Update 18.5.6: Sands of Inaros

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Update 18.5.6: Sands of Inaros

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Stealthy Hacking

Complete a Spy mission, extracting all 3 Data caches undetected in less than 5 mins

Stealthy Hacking0
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How to unlock the Stealthy Hacking achievement

  • AC1DGro0ve 3o3AC1DGro0ve 3o3464,286
    07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016 25 Aug 2016
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    I ran this solo using Loki without any Sprint mods. If you want, you can use Sprint Boost aura mod (+10% speed increase) along with Rush (+30% increase) and/or Armored Agility for another (+15% increase).

    I picked a Grineer tileset, because I find those puzzles the easiest and they have very quick points of entry to the data consoles.

    The map I picked was Tikoloshe on Sedna.

    Make sure to bring atleast 12 ciphers to hack the consoles. Don't bother doing it manually, that will just eat valuable time.

    If you Google 'timer', you'll get a 5min timer you can use to gauge your progress. If you're running out of time, just abort the mission. Doing so, will give you back all the ciphers you used during that run. If you extract, then they're gone and you'll have to make more.

    Be sure to change matchmaking to Solo, before starting the mission, so no randoms join.

    Good luck!

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    GeoffistophelesQuitting out no longer gives you the ciphers back. Aside from that, exactly how I did it.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 24 Aug 16 at 18:27
    ŤRIBULXTIONŠWhat's the easiest spy/invasion mission to obtain this on, also what planet?
    Posted by ŤRIBULXTIONŠ on 31 Aug 16 at 02:49
    AC1DGro0ve 3o3The star chart changed in the last update, so maps got switched around. Kappa on Sedna should work. It is similar to what Tikoloshe use to be. I would practice the puzzles first, so you know how to do each. ...or get a group of 3 other Loki, who knows what they're doing. Good luck!
    Posted by AC1DGro0ve 3o3 on 01 Sep 16 at 14:11
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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox584,790
    07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016 12 Jan 2017
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    **UPDATE 1/11/2017**
    Thanks to Takaitaua:
    "On regular spy mission triping alarms or alerting enimies outside of the hacking area won't affect the achievement. So it's just staying undetected in the hacking area and extracting within 5 mins. The easiest mission I found was the spy mission on earth, managed to solo run it with a Loki with speed, power duration and efficincy mods."

    **UPDATE 5/1/16!**
    There is a much easier method to get this done if the mission is available! Completing a Spy - Invasion mission will also get you this achievement! Even better, there MIGHT be only ONE objective, and apparently you don't have to worry about getting detected! I would like confirmation as to whether you can be detected in the actual hacking location, apparently you can be seen on the way to the objective. Credit goes to RED C0BRA 92.

    Previous method below:
    What you have to do: Pretty much what it says, except you can't set off ANY alarms outside of the objectives either!(thanks to Fooga for checking, assuming he WAS under 5 minutes dance) So you have to be completely stealthed from start to finish of the mission.

    Where to get: This can be done on any level spy mission, but pick one you're comfortable with and used to doing the puzzles so you don't have to spend any time figuring things out. I personally did this in Martialis on Mars. I chose Corpus because of the Grineer doors that can drain all your energy if you accidentally run through them!

    Which Warframe:
    Loki/Loki Prime. There are a few other options, but Loki makes this flat out easy. Besides, if you're Loki, you don't have to worry about being seen if you use Invisibility and Decoy/Switch Teleport to get around laser walls quickly.

    Other recommended Warframes: If you don't have Loki, then Ivara for stealth options is a possible substitute.
    Any other warframes will just enormously increase the risk of detection.

    Group or no group: This will also be FAR easier with a communicating team of 3 good Loki's!
    If you are going to do this solo, get a timer and start a 5-minute countdown just so you know how much time you have left--it IS tricky to do solo unless you've had lots of practice.

    What to bring: Enough ciphers so you don't have to worry about manually hacking any of the doors or objectives. That will save you a lot of time!
    And some energy restores for replenishing Loki's energy/invisibility power.

    I've included my loadouts for speed or invisibility on my Loki Prime below; I personally liked the ability to move very fast just to get to the objectives and extract faster.

    My Loki Prime max speed build(Sprint speed 1.96):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    My Loki Prime invisibility build(203% Power Duration):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    Shadow 00 FoxLOL! How do you restart the game on the same account though? Is it simple? Does it erase previous progress?
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 26 Aug 17 at 16:58
    InquisitorZacWHAT NOT TO BRING: A Companion 🤣 Little Booger screwed me up 2x before he finally went back to the dog house before getting this 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Tripping an alarm is still okay as long as all your extractions are undetected and clean 👌🏻
    Posted by InquisitorZac on 18 Feb at 22:13
    Shadow 00 Foxlaugh
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 20 Feb at 19:07
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