Close Call achievement in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

Close Call

Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining.

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How to unlock the Close Call achievement

  • DANIELJJ14DANIELJJ141,605,528
    09 Apr 2016 09 Apr 2016 26 Jul 2016
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    There are a few methods to manipulate getting to one life.

    If you are starting this game fresh on a new save AlbinoKidElite has helpfully pointed out you can play through levels one and two
    then start level three without any upgrades.
    Make sure you kill the first enemy only taking one hit for 19 damage, ignore the shopkeeper then get the second enemy weak and keep swapping tiles (cn_Y) until you drop to one life, then finish off the enemy and then the level.

    If you've already played Letter Quest for a bit,
    depending on how much you've already played you can get the first health upgrade and damage reduction of 6.
    If you are already past this point buy all the upgrades for damage reduction to reduce damage taken by 10,
    (you can also get the upgrade to see how much damage you will deal to an enemy to be on the safe side not necessary though).
    Then go into the first level and weaken the enemy to within one hit.

    Now the boring part, just keep pressing cn_Y to reshuffle the board this will also work towards
    Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey RemasteredSwappy McSwappingtonThe Swappy McSwappington achievement in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered worth 8 pointsSwap all letters 50 times.

    Doing this causes the enemy to attack each time dealing damage taking you down to 1 health eventually.
    Lastly an important note make sure you haven't got any form of life gain equipped whether it's a scythe, or one of the books, because the last thing you want is to get down to the magic one life and then kill the guy and get life back missing the achievement.

    Also as ProjectSix points out avoid orange crystals as this will also regain life.
    One last suggestion is that it may be quicker to get this in a new save file where you can start from fresh and follow the method at the top with a new unupgraded character.

    If anyone has any extra tips comment and I will add them in.

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    cooper101183thanks for the help +1 but maybe highlight in bold to remove all health gain. Not a criticism just a suggestion. thanks again thought i would never get this one
    Posted by cooper101183 on 05 Apr 18 at 04:44
    o Heres Jonny oAwesome guide thank you
    Posted by o Heres Jonny o on 03 May 18 at 19:11
    DiegoTanAwesome! Thank you my dude!
    Posted by DiegoTan on 01 Nov 18 at 14:12
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  • AlbinoKidELITEAlbinoKidELITE1,497,727
    20 Jul 2016 20 Jul 2016 20 Jul 2016
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    There are several similar solutions to this one listed above but they are all far more long-winded than they need to be... there is no need to earn gems or buy upgrades at all!

    Firstly, start a new save file. Beat levels 1 and 2, then load up level 3. There are two enemies here with a merchant in between, the first enemy deals 19 damage and the second deals 12. Without any upgrades your health will be 200 still - time to knock 199 of it off! You will need to kill the first monster in two hits, which should be easy enough given how little health they have... in between your moves he will hit you once, moving your health down to 181 (obviously if you happen to dodge his attack, just swap tiles and let him hit you at the second attempt). Ignore the merchant after you kill the monster and move onto the second enemy. Attack him once to bring him to low health, then keep swapping tiles over and over while he damages you for 12 each time. After 15 turns your health will be a mere 1 point, and you may deliver the coup de grace to earn your 15 gamerscore... don't forget to break the crystals at the end to officially finish the level so your achievement will pop!

    No upgrades, no grinding gems, no items equipped, no replaying levels... just levels 1, 2 and 3, once! Far more simple than other solutions make it sound!
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    NMNAwesome! First Try!
    Posted by NMN on 28 Aug 18 at 16:11
    G Mason PatriotI don't know why you got a negative vote. Your solution was easy to understand. Thumbs up for me.
    Posted by G Mason Patriot on 12 Sep 18 at 13:32
    MeszerusJust an FYI that caught me out a couple of times:

    Defeating the first enemy with long words (I'm not sure which length) rewards you with a pink gem amongst the gems your character walks into. This automatically grants your character a "shield" which reduces the second enemy's attack by 6. Unfortunately the shield wears off before his final two attacks of 6 can result in a total of 12 - meaning you end up at 7 health instead of 1 health. Thus if you are granted a shield by the first enemy, instantly restart the level and try attacking the first enemy with slightly shorter words than you previously used.
    Posted by Meszerus on 08 Jun 21 at 11:42
  • Joshatron1205Joshatron1205485,989
    15 Apr 2016 15 Apr 2016 27 Apr 2016
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    So I found a quicker way of doing this if you messed up and unlocked every upgrade before getting this.

    Get your health to max 440 then head to stage 4, get the first enemy to within 1 hit of death and then let the first enemy hit you 3 times which should get you to 407 if you're fully upgraded, now kill him and don't open the chest.

    The other enemy on the level should deal 7 damage to you, let it hit you 58 times and you should be at 1 health. Kill it and the achievement is yours.

    Edit: This only works with Rose
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    I want to add a methode for the guys who started on extreme mode:
    Get all the upgrades for Armor and ALL BUT ONE upgrade for health (so you are at 530 Health with Rose) and equip the candy cane LEVEL 1(!) which boosts your hp by 10.
    The first enemy will deal 11 damage to you with every attack now so you will be at 1 health after 49 attacks. (Pick rose obviously)
    Posted on 09 May 16 at 01:03
    ASCENDancySlaysAwesome guide cheers mate smile
    Posted by ASCENDancySlays on 10 Feb 18 at 02:20
    BigBaldNBeardedSpot on! I been trying for this for ages. Worked on the first try.
    Posted by BigBaldNBearded on 30 Mar 18 at 18:44
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