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The Beginning.

Kill the Wither.

The Beginning.-1.1
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How to unlock the The Beginning. achievement

  • zzUrbanSpacemanzzUrbanSpaceman854,377
    07 Apr 2016 18 Apr 2016
    30 10 21
    I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but the other video solutions seem to showing sub-optimal methods for killing the Wither. This video also goes into the various ways the Wither can be spawned and how to abuse this to make killing the wither very easy.

    It's worth noting that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One updates bring the Wither spawn up to 1.8+ of Minecraft, so some Wither videos are out of date and use unreliable methods since the update.

    From https://www.trueachievements.com/Splebs.htm, thanks!
    Found an 3x3 with the rear right block missing but it still worked a treat for me in the tutorial nether.

    co-ords: X: 30. Z: -7 is the middle with body build on Z: -6 and the heads on Z: -5.
    EDIT: Please note that this is referring to the ROOF of the Nether - in case you didn't know, the top layer of the Nether is bedrock, just like the bottom layer in the regular world. Thus, you need to get up high in the Nether at the co-ordinates suggested above, and use the bedrock in the roof to trap the Wither.

    Credit to Panda4994 on YouTube for this.

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    xx2RawXXLxxMy coordinates were X 13, y123, Z-111. Couldn't find the video solution spot so I started digging up and found a great spot with ceiling bricks. When he spawned, he got stuck in the ceiling and I killed with 2 1/2 gold swords. I also had all gold armor and 2 golden apples but didn't need to use the one apple I ate once he was charged. In further detail, I cleared out the area and the ceiling blocks formed a mini blockage in the middle of the room. Last achievement I needed.
    Posted by xx2RawXXLxx on 26 Apr 16 at 07:02
    SovereignIntent+1 to xx2RawXXLxx, I used his coordinates in the TU46 tutorial map and it worked like a charm.
    Posted by SovereignIntent on 10 Jan 17 at 19:57
    SpeciallyTDerpCouldn't find a 3 x 3 bedrock. Tried it at the top regardless. Got a few good hits in but then escaped.
    On the upside, I had one epic fight across the Nether that ended with the Wither and I both swimming in lava. I won! (Thanks the Notch Apples)
    So, while it didn't work perfectly for me, I had one hell of the ride! :P
    Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 27 Dec 18 at 21:42
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  • Silvery DeathSilvery Death254,226
    11 Apr 2016 10 Apr 2016 11 Apr 2016
    17 1 3
    I just killed the wither after multiple failed tries and figured I would share what got me to finally kill it. On the tutorial level there is a diamond sword hidden behind the bookshelf in the enchanting room in the village. The enchanting room is across from the beacon. You can also get a set of iron armor upstairs in the house next to the beacon. Use the Bottle o' Enchanting in the enchanting room and blacksmith area to get about 25 exp and use that to enchant your stuff. Then get some food from the farm or animals. I did not have to use it in the fight I killed the wither but having milk is recommended since it stops the wither's effects on you. There is milk in the chest in the house to the left of the enchanting room.

    I was using the method posted in the video by KriSpy CharMZ on the One guide but kept getting killed. I found that the key that is to get a notch apple and eat it right after spawning the wither. With that I was close to invincible the first 3/4 of the fight since it gives increased protection and health regen. By the time the wither could really damage me I had finished it off. I did not use the bow like it the video, because I did not want to bother spending more time to get a bow and arrows but if you have one this should be a total piece of cake.

    Here is where you can see how to get the notch apple.

    Minecraft: Xbox 360 EditionOverpoweredThe Overpowered achievement in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition worth 143 pointsEat a Notch Apple.

    KriSpy CharMZ post: Solution for The Beginning. in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
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    LetheliaNotch Apple worked like a charm, only took 3 hearts of damage near the end of the fight. Also if you're playing on Easy difficulty, the Wither's attacks don't inflict their damaging effect on you, so you don't need milk if you're on Easy.
    Posted by Lethelia on 10 Apr 16 at 17:59
    AwakeDeadeyeWhere do you get the skulls and stuff on tutorial, I'm new to 60% of the stuff in all of these updates.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 10 Sep 17 at 08:23
    AwakeDeadeyeNvm, I got it.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 10 Sep 17 at 23:58
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi2,218,129
    07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016
    13 2 0
    The easiest way to Kill a Wither is to make a long narrow hallway on the bottom of the world. Make a small room to spawn then wither. Just hit and back up when you can. Diamond Sword and Armor makes it easier. Enchanted Diamond equipment makes it even easier. I used Sharp 3 Diamond Sword and Full Diamond armor with Level 1 Protection Diamond Chest plate. You can see me spawn and kill the Wither at the end of the video below. (2:44)

    To see how to get all the achievements in the new Title Update check out my Achievement Review/Walkthrough

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