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Pofai Larntar

Pofai Larntar

16 Apr 1614h 38m
Pofai Larntar

Time Lord achievement in Quantum Break

Time Lord

You need to complete the game on Hard Difficulty

Time Lord0
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How to unlock the Time Lord achievement

  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV145,603
    08 Apr 2016 04 Sep 2016
    130 32 39
    The hard achievements stacks with the casual and normal difficulty achievements, so if you beat the game on hard, you will obtain all 3 difficulty achievements at once at the end. You can replay all chapter via timeline / chapter select to obtain the hard achievement, is not needed to start a complete new playthrough. To obtain the hard achievement via timeline, you have to replay ALL chapter (chapter 1 - 5) AND as last chapter 5-3 to get your achievement.

    Hard is not really hard in this game except the final boss fight. Some users have really problems here, so I have create a short video and write down my strategy. Honestly you need only the time rush + melee skill and some pistol bullets to kill the boss easily ;)

    First of all, you can not damage the boss directly. First you have to clear the enemies in this area and avoid the bombs from the boss.

    My strategy uses only time rush and melee skill (Hold LB + B near an enemy). Melee works only in combination with time rush and kills enemies instantly with one hit. After the cutscene run down the ramp with time rush and melee the first enemy in front of you. Get in cover and let time rush refill to 25% it can be used again. Use time vision to detect the remaining enemies and kill them all using time rush and melee. The most important thing is to avoid the red bombs on the ground from the boss. If you stay longer on a position he will throw the bombs and you will die instantly.

    The best way to avoid bombs thrown at you is using time dodge (push LB short)

    After you kill the first 3-4 enemies the boss switches the position and throws a giant bomb on the ground, run away as far as possible! After the bomb detonates go back and the boss becomes vulnerable, shoot him with your pistol, one shot is enough.

    That was the first of two rounds. The second round starts now and more enemies arrive at the swimming pool. Once again use time rush and melee to kill all of them and the boss will start to use the giant bomb but this times he throws 3 bombs instead of one! So you have to run from one end to the other and back to avoid the explosions. If you have managed to avoid all 3 bombs you can shoot the boss again one time and the fight is over.

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    GoodAtMath2Will echo the sentiment, KEEP RUNNING. Don't stop, just keep running in circles. One guy left and hes almost finished? Run another lap and get him next time. Also, I agree with most of the video guides you will find - it is good to camp that front door on the second wave, hit them quick and then start your laps. If you don't, there may be a crowd of 6 guys there when you lap around, which spells trouble. Took me 30ish times even with guides and youtube vids. Good luck and keep running.
    Posted by GoodAtMath2 on 01 Jun at 15:15
    ColumnedJet9Anyone know if this has glitched. I replayed all missions on hard and got nothing for it
    Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 09 Jul at 03:24
    SpartanWolf 187That's very unfortunate. Has it unlocked for you yet? I unlocked it on June 28th just fine without any issues. I didn't have any trouble with any of the achievements unlocking on this game fortunately
    Posted by SpartanWolf 187 on 03 Aug at 04:34
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  • OneChicago51OneChicago51692,443
    28 Dec 2016 28 Dec 2016 05 Jan 2017
    54 1 17
    For anyone still having trouble with the last boss after the tips using powers and guns you can try what I did. I couldn't beat it with powers and guns since every time i slowed down to shoot or use a power I got hit by a bomb the next second, so I thought I'd do laps around the outside and see how long I live for (I really don't know why) and after 4 or 5 laps I guess the enemies following me all died from the bombs and I just had to run away from the big bomb and shoot him, happened for both rounds and I didn't even get hit by a bullet. Maybe I got lucky but good luck to you.
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    Apostle92627I couldn't get it to work for me but running in circles does help. Here's what I did: run around in circles, then if they were close enough in front of me, I'd pull out my shotty and shoot them without aiming if I could. I only had it pulled out for like half a second. Then when I got to the juggernaut I ran past him, shot him in the back with my shotgun, time dashed away, circled back, and repeated the process until he was dead on the next attempt.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 13 Sep 18 at 15:32
    I2xINCHxTONGUEThank you for this! did it first try after reading your tip, I combined it with apostle92627's comment about using the shotty when possible too.
    God knows why some tit down voted it tho! Smh
    Posted by I2xINCHxTONGUE on 17 Oct 18 at 22:23
    KillersquirelzRunning around in circles seemed to work better than anything. Definitely don't try to hide. Just keep swimming, taking potshots at people, doing the time rush melee only if someone is nearby, and eventually you'll be successful.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 26 Feb 19 at 11:43
  • aka Scratchaka Scratch509,423
    03 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016
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    This is quick playthrough of the final part of Quantum Break. I'll demonstrate some techniques to make Hard Mode easier. I'll also have a concise version that just talks about the strategy and shows the tips but here it all is in action.

    ***Spoilers Below***

    TIPS -

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    About Me - http://www.about.me/scratch
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    GGS SyntaXSerious Guys? Why are you downvoting? You are not voting on the achievement... You are voting on the guide. And this guide is good.
    Posted by GGS SyntaX on 12 Apr 16 at 01:19
    Bernman 117I re-started on hard, after playing normal, and after exiting half-way through the game resumed with normal. So be careful that the same doesn't happen as you'll have to replay those levels on hard. Also "hard" on this is like normal on most games.
    Posted by Bernman 117 on 23 Apr 16 at 19:28
    AirNathThanks for your video helped a great deal!
    Posted by AirNath on 23 Apr 16 at 21:12
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