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Truly Space Paranoid

Earn 96 total Stars.

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How to unlock the Truly Space Paranoid achievement

  • FunkDogFunkDog555,205
    09 Apr 2016 09 Apr 2016 08 Jun 2016
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    Wanted to point out a few different things to help with obtaining this achievement.

    1) If you have the "Disc Extender" DLC, the stars you earn on the extra 9 levels will count towards this achievement. That way, if any of the cycle levels are giving you trouble, you can earn a few extra stars on disc levels 17-25 without worrying about three starring all cycle levels.

    1B) It has been confirmed that if you have the OUTLANDS pack, stars earned in that pack DO NOT count towards this achievement as noted by Elite Shadow 87.

    1C) It is currently unknown if stars from the CYCLE EXTENDER pack count towards this achievement.

    2) In order to three star all disc levels, you will eventually need to purchase the bit doubling power-up and point doubling power up. Once you get to the later levels it becomes impossible to get three stars even if you keep a bit chain going for the entire level. I believe it was around level 10 when I realized even with a perfect run there wouldn't be enough points unless I purchased the point doubler. For levels 15 and 16 I also needed the bit doubler to assist with getting my bit multiplier high enough. And o top of that, in order to three star level 16, I had to make sure I picked up three or four power-up cubes along the way.

    3) I found cycle levels a pain the first time I played through them all. I was only getting 1 star even when I thought I had a pretty good run. Then I realized that my score was suffering because I was dropping my multiplier chain mid-way through the level. While it is technically possible to have a perfect bit chain from start to finish on every cycle level, there are many sections where even the slightest mix-up will cause you to drop your chain. Then I discovered the Bit Compiler companion. It will pick up nearby bits even if you don't drive close enough to them to pick them up yourself. Once I started using the Bit Compiler I three starred cycle levels 2 through 11 on my first attempt. The Bit Compiler made it almost impossible to drop a multiplier chain.

    4) Without a doubt, the most frustrating sections of the game for me were the tank parts. I would have a great bit-chain going, and then the tank section would come along and I'd take damage. Or I wouldn't take damage, but I wouldn't be able to destroy the tank quick enough and a purge would happen. My strategy on the tank sections is to basically continually move back and forth from one edge of the platform to the other. When I'm near the edge, I'll wait for the tank to shoot, then I'll run across to the other side, shooting the tank in the process once I've cleared the tank's projectiles. If there's an "electrified" floor, you should be able to jump and glide the entire width of the platform you're running on, landing on a normal floor section.

    If anyone has any questions/comments/etc. let me know and I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner.

    P.S. I'm currently working my way through the Disc Extender levels. I've three starred 17-20, and the remaining 5 are definitely going to be a challenge!
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    Gt 302 Bosson the cycle missions if u want to 3 star all levels u have to use bit doubler and bit compiler. I did all 16 missions on the cycle with these powerups/perks. as for the disc missions I'm currently doing my run through just wanted to let it be known how to get the 3 bits or stars for the 16 cycle missions.
    Posted by Gt 302 Boss on 10 Apr 16 at 06:06
    Hampshire VeganI have the DLC from the bundle with the season pass, and it's installed, but I still only see 16 Disc levels...
    Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 10 Apr 16 at 12:04
    Hampshire VeganNevermind, just seen that you have to press X for more levels, that wasn't clear.
    Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 10 Apr 16 at 12:05
    Gt 302 Bossdisc run you need to use the bit repeater and score double on cycle run bit doubler and bit compiler. I did this on the 16 disc run missions and 16 cycle missions each mission is 3 stars.
    Posted by Gt 302 Boss on 15 Apr 16 at 19:28
    Elite Shadow 87Great guide! Although I would like to add a note.

    NOTE: Currently, the Outlands DLC level stars DO NOT COUNT toward this achievement

    I learned this the hard way and had to catch up on the Cycle and Disc DLC levels.
    Posted by Elite Shadow 87 on 08 Jun 16 at 03:16
    FunkDogThanks for the heads up. I'll note that!
    Posted by FunkDog on 08 Jun 16 at 04:18
    MC PHILABUSTANice tip on tanks , I'd use the rail disc and line up with the left tread . I believe before you have to move to the right tread his health is more then half gone . That weapon destroys them .
    Posted by MC PHILABUSTA on 10 Jun 16 at 07:18
    Sir VegemiteJust got mine on cycle extender track 17 :)
    Posted by Sir Vegemite on 12 Jun 16 at 12:07
    LonesquiffFor the tank levels using the Shatter or Rail Disc helps tremendously. The Rail shot will actually pierce the Tank shots and continue on to hit the tank too. Shatter is good for the additional explosive damage to the tank. Just be sure to keep collecting bits as you go.
    Posted by Lonesquiff on 17 Jun 16 at 21:58
    InsipidEyeThumbs up from me Dec 2020 - Biggest note for me was the use of the bit compiler in cycle levels 2 to 16 as it allows you to concentrate more on level navigation and collecting time bonuses. I ended up using the bit repeater for cycle levels 15-16 in addition to the bit compiler as getting 3 stars without was more than difficult than the others.
    Posted by InsipidEye on 26 Dec 20 at 00:31
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