Born to Run achievement in DiRT Rally

Born to Run

Become Champion at Masters level in Championships.

Born to Run+0.4
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How to unlock the Born to Run achievement

  • HomelyBumRocketHomelyBumRocket596,178
    09 Apr 2016 09 Apr 2016 16 Apr 2016
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    There are three ways you can do this, and they are as follows: Rally, Hillclimb, or Rallycross under 'Championships.' No matter which you choose you'll have to do four championships to even unlock the Masters division (as long as you finish in the top 3 for each season of Open, Clubman, Professional, and Elite). Each division gets increasingly hard and adds more events.

    Don't even think about going for Rally Masters. Not only is it a time-consuming grind to even get to Masters, you'll be breaking controllers even attempting to do so. Let's avoid that.

    Instead, I had a much easier time going for Hillclimb Masters. You'll only be racing one track throughout the journey (Pikes Peak with different surfaces) and you'll get to know the course very well on the way through each division. Grab yourself a hillclimb car (I used the Peugeot 405). On the way to reaching Masters you'll surely attain all the upgrades (having the appropriate Engineer perks helps too).

    The Open division only has three stages. The Masters division only has six (though they are each the full course and all variations of Pikes Peak). You should know the track well by then. If you don't, keep practicing. Also, you can skip your second run if you feel your first run was quick enough (by starting the second run and then pausing and hitting 'Abandon Run') to make the grind a little quicker.

    Car setup advice: I stiffened the rear suspension a few clicks and softened the front suspension a few clicks to make the car more oversteery, as well as max out 6th gear for a little higher top speed. You may not need to do any of that. Even at Masters level I was still winning stages by 5-10 seconds or more on good runs.

    Rallycross is also an option (and it takes way less time than Rally). Stick with a single class (whichever you find most comfortable to drive) and earn all the upgrades for your car. If you are unable to beat the opponents in Hillclimb at the higher difficulty levels, this is a good alternative.

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    erod550Is your car fully upgraded yet MAKA? As I practice the course more and get more consistent and comfortable pushing hard, I was able to run a 9:08.xx on full course paved with 3/5 upgrades unlocked on the 405 T16. But this was on Professional (3rd tier) and the top npc was running 9:01s. But my 9:08 was even with going off the track once so I think I can hit that anyway eventually with the last two upgrades and a good run.

    Pikes Peak is all about practice and knowing where you can push harder than you original thought and where you need to slow it down. But being too careful through sections hurts you just as much as flying off the track. You'd be surprised how much time you make up when you start pushing harder.
    Posted by erod550 on 24 Apr 16 at 08:20
    S P 4 C E YWhatever you do, don't even think about playing any of the game types with traction control on.

    It will easily take 10 seconds off you in a short climb and far more in the full tracks. It will also cost you 2-3 seconds instantly at the start of a RX race.

    It stops you wheels spinning and makes you super slow in first gear.

    Asides from that, I'm no great shakes at the game (bottom of the top tier in most online events) and I can now win or come within 2-3 seconds on a hillclimb without restarting.
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 15 Aug 16 at 22:42
    SmeggedWhat a shame, won the Masters Hillclimb championship but no achievement pop :(
    Posted by Smegged on 15 Feb 17 at 06:14
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  • PJTierneyPJTierney195,571
    27 Apr 2016 28 Apr 2016
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    External image

    There are 3 ways to complete this Achievement:

    > Win a Rally Championship at Masters Difficulty
    > Win a Rallycross Championship at Masters Difficulty
    > Win a Hillclimb Championship at Masters Difficulty

    You get promoted to Masters Difficulty by finishing a Championship in the Top 3. There are 5 Divisions in total with Masters being the final one.

    When it comes to this Achievement, I would advise against attempting to complete it in the Rally category for the following reasons:

    > The Masters Championship (Rally) consists of 6 events with 12 stages each.
    > To beat the faster AI opponents you will need to set stage times that put you in or near the Top 50 on global leaderboards.

    HomelyBumRocket's solution is pretty good if you choose to complete this by entering the Hillclimb category.

    I chose to go with the Rallycross category for the following reasons:

    > The AI drivers aren't as quick as they can be in Rally or Hillclimb events.
    > As you can see your opponents on the track with you, you don't have to rely on stage times in order to beat them. Instead, you overtake them on-track.

    I used the following setup for all events, it will work on any of the cars in the Supercar category.

    The event format for Rallycross is the same regardless of difficulty or event location:

    > There are 4 Heats, with 4 laps each. You gain points depending on where you finish.
    > Once the 4 Heats are completed, the 12 drivers with the highest point totals qualify for the Semi-Finals.
    > The Semi-Finals are 6 lap races with 6 cars. Finish in the Top 3 to qualify for the Final.
    > The final is a 6 lap race, win it to win the event.

    There are 5 events in the Masters Championship, if you win 4 you're guaranteed to win the Championship.
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    erod550I eventually gave up on Hill Climb because it's so hard to be consistent and it's much easier to master short 30-40 second laps than to master an entire 9 minute course without making mistakes. Plus in RallyCross your times are important but if you get in a pinch you can always ram the CPU off the road if you have to. They're pretty resilient and it doesn't always work but a lot of times you can bash your way to the front. The cars seem to run much slower if you are in front rather than behind so try to get in front early on, by the first turn or two, and you'll have a much easier time. Also on tracks where the joker isn't much slower, like Sweden, don't be afraid to jump the start at 2 seconds on the countdown and take the joker twice. It ensures you're in front to start the race and the joker doesn't lose you much time. Just don't do that at Lydden Hill lol.

    I'd also recommend using the 1600 class because the cars are slower and easier to control. But that may just be more of a personal preference. I used the Peugeot 207 1600.
    Posted by erod550 on 28 Apr 16 at 17:18
    WyyvernSetup link is marked as private
    Posted by Wyyvern on 26 Mar 18 at 18:02
    PHT999Still marked as private
    Posted by PHT999 on 19 Apr 18 at 11:48
  • Nuclear Blast78Nuclear Blast78525,545
    15 May 2016 14 May 2016
    5 0 0
    My first ever attempt at an achievement guide but here we go.

    Personally I find rallycross (even though I haven't won the achievement yet the easiest to go for this achievement) as I've pretty much won the elite championship with a clean sweep (won every event) and i'm guessing the Masters level would be similar with my method.

    I find the Ford Fiesta rallycross car to also be the quickest in the rallycross supercars section and I find the AI are also pretty quick in this car as well (note mine isn't even fully upgraded yet)

    Another thing to note (like HomelyBumRocket said) attempting to win the Masters on the rally discipline is pretty much impossible as I have got to the Masters before and and just found it pretty much impossible and I would like to think of myself as a good driver.

    Again this is my first ever achievement guide so any feedback would be appreciated and and any improvements I could make to this guide.
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