chest.

    The new tutorial makes getting Wither Skulls dramatically easier. You can find a chest at X-16 Y 82 Z-95 containing 5 Wither Skeleton Skulls. (It also holds all the wool for the Rainbow Collection Achievement.)

    As for Soul Sand, you can get them in (and surprisingly outside of the Nether Portal at X: -236, Y: 94, Z: 203. You'll need 4 pieces.

    Elytra rings along the high up towers are made of Emerald, Gold, and Diamond for your Armor/Weapons upgrading. I'd recommend getting 8 Gold Blocks from here for your Notch Apple (The glowing Gold one that requires Gold Blocks, not the regular one that requires Gold Ingots, you'll also need to "break" Oak Tree Leaves to get an Apple which has a 1 in 200 chance of dropping) Then tear up part of the Beacon to get Diamond for your Armor.

    No sign of Sharpness III books yet.

    Dig a path underground and end the path with a 5x5x5 room for the battle. It's recommended to go moderately deep underground as the Wither's attacks are explosive and if he gets outside he will float away from you and out of reach of your sword.

    Once you have the room ready, place the four pieces of Soul Sand in a "T" shape with one on the ground, a second on top of the first one, one of the left of the top one, and one on the right of the top one. Then place a Wither Skull on the top of the upper three Soul Sands to spawn the Wither. (I recommend eating your Notch Apple before placing the third Skull) Once you spawn it, it will fill up it's health bar and then cause an explosion around it, so keep your distance until it explodes, then rush in for the battle.

    Below is a video I made of me getting this my first time, you can do this in around 10 Minutes from scratch. (I sucked at fighting the Wither and still won, so fighting veterans will have much better luck) Try to keep jumping while attacking, eat when your hunger lowers to keep your auto health regeneration going, try to be on higher blocks to get a better angle at him. If you manage to make a Sharpness III, by all means add it to your weapon to make this much easier.

  • PinskiPinski691,553
    06 Jun 2016 06 Jun 2016 29 Mar 2017
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    Unfortunately the new tutorial world breaks all of these coordinates. The coordinates are for the tutorial world that was available in TU34. So if you have an old save of that tutorial world, you can still use the coordinates in this solution. Otherwise, it's just information about how to summon and kill The Wither.

    I had a lot of problems getting this achievement. I played Minecraft for a while 3-4 years ago, but I only come back for achievements now. Every time I come back, I realize I've forgotten a lot about the game. This is an overly detailed account of how quickest to get the achievement, especially if you don't remember how to play the game. I had to do a lot of research to find a lot of data and I'm trying to compile it all here.

    First, you'll need equipment. This is my recommended equipment list:
    Diamond Sword (Sharpness III and Looting III enchantments)
    Iron Pickaxe
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Helmet
    Diamond Chestplate
    Diamond Leggings
    Diamond Boots
    Notch Apple
    4 x Milk Buckets
    Flint and Steel

    To spawn the Wither
    3 x Nether Skulls
    4 x Soul Sand Blocks.

    Hopefully you have a save with a Notch Apple from doing the Overpowered achievement. If not, you can find details on how to get one there.

    Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionOverpoweredThe Overpowered achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition worth 145 pointsEat a Notch Apple.

    Future steps will assume you know how to use the duplication bug when mentioned. The videos below explain how to do this.

    The map in your inventory is your friend, it'll help you find all the locations in this guide. Also, I'd recommend carrying a crafting table with you at all times. Also, any time you see Gravel, dig it until you get one Flint. You'll need it to reignite the Nether Portal after you move it.

    Iron Pickaxe, Crafting Table, Milk
    We need to craft an Iron Pickaxe. Farm some wood from the trees in the starting area and then grab some Iron Ingots from the chest at the base of the Beacon (X: 36, Y: 68, Z: -30 and has a big light shooting up into the sky). Either make a crafting table or find one in the house with all the pictures of bottles on the wall (first floor, X: 14, Y: 68, Z: -21 across the street from the Beacon). Remember to keep the Crafting Table with you after you are done crafting.

    This same building has a chest behind the bar with 4 x Milk Buckets. Take those to combat the Wither's debuff (though if you have a Notch Apple you probably won't need them). Now that you have a crafting table, make an Iron Pickaxe.

    Diamond Sword
    The Diamond Sword is located in a hidden chest in the Enchanting Room (X: 30, Y: 69, Z: -34 across the street from the Beacon). The visible chest to the left has stone tools in it, feel free to grab any you want. You have to destroy all the bookcases to find the chest, it is near the top of the room in the back, left corner while facing into the room. While here, grab the stack of Bottles o' Enchanting, throw them on the ground, and collect your green orbs.

    Enchanting Sword
    Let's go enchant the Diamond Sword now. You can use the Emerald Blocks at the Beacon (and the duplication glitch) to make Emeralds. Once you have enough Emeralds you can trade them to townspeople for enchantments. You'll want to get Looting III and Sharpness III for your Diamond Sword and that is found in the close by village near X: 68, Y: 68, Z: -149. They are both sold by separate men in White Coats (Librarians). Once you have both of the Enchanted Books, head back to the tutorial village's Blacksmith area (X: 25, Y: 71, Z: 59, the Anvil is here). Grab more Bottles o' Enchanting out of the chest, throw them on the ground, and then use the anvil to put both Looting III and Sharpness III on your Diamond Sword.

    Flint and Steel
    If you have found a piece of flint by now, go ahead and craft the Flint and Steel out of the Flint and an Iron Ingot. If you haven't found Flint yet, there's a lot of gravel in the ground around the Tutorial Village (X: 40, Y: 67, Z: 18 under the bridge). Once you have crafted the Flint and Steel TAKE IT WITH YOU, but you can leave any left over gravel, flint, and Iron Ingots behind.

    Diamond Blocks
    Now that we have a Diamond Sword and Iron Pickaxe we can go get the Diamond Blocks that are hidden by the Mansion and the 2 x Nether Skulls that are in the Tutorial. To make it easy, make sure to save and then exit your game, then you can set it to Peaceful so you don't have to fight anything. Also, you can optionally pick up a boat (or more) at the dock to make any travel by water easier (X: 88, Y: 66, Z: 39). Also, don't forget your Crafting Table.

    Let's get the Diamond Blocks first. The Diamond Blocks are near the Mansion at coordinates X: -4, Y: 71, Z: 331 (center bottom of main land mass). This will put you near the front gate. The diamond blocks are actually under the front wall. So go near the wall and dig down 1-2 blocks and you'll see the Diamond Blocks. The Diamond Blocks have to be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better or they'll break.

    Now that you have Diamond Blocks you can transfer them into Diamonds or duplicate them with the duplication bug. Put down your Crafting Table, make a Diamond Pick and all your Diamond Armor. Put the armor on and pick up your Crafting Table.

    Nether Skulls #1 & #2
    The first Nether Skull is in a tower near another village. The tower is at X: 308, Y: 73, Z: 194 (lower right corner of main land mass)
    and the Nether Skull will be by itself on a wooden block.

    The second Nether Skull is in a Castle at X: -319, Y: 123, Z: -144 (upper left of main land mass). I would recommend approaching the Castle from the East near coordinates X: -213, Y: 95, Z: -178. It'll be in a big display room with a fire place and other heads.

    Moving the Nether Portal
    Now that we have the Diamond Pickaxe we can mine Obsidian to move the Nether Portal. The Nether Portal is located at X:- 262, Y: 71, Z: -369 (island, top left, above main land mass). Hop into the portal and mine some Soul Sand Blocks (the blocks with screaming faces on them that slow you down when you walk across them).

    Unfortunately we still need one more Nether Skull and the only place to do this is the Fortress in the Nether. Also, this portal takes you no where near the Fortress. So we're going to have to move the Nether Portal.

    Leave the Nether and mine all the Obsidian with the Diamond Pickaxe. If we build a new Nether Portal at the coordinates X: 100, Y: 65, Z: 341 then the portal will open directly into the Fortress. So build the portal at these coordinates, make the Obsidian 4 across the top and bottom and 5 up and down the sides (you don't need to put obsidian in the corners). Then light one of the Obsidian blocks with the Flint and Steel.

    Getting Nether Skull #3
    To get the 3rd Nether Skull you are going to have to kill Nether Skeletons. Nether Skeletons will only spawn in darkness so don't place too many torches in the Fortress. Also, the skulls have a very low drop rate, that's why we put Looting III on our sword.

    Make sure your game is set to Easy or higher and go into the fortress. Find Nether Skeletons (the black ones with swords) and kill them until you get your third skull. The white Skeletons are just normal Skeletons and will not drop Nether Skulls. Some tricks I used were as follows:
    - If you are low on life and don't have a way to regenerate it you can save the game, load the game on Peaceful, regenerate life, save the game, and reload on Easy.
    - If you find a pack of Nether Skeletons save! Then you can keep reloading and killing the same group over and over.
    - Place your two previous Nether Skulls on your hot bar so you can instantly see if you pick up a third in the dark.

    Preparing to Summon
    Once you have your third skull you are finally ready to summon the Wither. You can do this anywhere. However if you do it in an open area, it will fly out of reach. There are also some tips about how to summon it in the Nether in bedrock so it'll get "stuck" and you can easily kill it. I didn't find that necessary but you can definitely do that.

    What I found easiest was to dig down for a bit, I made a narrow hallway going down probably 40-50 blocks. Then I made a 5x5x5 block room at the end of the tunnel. If you summon it in there, it'll be confined and close enough for your to hit it with your sword.

    You can build this room anywhere: outside the Nether Portal, near the village, etc.

    Also, if you want, you can go back to the village and put extra Thorns II enchants on your armor. You can buy them from a villager in the main tutorial town in a booth at X: 41, Y: 68, Z: 6. I put one of these on my chestplate but it seemed totally unnecessary.

    Summoning and defeating the Wither
    Once your room is set, build a T with your Soul Sand Blocks (1 at the base, 3 across on top of that base). I would put your Diamond Sword, Notch Apple, and 4 x Milk Buckets in your hot bar. During the battle you can drink the Milk Buckets to neutralize a debuff from the Wither, but it shouldn't be necessary because of the Notch Apple.

    Make sure your game is set to Easy or harder, place the Nether Skulls on top of the T of Soul Sand Blocks, and the Wither will spawn. Back up from the Wither as it'll slowly charge up it's health. Once it's full, it'll cause a minor explosion and you won't want to be hit by it. Once it explodes, rush in, slash it with your sword, and you'll kill it in no time.

    External image

    It's really not a hard fight, should take you 5-10 seconds. Gathering everything is definitely the hard part.

    Hope this guide is helpful. If you have questions let me know.
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,089,797
    07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016
    30 10 8
    You can get 2 Wither Skeleton heads in the new tutorial level at X:308, Y:73, Z:194 and X:-319, Y:123, Z:-144. (thanks to SAVAGESANGHEILI)

    For the 3rd head you need to kill a Wither Skeleton in the Nether.
    You can enchant a sword to looting 3 to make it easier
    (There's a couple villagers who sell it for 38 Emeralds and a book)

    I got my 3rd Wither Skull easily by saving in a safe area by 2 Wither Skeletons. I just kept killing and reloading my save until I got a Wither Skull.

    To see how to get all the achievements in the new Title Update check out my Achievement Review/Walkthrough

  • Rado100Rado100270,737
    07 Apr 2016 01 Apr 2016
    20 3 21
    To Spawn the Wither boss you must use 4 pieces of Soul Sand in a T configuration, with 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls placed atop each of the 3 top pieces of Soul Sand. The Soul Sand is relatively easy to collect, however collecting the 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls can be time consuming and tiresome. To collect the skulls, you must kill Wither Skeletons, however, on their own, Wither Skeleton Skulls have only a 1% chance of dropping per kill, so I advise using a sword with a Looting Enchantment upon it.

    Simply running around a Nether Fortress using a Looting III Diamond Sword I was capable of collecting 3 in under an hour.
  • The Ol n DeThe Ol n De255,012
    08 Jun 2016 28 Dec 2017 28 Dec 2017
    2 0 0
    I have a world available for the Wither achievements.

    There is a very small space for you to spawn it in the killroom.

    The killroom is so safe you do not need any piece of armory.
    The enchantments are set so you only need a bow and one arrow to kill the wither.

    I would like to give credits to Matt G (oPryzeLP) at https://www.universalminecrafteditor.com.
    His software is brilliant for modding.
    Check his channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tBof4Wv6ss8NJwCU-ugAg

    I am not giving credits to anyone for the killroom shape or the weapon system,
    as I sorted them out whilst trying this piece of software.

    Contact me if you need help. I might not reply on the same day though.
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