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Time Master

Complete all of Quantum Break.

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How to unlock the Time Master achievement

  • Segendary TySegendary Ty665,906
    10 Apr 2016 10 Apr 2016
    52 3 13
    This achievement stacks with getting all of the collectibles AND completing the story.

    In other words, every level needs to get a 100% completiong rating

    So basically these achievements:
    Quantum BreakMedia BaronThe Media Baron achievement in Quantum Break worth 46 pointsYou need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters

    Quantum BreakSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Quantum Break worth 43 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    Quantum BreakKnowledge Is PowerThe Knowledge Is Power achievement in Quantum Break worth 35 pointsLocate all of the Intel Items.

    Quantum BreakTossing Stones in a PondThe Tossing Stones in a Pond achievement in Quantum Break worth 43 pointsYou need to trigger all Quantum Ripples

    and by having collected everything needed to be able to unlock
    Quantum BreakMaximum EffortThe Maximum Effort achievement in Quantum Break worth 46 pointsFully upgrade all your time powers.

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    Karnivore12So I can't say why it happens, but I was stuck at 96% with all collectibles, and what fixed it for me was replaying the final part on easy. After defeating Paul in the battle, but before activating the countermeasure, the achievement unlocked for me. I have absolutely no idea what I missed, but a lot of people on other forums have had this solution work.
    Posted by Karnivore12 on 11 May 20 at 19:48
    ChronicEviiLThanks @Karnivore12, worked like a charm
    Posted by ChronicEviiL on 08 Feb 21 at 22:38
    TotalSwiftieI played through on Normal collecting as much as possible, initially.
    Is worth noting that I chose the Hardline choice in Junction 1,
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    After the credits, I simply used the Timeline feature on the pause menu to replay the sections I was still missing items in.

    I preferred the text guide on polygon:


    Was hovering at 99% for 'Time Master' at this point.
    After I got everything except that last ripple, I simply went to Junction 1 and chose the PR choice.

    Loaded 4-2, accessed the ripple (popped Tossing Stones in a Pond), and changed the Junction 1 choice back to Hardline.

    Time Master immediately popped after switching back.
    Posted by TotalSwiftie on 22 May at 02:58
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  • WKFJonesyWKFJonesy696,690
    05 May 2016 02 May 2016
  • Marine1TenMarine1Ten336,288
    08 Aug 2016 08 Aug 2016
    12 1 0
    I earned this achievement today. This is to offer some advice for an efficient strategy to reach full completion of Quantum Break.

    1. Begin the game on hard and systematically collect every item and every chronon source as you go along. Check your timeline often to see if you passed something and re-load checkpoints if needed to go back and find them.

    2. Do not change any junction decisions until you have earned every collection achievement.

    3. You can go back and replay timelines on easy to get anything you missed once you finish the last Act.

    The collections change if you change your decisions at the junctions. This means you may not maintain 100% collection in timeline during a replay. Not a problem if you have earned every collection achievement before you make a different choice during a junction replay. This means you leave the optional junction choice achievements until LAST, which is what I chose to do here. Also may not be a problem if you reload a checkpoint to get another junction choice BEFORE moving on to a next Act/chapter. But if you want to read the alternate choice intel, etc. then make alternate junction choices after you have completed all the collection achievements. This way you can re-play anytime and read the alternate choices material and experience the choice differences in-game.

    BOSS FIGHT: I went into the boss fight under powered and after a couple months off the game. It was frustrating until I learned to watch for the red/orange ball shaped bombs and get proper distance away and know what cover was needed where and when. Learned to use the spawning boss bombs to kill enemies. (The bombs spawn about every 10-12 seconds). Had to relearn proper power management and get the attack timing right to avoid death by bombs spawning on me. Needed some lucky enemy placement spawns. Also multi-group attacks helped. Needed to run and strategically use cover while planning out my paths of travel and enemy avoidance vs. engagement. Since I got all collectibles in last Act before boss battle, and since I played in hard mode, I did not have to replay it once I beat him!

    A great game and now I am set to replay and read the alternate junction choice material without the stress of achievements not unlocking.
  • NICKtheNlNJANICKtheNlNJA296,956
    09 Jul 2017 09 Jul 2017
    5 1 3
    For those of you that are stuck at 96% can try what I did when mine was stuck. First make sure every mission is complete 100% and then load up the last mission. Can be played on easy to breeze through. After beating the boss and
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    , I didn't skip any cutscenes. I even let the credits play through. You may not need to play the credits but I did just in case. After the credits are over, a new cutscene will start.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    After this cutscene finishes. The achievement should pop. That's where mine did. Hope this helps those of you that are stuck with 96%. Good luck.
  • CrocsxCrocsx212,217
    09 Jan 2020 09 Jan 2020
    2 1 0
    I just add a solution adding some info for those still going for this game achievement.

    1) You need to have ALL collectibles (Quantum Ripples, Intel, Chronon, Documents, Computer and Media) You can see that in the menu. Follow this guy playlist with all location (and by time in the timeline : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGZAFj5iqHcuxKo2sML1...

    2) If you change Junction (for unlocking other achievement for example), some collectibles (the one that change depending on the choice you made) will be reset. So you will have to find them again in their modified version. BUT if you change the junction back to the Timeline where you already find the collectible, it will still be collected. So you can change junction, but be sure to come back to the one you collected everything.

    3) If you are stuck at 96%, you MUST play again the last level, and at the moment you unfreeze Will (after killing Serene) the achievement will unlock
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