Update 18.5.6: Sands of Inaros

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Update 18.5.6: Sands of Inaros

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Death From Above

Achieve 30 stealth kills from a zipline

Death From Above-0.4
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How to unlock the Death From Above achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox584,188
    07 Apr 2016 07 Apr 2016 24 Aug 2016
    28 6 6
    Malva sector on Venus is a Dark Sector Excavation, level 10-20 and how I got this achievement. Unfortunately, with the starchart change, it is no longer an excavation but a survival. If it's the same map though, that should work well if you can go into a stealth mode. A potential substitute according to Geoffistopheles is Venus - Kiliken with level 5-7 Corpus, although not as good as infested.

    I used Loki for the invisibility, and this map because one of the Corpus tilesets spawns you right next to several zip lines on a roof. That is one of the only tilesets in any mission that has native zip lines and is fairly easy to access.

    The tileset spawn you want spawns you on a roof near some ziplines. If you don't get the roof spawn, abort the mission, and start it again. I got it 1st try, then 4th try doing this.

    From there, just jump down off the roof, activate the Extractor, wait for it to die to the infested, then run through or around the building back to the ziplines. If you stand under them and press cn_X it will automatically put you onto the lower one if you're standing close enough!

    So, get the Infested to follow you there, activate Invisibility, jump onto the zipline and kill the Infested with a silent weapon(I used Loki's mod Hushed Invisibility which makes weapons silent while invisible). Otherwise a bow would work well if it's strong enough.

    The Infested will keep spawning, just lead them to the zip line if they aren't close enough, and it goes fast! I got all 30 in a couple minutes.

    Note: I have Ivara, but she's at level 1, so I couldn't test out her ziplines. If you don't have Ivara, Loki works really well on this map! If you don't have Ivara OR Loki, Loki's invisibility unlocks sooner than Ivara's Prowl by a few levels.

    My Loki Prime max speed build(Sprint speed 1.96):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    My Loki Prime invisibility build(203% Power Duration):
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    Shadow 00 Foxlaughlaughlaugh lol
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 12 Apr 16 at 16:47
    GeoffistophelesAs a heads up, Malva is no longer a Dark Sector Excavation, but Survival. I did this on Venus - Kiliken with level 5-7 Corpus, though it wasn't as good as it would've been with Infested.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 24 Aug 16 at 17:54
    Shadow 00 FoxThanks for the note--are there any other dark sector's available with ziplines that you've seen?
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 24 Aug 16 at 19:19
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  • MomijiMomiji782,744
    03 Jun 2016 05 Jun 2016
    21 0 2
    Alternatively use Excalibur and radial blind as for whatever reasons those stuns count for stealth kills (no stealth bonus affinity though)
    This gives you full control of where the enemies will be and allows use of any weapon along with being the frame most players start with. If you have a friend with an excalibur frame even they can stun for you and you still get credit.

    I did these on earth, coba sector, plenty of ziplines and only infected that will all gather around the defend point.
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    Vr EnglishBig thumbs up from me, other solutions didn't appeal, I just equipped a Cernos on an Excalibur frame, equipped Streamline so I could increase how often I cast Radial Blind and I was done before wave 5 :)
    Posted by Vr English on 09 Jul 16 at 09:31
    Gloss666Another thumbs up from me, this solution works perfectly for those with only the Excalibur Suit.
    Posted by Gloss666 on 29 Aug 16 at 20:06
  • Kovy88Kovy881,600,026
    18 Jul 2016 18 Jul 2016
    20 2 1
    No need to be invisible, can be done with any Warframe.

    Mission: Cambria on Earth

    This mission has loads of long ziplines every time, use a bow or other silent weapon, there are patrolling Grineer-soldiers in every area, plus there will be wild kubrows which spawn from kubrow dens, just keep shooting the dens and more kubrow will come out.
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    XboxAnimatedI have excalibur and this was by far the easiest method, did it all in 1 go
    Posted by XboxAnimated on 26 Jul 16 at 07:52
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