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Media Baron achievement in Quantum Break

Media Baron

You need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters

Media Baron0
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How to unlock the Media Baron achievement

  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV148,491
    04 Apr 2016 05 Apr 2016 08 Apr 2016
    162 6 41
    Here I will post a FULL collectibles guide. You can choose between single act guide or a all in one guide at the end of this solution.

    The game has a total of 206 (PR Timeline) / 201 (Hardline Timeline) Collectibles. In my videos you will see the PR Timeline. The Hardline Time has 5 collectibles less than the PR Timeline and at 1-3 points in the game very slightly different positions (under 5 meters away from PR Timeline, apart from that all other collectibles are on the same position).

    All collectibles are immediately saved if you pick them up. If you hit select on your controller you will see a complete overview of the collectibles. Pushing the X-Button while in the overview will lead you to the specific Act x Part x Overview of the collectibles including a timeline of this act.

    The game has 6 categories as collectibles: Quantum Ripples, Intels, Chronon Sources, Documents, Computers and Media. The game shows you Documents, Computers and Media as "Narrative Objects" if you pick them up.

    I use a lot of spoiler here for a better overview. In the first spoiler of each act is the video, in the second spoiler the timeline by act progress and in the third spoiler are the collectibles sorted by ingame timeline. The (numbers) behind some collectibles means that the next (numbers) collectibles are shown in one sequence without a new start point. Your choices ingame (Junctions) can change the title of some of the collectibles.

    Act 1-1 Riverport University Experiment

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 1-2 / 1-3 Campus Escape / Library Chase

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 1 Junction 1 Hardline / PR

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 2-1 Industrial Area

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 2-2 Ground Zero

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 2-3 Bradbury Swimming Pool / Junction 2

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 3-1 Research Facility

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 3-2 Monarch Gala

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    4-1 Port Donnelly Bridge

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    4-2 Preparing the Time Machine

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    4-3 Swimming Pool 2010

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 4-4 Will's Workshop / Junction 4

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 5-1 Monarch HQ

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 5-2 Return to the University

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 5-3 Final Moments

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    All in One Video Guide (WARNING this spoiler is HUGE!)

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    AeZ76What is the achievement App? I've launch as many ways as I can think of...
    Posted by AeZ76 on 31 Mar 18 at 04:47
    TheOdd101I've got an issue where one of the Chronon Sources in Act 2 Part 1 isn't there when I go to collect it, I've restarted the checkpoint and restarted the level with no luck
    Posted by TheOdd101 on 21 Nov 19 at 15:24
    SpartanWolf 187Great guide 👍
    Posted by SpartanWolf 187 on 03 Aug at 04:27
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  • ElchemionElchemion105,083
    17 Feb 2017 17 Feb 2017 24 Jan 2018
    55 4 18
    For the ones stuck at %100 without achievement popping up, try opening the Quantum Break on Achievements application on Xbox One. The achievement will pop up immediately.

    --- Update 2018 ---
    By the look at the reports, this solution does not work anymore as of 2018. I didn't try this personally but according to psybOltOn, you can play Junction 4 by choosing the other option that you haven't selected the last time. This will reset your collectables for the last act. Replaying through Act 5 Part 1 to recollect the three computers shall give you the achievement.
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    z 4assed monkeyI'm not sure what went wrong for Vitiated1, but this definitely worked for me, so a huge THANK YOU to Elchemion and psybOltOn!

    The achievement does not pop directly after you get the 3rd uncollected email in Paul's office, which made me nervous, but there is a delay. For me the achievement popped just after the elevator ride, when the objective is "Activate the Time Machine" near the end of 5-1.
    Posted by z 4assed monkey on 25 Jan 18 at 20:57
    z 4assed monkeyCAUTION for those going for the hard-difficulty Time Lord achievement! I employed the Media Baron fix before finishing the 5-3 end game on Hard. Restarting and choice-switching at Junction 4 (without my fucking knowledge or consent) changed the difficulty from Hard to Normal all by itself! I didn't even notice until Time Lord didn't pop, and wound up having to replay all of Act 5 again.
    Posted by z 4assed monkey on 26 Jan 18 at 12:46
    TirathianIt just popped for me, using the original Game Hub method (I went into the Game Hub via the Store and scrolled across to 'progress') without doing anything in-game - the disc wasn't even in my Xbox at the time.

    Remedy did say on Twitter that it was a server side issue and Microsoft were looking into it, so maybe it's been fixed?
    Posted by Tirathian on 01 Feb 18 at 11:42
  • Maka91Maka911,167,744
    04 Apr 2016 05 Apr 2016
    34 5 2
    A COMPLETE guide of all 200+ collectibles with timelinks can be found HERE.

    The collectibles, including 125+ "media" (computer emails, audio files, video files, etc...) are found within all Acts of the game. They can also be seen by using time vision in most instances. Upon picking up the piece of media source, you will be rewarded with the achievement.

    You can replay chapters using the timeline at any point, but keep in mind that changing your choices within the Junctions will add new collectibles for you to collect, bringing your percentage down. NOTE: There are some uniquely titled collectibles depending on your Junction choices, but all collectibles should be in more or less the exact same place; but will have different contents. You can quit to the main menu once you collect them and reach a checkpoint save.

    Lastly, use the menu to check "Collectibles" where it'll show your collectibles for each Act/Part so you can easily keep progress.

    Alternatively, please see this video which is the beginning to the collectibles guide video playlist:

    Upon finding all collectibles, you will have the following achievements:
    Quantum BreakKnowledge Is PowerThe Knowledge Is Power achievement in Quantum Break worth 34 pointsLocate all of the Intel Items.

    Quantum BreakTossing Stones in a PondThe Tossing Stones in a Pond achievement in Quantum Break worth 41 pointsYou need to trigger all Quantum Ripples

    Quantum BreakMedia BaronThe Media Baron achievement in Quantum Break worth 44 pointsYou need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters

    Quantum BreakMaximum EffortThe Maximum Effort achievement in Quantum Break worth 44 pointsFully upgrade all your time powers.
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    OdadjianActualGreat job.
    Posted by OdadjianActual on 20 Apr 16 at 01:25
    steven2furiousI followed your videos to get all the ones i missed but didn't pop for me do you have to do both stories i done the pr one.
    Posted by steven2furious on 11 Oct 16 at 23:05
  • WKFJonesyWKFJonesy670,493
    05 May 2016 02 May 2016
  • StevivorStevivor800,730
    28 Mar 2016 03 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016
    8 4 0
    Here are all media items in QR. The times below are coded into the YouTube videos as well.

    Act 1-1:

    Narrative Object 01/16: 0:04 (Image: Riverport University Map)
    Narrative Object 02/16: 0:20 (Document: Protest Flier)
    Narrative Object 03/16: 0:35 (Document: Stop Monarch Problems Poster)
    Narrative Object 04/16: 0:53 (Document: Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster)
    Narrative Object 05/16: 1:05 (Audio File: Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show)
    Narrative Object 06/16: 1:17 (Document: Amy's Monarch Timeline)
    Narrative Object 07/16: 1:29 (Video File: Return)
    Narrative Object 08/16: 1:38 (Document: Paul Serene Focus Article)
    Narrative Object 09/16: 1:47 (Document: Dr Kim Memorial Article)
    Narrative Object 10/16: 1:55 (Email: RE: WILLIAM JOYCE CLEARANCE)
    Narrative Object 11/16: 2:07 (Document: Monarch Solutions Job Fair Poster)
    Narrative Object 12/16: 2:18 (Video File: Project Promenade Presentation)
    Narrative Object 13/16: 2:42 (Image: Photo of Jack and Paul)
    Narrative Object 14/16: 2:54 (Email: RE: PROJECT PROMENADE BETA TEST)
    Narrative Object 15/16: 3:03 (Email: RE: COMING HOME?)
    Narrative Object 16/16: 3:14 (Image: Corridor Schematics)

    Act 1-2:

    • Narrative Object 01/03: 0:04 (Email: PAUL SERENE LAB CLEARANCE)
    • Narrative Object 02/03: 0:47 (Email: FWD: Library protest)
    • Narrative Object 03/03: 1:02 (Email: University Operation)

    Act 1-3:

    Narrative Object 01: 0:04 (Audio file: Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show)

    Junction 1:

    Narrative Object 01/02: 0:22 (Document: William Joyce Dossier)
    Narrative Object 02/02: 0:30 (Document: Jack Joyce Dossier)

    Act 2-1:

    Narrative Object 01/09: 0:31 (Document: Ground Zero Map)
    Narrative Object 02/09: 0:44 (Email: Monarch PR Plan)
    Narrative Object 03/09: 1:01 (Document: Monarch's PR Strategy Poster)
    Narrative Object 04/09: 1:57 (Email: RE: Ground Zero Operation)
    Narrative Object 05/09: 4:44 (Video file: "Amy's Confession" Newscast)
    Narrative Object 06/09: 5:08 (Email: RE: Jack Joyce)
    Narrative Object 07/09: 5:21 (Audio File: Internal Monarch Comms 1)
    Narrative Object 08/09: 5:58 (Email: FWD: Monarch concerns)
    Narrative Object 09/09: 6:12 (Audio File: Internal Monarch Comms 2)

    Act 2-2:

    Narrative Object 01/13: 0:04 (Video File: Sofia Amaral's Chronon Presentation)
    Narrative Object 02/13: 0:24 (Email: Chronon tech Phase 2 milestones)
    Narrative Object 03/13: 2:47 (Document: Trailer Note)
    Narrative Object 04/13: 3:04 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show (PR))
    Narrative Object 05/13: 3:24 (Email: MY SCREENPLAY!!!)
    Narrative Object 06/13: 3:35 (Email: RE: Next Steps)
    Narrative Object 07/13: 4:11 (Image: Ground Zero Warning Sign)
    Narrative Object 08/13: 4:48 (Email: TRESPASSER ALERT)
    Narrative Object 09/13: 5:10 (Email: RE: Dr. Kim's lab and Serene's treatment)
    Narrative Object 10/13: 5:52 (Email: RE: Jack)
    Narrative Object 11/13: 6:32 (Email: RE: Liam Burke's Status)
    Narrative Object 12/13: 7:00 (Email: Liam Burke psych evaluation)
    Narrative Object 13/13: 7:13 (Email: Amy Ferrero)

    Act 2-3:

    Narrative Object 01/11: 1:22 (Audio File: Schrodinger Diary)
    Narrative Object 02/11: 1:30 (Document: Riverport Discreet Moving Services Bill)
    Narrative Object 03/11: 1:38 (Document: Bradbury Swimming Pool Deed)
    Narrative Object 04/11: 1:45 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show {PR})
    Narrative Object 05/11: 2:19 (Image: Time Machine Room Map)
    Narrative Object 06/11: 2:27 (Document: Physicist on the Rise Article)
    Narrative Object 07/11: 2:36 (Document: A Civilian's Guide to Time Travel)
    Narrative Object 08/11: 3:00 (Document: Parents Killed in Riverport Car Crash Article)
    Narrative Object 09/11: 3:11 (Image: Countermeasure Schematics)
    Narrative Object 10/11: 3:31 (Email: RE: Where are you?)
    Narrative Object 11/11: 3:39 (Image: Time Machine Schematics)

    Junction 2:

    Narrative Object 01/01: 0:04 (Email: What happened to Dr. Henry Kim)

    Act 3-1:

    Narrative Object 01/17: 0:45 (Document: Gull Island Sign)
    Narrative Object 02/17: 2:01 (Radio show)
    Narrative Object 03/17: 2:20 (Speech)
    Narrative Object 04/17: 2:34 (Map: Research and Development Facility)
    Narrative Object 05/17: 3:10 (Email: The Lifeboat Protocol)
    Narrative Object 06/17: 3:20 (Shifter Presentation)
    Narrative Object 07/17: 3:30 (Monarch Technology Institute)
    Narrative Object 08/17: 4:05 (Gull Island Monarch Noticeboard)
    Narrative Object 09/17: 4:15 (Email: Must Move Forward)
    Narrative Object 10/17: 4:30 (Email: RE: JOYCE IN CUSTODY??)
    Narrative Object 11/17: 4:47 (Email: Instructions for tonight)
    Narrative Object 12/17: 4:57 (Email: FWD: Dream Journal 1)
    Narrative Object 13/17: 5:08 (Document: Projected Fracture Progression)
    Narrative Object 14/17: 5:16 (Chronon Disrupted Wave Function Subjects, AKA “Shifters”)
    Narrative Object 15/17: 5:33 (Email: The purpose of the gala)
    Narrative Object 16/17: 5:41 (Email: The time machine)
    Narrative Object 17/17: 5:56 (Email: RE: WHAT’S UP GIRL)

    Act 3-2:

    Narrative Object 01/07: 0:04 (Document: Lifeboat Presentation)
    Narrative Object 02/07: 0:13 (Email: RE: time machine core)
    Narrative Object 03/07: 0:36 (Document: Adventurous Religious Singles Dating Website)
    Narrative Object 04/07: 1:09 (Audio File: Erotic Play)
    Narrative Object 05/07: 1:15 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show)
    Narrative Object 06/07: 1:51 (Document: Swoon Text Message)
    Narrative Object 07/07: 2:43 (Email: My SCREENPLAY Part 2!!)

    Act 4-1:

    Narrative Object 01/05: 0:37 (Video File: Night Springs)
    Narrative Object 02/05: 0:42 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show {PR})
    Narrative Object 03/05: 1:23 (Document: Monarch Noticeboard)
    Narrative Object 04/05: 1:43 (Document: Jack Joyce Mugshot)
    Narrative Object 05/05: 1:44 (Email: Monarch Field Orders Update: Martin Hatch)

    Act 4-2:

    Narrative Object 01/12: 0:04 (Document: Beth's 2010 Plan)
    Narrative Object 02/12: 0:14 (Document: Martin Hatch Dossier)
    Narrative Object 03/12: 0:24 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show {PR})
    Narrative Object 04/12: 0:44 (Email: Dream Journal 5)
    Narrative Object 05/12: 0:56 (Document: Transcript of Monarch Communications)
    Narrative Object 06/12: 1:06 (Document: Lifeboat Document)
    Narrative Object 07/12: 1:14 (Document: Monarch Employee Chart)
    Narrative Object 08/12: 1:23 (Document: Monarch Mission Statement 1999)
    Narrative Object 09/12: 1:37 (Document: On the Unique Nature of the Lifeboat)
    Narrative Object 10/12: 1:44 (Document: Monarch Solutions Three Phase Plan)
    Narrative Object 11/12: 2:14 (Image: Jack and Will Photo)
    Narrative Object 12/12: 2:39 (Document: Beth's Notebook)

    Act 4-3:

    Narrative Object 01/12: 0:04 (Email: RE: The Countermeasure)
    Narrative Object 02/06: 0:20 (Audio File: Radio Show)
    Narrative Object 03/06: 0:28 (Document: Beth's Journal)
    Narrative Object 04/06: 0:38 (Image: Wall of Calendars)
    Narrative Object 05/06: 1:25 (Document: Beth's New 2010 Plan)
    Narrative Object 06/06: 1:38 (Document: Rise of Monarch Whiteboard)

    Act 4-4:

    Narrative Object 01/05: 0:51 (Document: Countermeasure Designs)
    Narrative Object 02/05: 1:00 (Document: Will's Journal)
    Narrative Object 03/05: 1:10 (Audio File: Radio Show)
    Narrative Object 04/05: 1:19 (Document: Will's Whiteboard)
    Narrative Object 05/05: 1:53 (Document: Time Machine Designs)

    Junction 4:

    Narrative Object 01/01: 0:04 (Email: Mr. Hatch's arrest)

    Act 5-1:

    Narrative Object 01/18: 0:04 (Audio File: Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show)
    Narrative Object 02/18: 0:23 (Document: Monarch HQ Map)
    Narrative Object 03/18: 1:18 (Email: Getting to be that time!!!)
    Narrative Object 04/18: 1:32 (Email: SHIFTER ALERT)
    Narrative Object 05/18: 1:41 (Email: Martin Hatch)
    Narrative Object 06/18: 1:52 (Email: That creepy asshole's gone!)
    Narrative Object 07/18: 2:09 (Document: Monarch PR Protocol)
    Narrative Object 08/18: 2:40 (Email: About my SCREENPLAY and new video!!!)
    Narrative Object 09/18: 2:50 (Video File: Time Stabber)
    Narrative Object 10/18: 3:18 (Email: A CONFESSION)
    Narrative Object 11/18: 3:34 (Document: Untitled Note)
    Narrative Object 12/18: 3:52 (Email: Final instructions)
    Narrative Object 13/18: 4:09 (Email: Re: Time machine core)
    Narrative Object 14/18: 4:38 (Email: Quantum ripple research unit)
    Narrative Object 15/18: 4:47 (Document: Sofia's Personal Notes)
    Narrative Object 16/18: 4:56 (Email: Chronon particle stockpile update)
    Narrative Object 17/18: 5:11 (Email: READ ME RIGHT NOW - CFR procedures)
    Narrative Object 18/18: 5:21 (Document: PERSONAL NOTES ON THE CFR)

    Act 5-2:

    Narrative Object 01/01: 0:48 (Document: Note regarding chronon dampener)

    Act 5-3:

    Narrative Object 01/01: 0:14 (Audio File: Bobby Riverport Radio Show)
  • PryOpenMy3rdEyePryOpenMy3rdEye151,190
    26 Mar 2016 04 Apr 2016
    6 5 2
    Alright, so down below are videos for all the collectibles for each Act, which is the documents, media, intel, chronon sources and ripples. Just remember that the intel or narrative in the videos below may be slightly different depending on the choices you make in the junction with Paul. Don't worry though as long as you get all the collectibles in one playthrough the achievements will pop up for you. I would recommend going back and changing your choices just to see the difference in the information though.

    Act 1

    Act 2

    Act 3

    Act 4

    Act 5
  • Goodspell712Goodspell712280,272
    10 Apr 2016 14 Apr 2016
    7 9 1
    Hi, after my natural Language is German and i bet more Germans are on this Site i will add my solution in german :)

    And plz stop negative Voting just for Language, if the Guide doenst help plz leave a comment so I can fix it!

    Nach so vielen englischen Guides möchte ich natürlich auch mit den deutschen nicht nachstehen.

    Das Spiel hat insgesamt über 200 Sammelobjekte wo und wie Ihr die findet ?

    Mit meinen Videos, in der Videobeschreibung sind auch die Zeitangaben zu jedem Sammelobjekt enthalten so dass Ihr direkt zum fehlenden Teil springen könnt

    Ich hoffe ich konnte helfen (Akt 1 Videos sind noch ohne Kommentar, die anderen sind alle inkl. deutschem Kommentar)

    Ich hoffe ich konnte helfen

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